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No matter whether you just welcomed a new baby into the world, moved to a new location, purchased another vehicle, or started a new job, chances are you will want to take part in some sort of Wiccan blessing ceremony.

In fact, if you have an altar or engage in other spiritual practices, blessings may be used on a regular basis.

If you are looking for good luck or a positive series of events in relation to something new in your life, then you should take the time to find the best blessing spells for each event.

Why are Blessings Important?

Chances are, you are always aware of the beginnings of new cycles or chapters in your life.  Essentially, Wiccan blessings and blessing spells allow you to start off with positive intentions, as well as a chance to begin with a positive outlook.  Aside from this, if you have a strong belief in a specific deity or spirit, blessings can be used to call those energies to your assistance as you embark on a new phase of life, or start working with new elements in your life.

Home Blessing

This home blessing takes its cue from rituals used by the Indigenous people of North America. Choose the time of a full moon to do this house blessing.  It is best done at 4:00 in the afternoon your time wherever you are in the world.  This is because this is an hour that equates to matters that have to do with your home.

This blessing also requires that you buy a bundle of sweet grass or a sage of sweet grass and sage at a metaphysical supply store. If this is not possible, you can bundle sage together and burn it on a small dish and carry it around with you, or you can simply use sage incense.

You use a lighter to light the sage because matches contain sulfur.  Sulfur can also bring evil spirits that you don’t want in your home.

Ingredients for the Home Blessing

  • Lighter
  • Sage bundle or sage incense or sage

How to Do the Home Blessing

Take a shower and then stand naked in the center of your home. Light the sage bundle carefully and then go to the center point of your home.

Face East and say:

Spirit of Love breathe Understanding into this house

Face South and say:

Spirits of  Ease breathe Wealth into this house

Face West and say:

Spirits of Joy, breathe Happiness into this house

Face North and say:

Spirits of Health, breathe Peace into this house

Take a deep breath and meditate on the good things that will happen while you live in this home.

Meditate until the flame burns out.

The Benefits of a Home and House Blessing

A Home Blessing and its powerful forces can not only bless your home but protect it from flooding, burglary, fire, and demolition. You will be able to enjoy living in your home, safe in the knowledge that the house, and you and your family are safe from evil and harm. The protective shield that the magical powers of this spell will put around your home, will last for all of the time that you own it.

The house blessing ensures that your home will receive all blessings and protection upon it.

Spell to Bless a Person

To bless a person, you need to use your powers of visualization.  You can bless a person any time of the day or night.  If your skills of visualization are very weak then it helps to either look at or hold a picture of the person or have an item on you that belongs to that individual.

Do not drink the alcohol prescribed in this spell if it is bad for you. Instead, use a glass of pure sparkling mineral water.

Get to a quiet place, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for a few seconds, then imagine yourself becoming very calm.

Ingredients for the Spell to Bless a Person

  • A glass of wine or pure sparkling mineral water

How to Cast the Spell to Bless a Person

Envision the person that you want to bless.  Take a sip of the wine or water. Now picture a big blue heavenly space above the individual.  In the sea of stars above picture one star becoming larger than the other.

This one particular star gets bigger and bigger until finally, it drops a tear of moisture, which is actually good energy and engulfs the individual you are thinking about. Envision that individual becoming prosperous, healthy, and smiling.  Picture that person being alive and well and at peace.

Wiccan Relationship Blessing

This is a white Wiccan spell to bless your union with a partner. Note that you do need to have your partner present when you do this spell.

It works best with relationships that are older and where there is a commitment to stay together on both sides.

Bread is symbolic of gifts from heaven, fertility, prosperity, and peace.   Butter, on the other hand, is symbolic of kindness, prosperity, and sex.  Honey is symbolic of true love.  Cinnamon is symbolic of clear communication.

Do this relationship blessing on the night of a full moon when it is rising.

Ingredients for the Wiccan Relationship Blessing

  • A fresh loaf of bread you have baked yourself
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter
  • Silver spoon
  • Your partner

How to Bless a Relationship

Bake a fresh loaf of bread.

Hold it up to the moon and ask the lady to bless the bread as well as the relationship. Break off a piece of the bread and slather it with the cinnamon, butter and honey mixture.

You must now feed hunks of bread to your partner, and he must do the same with you.

Make sure you do not use a knife to cut this bread as knives and cutting symbolize the severing of a relationship.

Friendship Blessing

This friendship blessing involves collecting seven objects that are special to both you and your friend and then enclosing them in a circle around a picture of the two of you. If you do not have a picture of both of you together, then you can use two pictures of you together.

Make sure that the picture you use is in a lovely frame, and that the pictures are clean and propped up.  It’s also important that you are happy in the photograph and that it does not depict some unfortunate occasions.

Dill is used in this spell because it symbolizes communication, clarity, and healthy relationships.

Ingredients for the Friendship Blessing

  • A picture of you and your friend
  • Seven objects that are special to you
  • Dill powder

How to Perform the Friendship Blessing

The seven objects that you use can be anything symbolic of the two of you. For instance, if you enjoy music, a guitar pick can be used as one of the objects.

Make an altar somewhere special that features the pictures of the two of you surrounded by the special objects.  Take the dill powder and sprinkle it lightly in a circle in a clockwise direction around the two pictures to seal your friendship forever.

As you are doing this say:

Name of your friend you are my best friend

May our loyalty, love and fun never ever end.

So mote it be!

Freshen the circle every now and then with a little more Dill powder if the friendship feels like it is faltering.

Voodoo Pet Blessing for Animals

St. Francis of Assisi originally began his life as a pagan, and then he was converted to Catholicism. His area of providence is pets, children, the elderly, the poor, and the sick.  Many metaphysical disciplines burn a candle to St. Francis of Assisi when they have a sick pet, including Hoodoo, Voodoo, pagan, and Church traditions.

It is easy to find a St. Francis of Assisi candle that has its image on it in a religious or metaphysical supply store. Otherwise, you can use an ordinary dark green candle.

For the Pet Blessing, you will need

  • A dark green candle or St. Francis of Assisi blessing candle

How to Perform the Pet Blessing

Light the candle and say the following prayer:

God Our Heavenly Father,
You created the world
to serve humanity’s needs
and to lead them to You.
By our own fault
we have lost the beautiful relationship
which we once had with all your creation.
Help us to see
that by restoring our relationship with You
we will also restore it
with all Your creation.
Give us the grace
to see all animals as gifts from You
and to treat them with respect
for they are Your creation.

We pray for all animals
who are suffering as a result of our neglect.
May the order You originally established
be once again restored to the whole world
through the intercession of the Glorious Virgin Mary,
the prayers of Saint Francis
and the merits of Your Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ
Who lives and reigns with You
now and forever.


When you are done let the candle burn for as long as you are able without letting it burn unattended.

What a Pet Blessing can Do for your Pet

The pet blessing will ensure that no harm comes to your pet. It will work its magical protection on any pet you have and will protect it from all types of harm. This protection will last for your pet’s entire life and includes protection against any harmful or evil spirits. If you use this spell, you will not have to worry about your pets coming to harm anymore, or about costly vet bills due to accidents or illness. You will be free to enjoy the happiness that your pet brings into your life.

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