Spell Casting Guide – How to Cast Spells

Spell Casting - How to Cast a Spell

How a Spell is Cast

Spellcasting isn’t as easy as it sounds or looks. If you are a beginner spell caster, you may find the process to be quite intimidating. Furthermore, you need to ask yourself if witchcraft is for you. After all, there is no point in performing rituals if you don’t believe they will work. Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to cast spells, you need to do plenty of research to know what you are getting into. This spell casting guide is a good start.

Casting spells is an essential part of many magical cultures. The best way to learn how to cast a spell is by joining a coven and learn from others. But if this is not an option for you, then you can effectively learn on your own.

It has to be noted that spells differ depending on tradition and coven. If you choose to remain solitary, it will be up to you to learn how to properly perform a ritual and how to cast a spell. Many solitary witches limit themselves to pre-written spells. This is a good path to follow if you are new to magic, as it will help you understand the structure of a particular ritual you are interested in.

Due to the fact that writing a spell can at first be a daunting task, this article explains in detail each component of a spell. Once you advance in your craft, you will be able to incorporate your own elements and techniques.


Basic Outline of Casting a Spell

Rituals are an expression of magic. Magic can be performed in different ways, to give it expression in the form of a ritual is one way to do magic. This does not necessarily mean that each ritual should only serve to work magic. It is also a form of giving thanks, of celebration, and invocation. Rituals always serve a specific purpose. In any case, they are a series of events and actions that ultimately all have ONE goal: A ritual is meant to express something.

What should happen during a ritual:

  1. Your own power is built up, focused, bundled, and interweaves with the power of the Earth.
  2. You visualize the goal at which you want to direct this force, i.e., the change that you want to bring about.
  3. You release this power in a controlled manner and cause a change.

Before you start planning and preparing your spell, you should answer the following questions.

Answer the Five Ws

  • WHAT do you want to do, what is the purpose of the ritual? What do you expect from it?
  • WHY do you want to do it? And how?
  • WHEN do you want to do it?
  • WHO should possibly participate in it?
  • WHAT do you need for this ritual?


Planning and Preparations

After you have answered the Five W questions, you will need to combine the individual components into a fluid process. Think about what tools you will need for the spell. Research which tools, colors, herbs, stones, and candles you need to support your ritual. If you have chosen a suitable place for your ritual, then prepare it. It is surely most beautiful to perform rituals outdoors, but if this is not possible, e.g., depending on the weather, you can, of course, also hold a ritual in your house or apartment. If you do not have a dedicated space for your magical work, you will have to do a little preparatory work before you are ready to cast a spell. Create a free space that gives you a circle of about 10 feet in diameter. That will be your spiritual space and where you will perform your spell.

Make sure you prepare for the spell properly, as preparation is very important.


Altar Layout and Preparing the Tools

Altar Layout and Witchcraft Tools

Depending on your magical tradition, the ritual tools and altar layout may vary. Feel free to use your own tools and techniques and incorporate them into the spell. If you have not cleansed your tools in a while, then now is the time to properly cleanse your tools. It is also the time to anoint and prepare your candles, crystals, and herbs.

Also, make sure that you will be undisturbed while casting your spell.  This means not only switching off the phone and doorbell but also scheduling your spell so that you will not be disturbed by roommates or family members.


Cleanse Yourself and Your space

It doesn’t hurt to clean the room thoroughly beforehand and to ventilate it! Before you begin the spell, you may want to burn some sage or frankincense incense or conduct a sweeping ritual to ensure your space is clean and ready for the ceremony. You also need to cleanse yourself. Take a purifying bath and wear clean clothing. There are many different techniques for cleansing space and self. They do not have to be elaborate rituals, but properly cleansing and purification should always be part of your spell casting routine. Please refer to the Spell Preparation Guide for How-Tos and examples.


Cast the Circle

Casting the Circle

The first part of magic rituals is to cast the circle. The space within a circle is considered sacred as it is viewed as being “between the worlds”. The circle helps to keep out unwanted energy, as well as keeping your energy in.

A protective circle is definitely one of the essential parts before you start the magical ritual. Without a circle of protection, you can have extremely unpleasant and bothersome side-effects. That’s why it is strongly recommended to never handle magic without a protective circle. While I have already written a detailed article about casting magic circles, there are many different techniques you can incorporate into your ritual.

A protective circle can be drawn around yourself, around the room, or around the entire house. The easiest way to draw a circle is with consecrated chalk or salt. Start in the East and close the circle again at the starting point. Optionally a pentagram can be drawn within the circle, paying special attention to the cardinal points. Place a candle at each of the cardinal points, but only light them while invoking the quarters. While the circle is drawn, focus on the act and envision that a barrier against external influences is created. Imagine the circle, e.g., as a circle of light and feel the energy change around you. Once you feel good about your circle, you can move on to the next step.


Invoke the Quarters

Sometimes referred to as “Watchtowers”, the Quarters are the guardians of the circle. These Quarters are often directional and/or elemental in regard to nature. There are different ways that you can invoke the Quarters, so there really isn’t an exact wording you must follow. Many Wiccans adapt the calling to their needs and consider the Quarters solid corner-posts of their circle.

Invoking the Quarters is the part of the ritual when you invite the spiritual forces into your circle with whom you want to work or celebrate. These are usually the four elements that are called one after the other. There are many different ways for these invocations – at this point, you should use your own words that express what you understand by the element and its spirit. Ask the elements to be with you and support you with their very own strength and energy. Call to Earth in the north, air to the east, fire to the south, and water to the west. With each call, you can light the candle that you placed in the appropriate place while you were drawing the circle. Stop for a moment each time, feel how the corresponding energy comes to you in the circle. Be respectful and kind. When you feel that your invocations have been completed, rest for a moment and tune in to the energy that can now be felt in a circle around you

In my article about the elements and directions, you can find some invocation advice you may want to incorporate into your own ritual.


Calling the Deity

At first, you may not be familiar with specific deities, and can simply call upon the Lord and/or Lady. You can begin to call specific deities during your magic rituals once you research them, allowing you to select the gods and/or goddesses that represent energies you desire for your ritual. Make sure you are respectful when calling deities; they should be asked to join. If you are unfamiliar with invoking gods, deities, or spirits, please refer to this article: How to Invoke Deities and Spirits.


Raise Energy

Raising Magical Energy

If your magic ritual is being performed to reach a specific goal, and you will be casting a spell, you will need to raise your energy. Energy is what gives life to a spell, and can be generated by dancing or chanting. If you are simply giving thanks to deities, it may not be necessary to raise energy.


Ritual Purpose

This is the time that you perform the ritual and cast the specific spell. You probably want to change something, celebrate something, or want to gather strength. Use the strength that is around you and within you. Call upon nature or the gods that you worship and tell them what your concern is. Take your time, and do not be rushed. It is essential that you slowly gather all your strength and combine it with all the strength around you.

Then when you notice that you can hardly ‘hold’ this power, you need to release it. Focused on the goal that you want to achieve, visualize the goal. Feel how you direct all this power towards your goal. That is the most important part of the ritual.

Should you notice that you feel uncomfortable, that something is out of balance or threatening you, stay calm. Keep in mind that you have drawn your circle, it is your circle, and nobody can enter it without your invitation. Keep that in mind! Despite all this, you should remember to slowly complete your ritual and release the space again. But always stay calm and safe.


Ground Energy and Center

To find your own center, your “middle”, it is best to stand in a comfortable position, i.e., stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and look straight ahead. You should relax and not be tense. Extend your arms and take deep breaths. Concentrate only on your breath. With a little practice, it works better and better.

It’s now time to ground the energy you raised earlier. If you have any remaining energy, release it by visualizing that your energy is flowing down through your body into the Earth. Imagine that you are a tree, that your feet are the roots, and deeply connected with the earth. Envision how the excess energy is released into the earth through the roots.

Magical work should never be done without centering and grounding because the forces have to be balanced. Otherwise, fatigue and weakness or headaches and inner restlessness can result.


Show Appreciation to the Deity

If you have asked a deity to join your magical rituals, make sure you thank them profoundly once the ritual is finished.


Release the Quarters and the Circle

Next, thank and release the Quarters when you are finished, just as you have done with the Deities.

Now it’s time to transform your ritual area back into the “normal space”. Just as you had to cast a circle, there is a technique to releasing it.

To close, you perform the steps you performed for the opening in reverse order. You first say goodbye to the elements that you previously invited. This has to be done in reverse order, release water to the west, fire to the south, air to the east, and then the earth in the north. Extinguish each elemental candle, while releasing the quarter. Make sure to thank the elements for their presence and don’t just send them away.

Finally, open the circle.

During the opening, the circle was drawn clockwise (traditionally), you now release it counterclockwise. You can speak appropriate words again, such as The circle is now open. Imagine how you are actually removing the barrier that you have built. While doing this, also remove the salt or chalk. Once you have cleaned it up, you should feel a sense of liberation, like a breath of fresh air in the room.

End the spell by saying:

The Ritual is ended, go in peace.



It is a tradition to eat after every ritual. If you are performing a ritual in a group, this is the time when you are allowed to socialize. If you are not sure what food to eat, choose food associated with the ritual you just performed.

The more you practice and perform magic rituals, the better you will become, and the more successful you will be in achieving your magical desires.


After the Completion of the Spell

Aside from cleaning up, the ritual isn’t really over for you. You need to reinforce the spell with action. If you have done the ritual for a specific purpose, you need to live accordingly afterward. In other words, if it was a ritual for a new job, then start to write applications right afterward! If it was a ritual to attract a new love, go out and keep your eyes open. It is also utterly important that you believe in the spell and think positively.


Mastering the Art of Spell Casting

Mastering the Art of Spell Casting

It may take a while for you to master the art of spell casting, but with concentration and focus, you will eventually be able to cast potent spells. Faith and belief are what it takes, so the first thing you must do is believe in it. This will bring out the positive energy in you. However, make sure you read enough about spell casting before you venture into the world of magic. Don’t be skeptical. Negative energies build up and block the path to success. The energies within you combined with that in natural elements is what leads to powerful spells, so make sure you are as positive as can be.

Frequently Asked Spell Casting Questions

Does Spell Casting Really Work?

This is probably the biggest question on your mind if you are new to witchcraft. The truth is sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t. Nothing on this Earth is infallible; magic is no exception.

They may not work at times, but in most cases, it is because some things aren’t meant to be, which is actually a result in itself. The manner in which you use magic is more important because this will help you achieve your goal. By following the right procedures and taking the time to do positive things, your spells will be more effective. Your spell is something you need to be involved with, so don’t sit back and expect your life to improve. You need to work towards it and make every effort to make it work.

How you use witchcraft when results are important, is important. Magic is meant to help you achieve a goal, but it is you who has to take the required steps to make the goal happen. For instance, if you cast a love spell in order to find a relationship, don’t sit around and expect a relationship to come to find you. You need to get out, socialize, and meet people. Your love spell has a better chance of working when you work with it.

Is it dangerous to cast spells?

Movies and television are the two notorious media where magic is left to the imagination of the directors and audience with mumbo jumbo, frogs swimming in evil potions, and a few swishes of a wand used to cast spells.

However, real magic and spell casting isn’t anything like that at all. Magic has been used for generations for varied purposes. Many use it for good, but a few with evil intentions, and they are the ones that give magic a bad name.

Spells work best when they are cast for a good purpose. Those who use them to spread evil and harm someone will only end up harming themselves. It is as simple as that.

Witches and Wiccans believe in the Law of Threefold, where any spell you cast will come back to you three times stronger. So, there we go. If you want to harm someone, just think of what would happen to you three times stronger. Spellcasting is about spreading positive energies into the universe to create change for the good of those involved in the spell. Focus on casting spells without evil intentions;  Good intentions create positive energies while bad ones end up creating a great deal of negativity that negative energy.

How Long does it take for a spell to work?

Spellcasting cannot produce results overnight. It depends on the spell, but most spells work within four weeks and six months. The more positive energy and thoughts you put into a spell, they faster they usually work.

Can I cast Spells if I am new to Magic?

Yes, you most certainly can. Someone who casts spells is considered a Witch and can be apart of any religion, not just Wicca or another Pagan religion. Even if you are not part of a religion, you can still perform rituals if you desire to do so.

Remember, in order for magic to work; you need to know the right rituals to pick, how to perform them, and act on them. Spellcasting isn’t for everyone, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t successful, you can still achieve great things in life without using witchcraft as a tool. Life success is all about believing in yourself and striving to be the best person you can be.


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