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The Meaning of the Rune Dagaz

Dagaz refers to the aspects of day, or the rising and setting of the sun. It distinctly symbolizes evolution and the cycles of all that is experienced in life as well as their duality. A period of uncertainty is over. Balance has been realized on the inner and outer plane of existence, bringing with it […]

The Meaning of the Rune Ingwaz

Ingwaz is represented by the Earth and relates to the Norse god of agriculture, also known as Freyr. Aspects of productivity, fertility, nature, health or humanity are influencing a situation. There may be a need to pay more attention or cultivate a relationship in one or more of these areas. Life becomes more balanced when […]

The Meaning of the Rune Laguz

Laguz upright is represented by the element of water and emanates the characteristics of fluidity, healing and that which is lingering just beneath the surface. A difficult situation will require “going with the flow” in order for it to reach its logical end. Struggling against the current is unwise. Conscious or unconscious truths are about […]

The Meaning of the Rune Mannaz

Mannaz upright is the symbol for mankind, expressing the concept of unity and the fundamental goals present in all people. There is a circumstance revolving around the social aspects of one’s place in the community or family; a perspective has been broadened, resulting in greater awareness. Mannaz reversed signifies feelings of being excluded or not […]

The Meaning of the Rune Ehwaz

Ehwaz upright is represented by two horses not only to express the aspects of travel but the influence of collaborative life experiences and careful progress within a situation. Despite a destination not being reached yet, good and steady progress is being made thanks to a good partnership based on trust. Ehwaz reversed signifies an obstructed […]

The Meaning of the Rune Berkana

Berkana upright is the symbol for the birch tree and denotes the aspects of feminine influences such as nurturing, fertility, birth and the mother-child relationship. A situation is ripe for birthing new and successful ventures. Expansion into higher levels of clarity is gained; healing, compassion inspiration and creativity abound. Berkana reversed signifies selfishness inhibiting the […]

The Meaning of the Rune Tiwaz

Tiwaz in the upright position communicates aspects related to the great Norse warrior, Tyr. Matters revolving around difficult struggles or battles will result in success. Leadership must be used fittingly; a difficult or personal loss occurs for the greater good. There is an influence of heroism and valiant deeds. Tiwaz reversed indicates exposed positions; a […]

The Meaning of the Rune Sowilo

Sowilo is the sign of the sun and represents positive energy, warmth and inspiration. There is alignment with success. Goals are accomplished with enthusiasm, paving the way for greater triumphs down the road. It is a time of good health, healthy mindsets and encouraged hearts. This can also be a reference to an individual with […]

The Meaning of the Rune Algiz

Algiz upright expresses the aspects of protection or guarding against a person, thing or circumstance that poses a threat. In addition to a good defense, solid plan for preemptive action helps when dealing with a hazard or conflict. Assistance may come from an outside source. This can sometimes be in reference to health or money […]

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