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Crystals have been part of witches’ inventory for a very long time. For many beginner witches, working with crystals or precious stones is something wonderful and a lot of fun. Crystals are often used for rituals, energy work, or various forms of magic. Crystals radiate a stunning beauty and are full of energy everyone can feel. Working with crystal magic is incredibly inspiring to many witches. If you are also interested in crystal magic, I would like to tell you a little more about it to get you started.

Witches recognize the stones’ different frequencies, which is also the fundamental basis of crystal magic. Crystals are said to be able to influence our body and our environment, but this has not been scientifically proven. Witches have worked with crystals and stones for a very long time, the belief being that specific energies are released through the use of the stones. These energies support certain issues and problems.

As you have already learned, witchcraft covers a wide range of subjects. A crystal witch is simply a witch who has chosen to work primarily with stones. It is essential to be well informed about the crystals because each crystal or stone radiates different energy and has a different effect. Choosing a beautiful crystal is not enough; you have to study it intensively to get to know the world of crystals. Patience is also required because it is not immediately possible to understand the language of the stones.

How to choose the perfect crystal for you?

Some witches believe that a crystal should not be bought without first seeing and holding it. They think it is very important to get a feel for the crystal by holding it or keeping it close to you. But of course, it is also possible to buy a crystal online because every stone contains a magic that will find to everyone. However, before you buy a stone, you should consider which one you would like to have and what use it should have for you. Also, remember that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a large crystal; a small crystal is just as effective. You may also wish to invoke a deity to ask for guidance in choosing a crystal. It doesn’t matter how big or small the crystal is; each has the same potency. You have to decide for yourself which one appeals to you.

As soon as you have decided on a crystal and hold it in your hands, you should first clean it and then charge it. Semi-precious stones and crystals have different vibrations and energies. Most crystals can be easily cleaned under running water and then simply placed in the sun or moonlight to charge them. But you should be careful because some stones have to be handled differently—for example, the amethyst, which fades in sunlight and should therefore only be charged in the moonlight. Metallic or delicate stones such as pyrite will become dull when in contact with water, so please do not clean with water.

The best way to clean these stones is with incense such as white sage.


Cleansing and Purifying Crystals

You should pay attention to dust-free and clean storage. However, if you have perhaps discovered a great stone in a dusty little bowl, in an inconspicuous, hidden shop on a side street, you can, of course, remove the dust from the stone with a soft cloth.
If the crystal contains no water-soluble elements and is metal-free, you can simply rinse them under running water. Lukewarm water, tending to be cool, is ideal for this. The water should not necessarily be ice cold. Then you can lay the crystal in the sun to dry. Please do not leave in the blazing, hot sun for hours. It neither cleans nor charges; it most likely destroys its energy.


Purification with Sunlight or Moonlight

The crystals can also be charged with new energy at the same time using sunlight or moonlight. If mainly supporting energies are required, also pay attention to the phase of the moon. If the stone absorbs moonlight when the moon is waning, these forces serve to decrease and let go, but also to receive. If you put the stone in the window when the moon is waxing, a particular project will move forward quickly and be full of energy and strength.


Purification with Salt

But what should you do if you have the feeling that negative energies have settled and are sticking to the crystals? Is a simple water bath sufficient for this? If you think this is not enough, you can also soak healing stones in salt. Depending on which crystal it is, or if you are unsure whether the salt will attack your stone, pour salt into a small bowl and place your healing stones in another, possibly a smaller bowl. Put the small bowl in the larger bowl with the salt. This way, the salt cleans the crystals without directly contacting them. However, it would be best if you waited at least one night for this so that the unwanted energies have dissolved. Please do not use the salt for food afterward.


Purification with Incense

Another form of purification would be possible with incense. To do this, pull the stone or crystals through the rising smoke until you feel it is enough. Frankincense or white sage is an excellent choice for a purifying and radiant effect while energizing the crystals. This gives a stone a remarkably fresh and clear radiance. If you want, you can also accompany it with sound, use a drum, meditative music, or the tones of a singing bowl.


Rock Crystals and Light

Stones can be charged with rock crystals as well as with light. Place the stone in a bowl with small rock crystals or a rock crystal geode. You could also simply place the stone next to a rock crystal. This also works with moonstone or rose quartz. With clear quartz, the energy is softer and more precise.


Burying the Crystal

Another, perhaps less well-known, type of purification is that of burying the stone. If possible, bury it in the earth near your home or in a place you associate with positive things or that simply radiates good energy. Note or mark the place for it. Otherwise, you may not find it again. It should remain in the ground for three days. You can also take some soil home from the site and then bury your stone in a small bowl. Do not use potting soil for this.


How to Discharge a Crystal?

Stones can be placed in a bowl of hematite for discharge and charged in a bowl of rock crystal. Use a bowl made of natural materials and fill it with about 250 grams of rock crystal or hematite. Another discharge and charging option is small amethysts, which can also be placed in a bowl, in which the respective healing stone can be discharged and charged. Likewise, as previously described, in a geode (particularly effective – strong protection). While an amethyst geode does not require cleaning, amethyst, clear quartz, and hematite should be cleaned once a month.

Crystals should never come into contact with cleaning agents. Singing bowls, on the other hand, love them.


Getting to Know the Stone

Getting to Know Crystal

If you have a new stone, you may react unexpectedly to the new and unfamiliar energy, especially if it is lying next to you by your bed the first night. Depending on the power and energy of the stone and, above all, how sensitive you are in this regard, it may be that you sleep extra well or very badly. Pay attention!

If you want to use a stone in a ritual, it should first accept your energy. Cleansing, loading and consecrating are a matter of course, but it should also become familiar with you and your personal energy so you can use it even more efficiently. Carry it with you for a few days (three or seven days or seven weeks). Just give it some time. With direct skin contact, the energy is even more intense.


Now I would like to list some stones and explain their properties:

The Properties of Crystals


Amber is not a stone but rather a fossilized resin. Therefore, this “stone” has extraordinary properties, as it carries the life energy of trees and has stored it for thousands of years. This makes it an excellent stone for getting in touch with the dead; for this purpose, it is best burned. It is also a superb comforter because it teaches us that death is not the end and that something remains of all of us on this plane. It also gives us new courage and protects us from those who want to harm us. On a physical level, it is mainly used for respiratory diseases, either through incense, crystal water, or magical rituals.



The amethyst is assigned to the crown chakra because of its violet color. It is responsible for all issues that affect the head on a physical level, as well as all mental and psychic issues. Therefore, this stone can be used to clear negative energies and emotions that weigh on the mind, such as fear, anger, rage, and stress. It is essential for spiritual work as it can help increase extrasensory perception; on a physical level, it helps against headaches. The best way to do this is to place the stone directly on the painful area or to prepare crystal water, which is then drunk.



Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra because of its color, making it the best stone for all love, partnership, and marriage spells. Its energy can also be used for friendships and family ties to strengthen bonds and harmony. In addition, it encourages creativity and protects us from raising ourselves above others and becoming arrogant. On a physical level, it is used to soothe eye and skin disorders and heal wounds.



This light blue stone is associated with the brow chakra, which is our third eye. Therefore, it can be used for all topics related to the human spirit and our mental abilities. It also promotes extrasensory perception and communication with other levels. It keeps us grounded and humble, helps us forgive others, and can ease painful feelings that weigh on the heart. On a physical level, it is said to primarily help against ulcers and menstrual cramps.



The citrine helps us against negative energies that poison our mind, relieving nightmares, depression, and anxiety. But it is also effective for digestive problems and impure skin. Beware of counterfeit citrines on the market: In esoteric shops, mostly burnt amethysts are sold as citrines. Amethyst changes color from purple to yellow when exposed to high heat. Since this stone is cheaper, many dealers get a good deal here; most beginners don’t see the difference. It is not easy to distinguish a genuine citrine from a fake one; the yellow of the citrine turns a little more brownish than that of the burnt amethyst. Another distinguishing feature is the price. Citrines are relatively expensive, so if you’re offered a citrine that’s in the price range of amethyst, you’d better steer clear.



Like the rock crystal, the diamond is a stone of the crown chakra, which enhances the effects of other stones, stores and directs energies, and can bring us closer to enlightenment. It is best suited for spells intended to boost confidence, give courage, or bring success.



Dolomite is the stone of creativity and inspiration. It enhances the imagination and makes us overflow with new ideas. On a physical level, it is used for digestive problems.



The emerald has a broad spectrum of effects, so it helps on a mental level against burnout, sluggishness, excessive self-esteem, fears, nightmares, and bad moods. On the physical level, it is used for diabetes, epilepsy, spinal disorders, sleep problems, eye diseases, and to reduce fever and blood pressure.



The fluorite, which is closely related to the rock crystal, also belongs to the stones of the crown chakra. Its energy strengthens spiritual and magical abilities, helps to make dreams clearer and more conscious, and calms nerves.


Lapis Lazuli

The lapis lazuli helps us find inner stability, harmony, and balance so that it can be used well for meditation and self-reflection. It also has a transformative effect on negative energies, which is why it helps with a wide range of ailments caused by nervous overstimulation, such as headaches, menstrual cramps, skin diseases, and high blood pressure.



Magnesite is a stone rich in magnesium, which is why it is used to heal illnesses or injuries caused by a lack of magnesium or where magnesium has a positive effect. These include broken bones, osteoporosis, liver diseases and disorders, muscle cramps, and weakness.



Malachite helps us become aware of our deepest fears and deal with them. It gives us comfort and balance and helps us become more tolerant of those around us. On a physical level, it helps with poisoning, eye infections, immune system disorders, and asthma.



The name says it all for the moonstone; it carries female energy and helps us connect with our femininity. This particularly applies to characteristics such as empathy and sensitivity. The energy of the moonstone has a strong harmonizing effect and helps keep the mind open and take on other perspectives. On a physical level, it stabilizes the hormonal balance, helps against menstrual cramps, and releases blockages in the lymphatic system.



The nephrite is the stone of serenity; it helps us not to be overwhelmed by our emotions even in difficult times and relieves depression. On a physical level, it helps with diseases of the bladder and kidneys.



Obsidian is a stone of volcanic origin since it is basically cold and solidified lava. Therefore, magnetic powers are attributed to it, which act on the mind and strengthen mental abilities. It can also be helpful in calming energies that are upsetting. Due to its origin from the depths of the earth, it is an excellent stone to connect with Mother Earth and to ground yourself. On a physical level, it is used against eye ailments.



The onyx protects us from negative energies and helps us to have improved concentration and more patience. It strengthens self-discipline and makes us better listeners. On a physical level, it also helps against eye ailments.



Although the pearl is not a stone, it is still used in magic because of its remarkable properties. It is a good tool when it comes to repelling curses. In addition, the pearl can give us a strong feeling of security. On a physical level, it helps against skin problems and constipation.



Pyrite is also popularly known as fool’s gold because the stone has a similar appearance. It is a potent source of energy and can therefore give us new energy, especially when we are overburdened. The pyrite sun is a unique, disk-like form of this stone that is particularly good at absorbing energies. Anyone who feels uncomfortable or has the feeling that something is not right can place the pyrite sun on the chakras to absorb possible negative influences. On a physical level, pyrite is used against all chronic ailments and strengthens mental abilities.


Rock crystal

The rock crystal can best be assigned to the crown chakra, similar to the amethyst. This is because this chakra vibrates in the ultraviolet range, i.e., a color that is no longer perceptible to the human eye. Therefore, this chakra is assigned both violet stones and the colorless and pure rock crystal. It is the stone of absolute purity and the highest level of harmony. It is also an excellent conductor of energy and store of information. It can help harmonize the aura, stabilize the sleep rhythm, and release blockages. Magically, it is used for all spells related to clarity and purity and to enhance the effects of other gems.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a good stone for psychic people; it helps with self-knowledge and connects us to our hearts. For this reason, it is also commonly used in spells related to love, which refers to any form of love: partnership, friendship, or family. Fears can also be relieved with this stone, and on a physical level, it also relieves asthma. Larger rough stones also have the property of neutralizing electrosmog, which is why they should be placed near sockets and electronic devices.



The sapphire is a stone that has a particularly beneficial effect on the mental level. Anyone who is tired and exhausted or overworked will be refreshed and supplied with new energy. It also relieves depression and opens us up to religious or spiritual issues. On a physical level, it is used against asthma, eye diseases, and high blood pressure.



Topaz strengthens our self-confidence and helps us recognize our own mistakes and deal better with difficult situations while also strengthening our willpower. On a physical level, it is used to calm the heart, especially in the case of cardiac arrhythmias, but also against inflammatory processes, skin diseases, coughs, measles, and mumps.


Wearing a Crystal

Crystal Bracelet

Crystals can also be set as jewelry or simply worn around the neck with a leather strap. Donuts are great for that. These are stones with a hole in the middle, hence their name. And of course, you can also put on crystal bracelets or simply carry the stones with you in your pocket or trouser pocket.

If a crystal or stone is worn as a pendant, it should not be worn for more than two weeks. Then take a break from wearing this stone.

In the norm, a healing/precious stone is worn two days in a row. It is discarded at night (or vice versa).
The energetic, regular (daily) cleaning is advantageous not only for the appearance of the stone but also for the effect. The type of cleaning always depends on the stone in question.


Crystal Water

You can also make crystal water if you want a physical or mental effect. To do this, simply add the appropriate stone, or a mixture of different stones, to a jug of water and charge it for a few hours before drinking. However, the crystals should be cleaned and charged beforehand, which must be done regularly with all stones anyway. An odd number of stones should always be added to the jug for crystal water. Then it is filled up with normal tap water. Do not use mineral water. To supply the water with additional energy, you can also leave the jug covered in the moonlight overnight.


Advantages of Buying Crystal in Person

In the age of online shopping, one or the other healing stone is ordered over the Internet. However, if you have the opportunity to purchase a stone from a local store, use it. It just feels very different, and the stone usually chooses the new owner. When shopping online, it is selected, and you get what you were given. A personal selection can be a unique experience. A stone that chooses you can seem very lively to you; it can shine, and a ray of sunshine may make it shine. If you have it in your hand and it is intended for you, it may get warm, or your hand will start to tingle. By the way, if you don’t go to the stone shop with a specific wish but choose a stone based on your feelings, it should usually fit your current situation exactly. Buy the stone and then check at home what effects are attributed to it. You’ll be surprised.


Crystal Therapy

I would also like to tell you something about crystal therapy.

According to the oldest reports, crystals were used for healing purposes. The therapy is of Sumerian origin, and the use of these healing stones is over 16,000 years old. You can since then find the use of the healing stones with magical effects in almost all cultures in this world. It is believed that crystal therapy depends on the physical and spiritual development of each individual. Crystals can absorb or generate different vibrations. Depending on the type of crystal, there are different vibration patterns. Each stone is assigned a different effect. If you choose the right stone for you, the body’s own vibrations resonate with the selected stones and ensure harmony. In order to heal specific areas of the body with the stone, it must be placed on the affected area or carried with you often. In addition, stones can not only emit vibrations but also have a medical effect on us. The therapy can also be well combined with traditional medicine. But please note that a doctor should always be consulted as it is not advisable to use crystals as sole therapy. Crystals and stones cannot replace the doctor and can only provide support.

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