Magical Properties of Crystals

Crystals are used in spells on account of its immense power to conduct magical energy. Through the employment of crystals the energy gets focused to a point providing greater power to the spells cast. The magical practitioners believe that the spells cast using the crystals will be more powerful than those rituals that do not enjoy its graceful presence.

Practitioners think that the crystals have to be cleansed and ‘programmed’ to make it charged with the energy suitable for the spell-work. The process of cleansing the crystals differs with the magical religion of the spell caster. Some place the crystal under the flowing water for a few minutes or days depending on their belief to rinse it off the impurities. Others may sponge down the impurities by subjecting it to the four elements, namely, air, fire, water and earth. Typically, these crystals are not put under the fire for longer periods to reduce damage to it. Others may follow the process of placing it under the sunlight, whereas many cults believe in the strength exuded by the Moon in gaining the energy.

Depending on the desires of the spell seeker, the type of crystals employed in the ritual varies. Some of the popular crystals and the spells to which they are put into are mentioned below.

Using Crystals and Minerals in Magic and Spells


This is a popular crystal employed in spell-work that is meant to pull down the stress of the spell seeker and to assist him in getting over the bereavement of a loss by providing the strength and courage to heal. Agate is also a stone of love and longevity.


Amber has a great role to play in attracting a lover or enhancing your beauty in love spells. Spell casters believe in its properties to bring in luck and protection.


It offers love, contentment, peace, courage and protection. Psychics make use of amethyst to enhance the skills within them.


Beryl is the stone meant to ignite deeper feelings, thereby cementing the love in a relationship.


In love spells, this crystal is associated with enhancing the sexual potency in people. It is also believed to encourage self-confidence in the spell seekers, if used by an experienced spell caster.


Coral is used as a defensive mechanism to shield one from the evil eye and other harms that can cause huge amount of distress.


Diamonds are employed in love spells conducted to fortify a fragmented relationship and bringing in a deeper understanding between the partners. It symbolizes peace and fidelity.


It prevents the casting of hexes on you, sending it back to the sender with greater force.


It reduces inner turmoil, bringing in calmness and tranquility to the spell seeker.


The garnet holds a great place in spells conducted by offering blessings to new business ventures, ensuring its success.

Green Lodestone

This is the stone that enjoys the magical properties to enhance loyalty between the people involved.


The wearer of jasper is assured of health and protection against curses and negative spells. It brings in good fortune and is believed to promote peaceful slumber.

Lapis Lazuli

This rare and expensive crystal is the sign of joy, love, wisdom, healing, fidelity and protection.


Moldavite is a rare crystal believed to have been formed from the meteorite that hit the earth thousands of years ago. The witches employ this rare stone for drawing the power from extraterrestrial elements to strengthen the chances for the success of the spells.


Quartz is the stone to enhance the psychical powers and to encourage peace and tranquility. A rose quartz is a symbol of love, used in spells for healing broken relationships.


This is the crystal for love, healing, fame, fortunes and protection. A spell caster has to remain abreast of the various powers held by the crystals to bring in the desired outcome.


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