Fake and Scam Spell Casters

The increasing number of scam spell casters, fake witches and psychics has become a great source of worry for the spell seekers. Many have fallen victim to the malicious acts performed by these rip offs. With the Internet widening the reach and opening the doors to a huge spectrum of people from all walks of life, it is not possible for one residing in one part of the world to personally be present and evaluate the authenticity of the practitioner or a witch residing on the other end. So, now the greatest question is how to make the evaluation of a fake practitioner from a real one.

Talismans in Spell Casters

Talismans are the direct link between you and the spell caster that makes spells actually work. Once the spell work is completed, the spell caster will transfer all the energies of your spell into a talisman. The talisman is charged and is then shipped to you. Once you touch the talisman, your spell will be fully activated. Without the talisman you have nothing, if any one tells you otherwise they are simply playing you. Please, don’t get scammed. These are simple facts of true magic. Remember one thing, if you are not asked for any details, and if they are not going to be sending you your charged talisman, these are clear signs of a scam. Avoid these scammers at all costs no matter what excuses they give you. Pictures via Email are not enough for a real spell, don’t let them fool you.

The Biggest Red Flags of a Fake Spell Caster are:

No physical address, only a phone number for you to call (or no phone number at all), payments via Western Union to some kind of an “assistant” with a different name than the spell caster are the biggest red flags. Never ever pay a spell caster, witch, or practitioner with Western union! No matter what excuse they give you.

No Physical Address of the Spell Caster

A fake practitioner or scam psychic will not leave any details of a physical address at which he can be reached. But there have been also instances where the address, if provided, is bogus. So, check on the physical address details in the website before making the payment. A fake witch will not define the terms of service for the act to be extended by them. Be especially careful with websites that only list a phone number on their site. Recently it was reported that most spell casting scams operate from South Africa, Nigeria and Argentina. Take extra caution when working with people from these countries.


Corny Awards & Newspaper Clippings

Another sign of a malicious witch or fake spell caster is that he or she tries to lure the people through the inclusion of various “awards” or newspaper clippings that boasts of his achievements or special skills as a spell caster in the website. Many times these clippings have been known to be bogus documents created with the sheer intention of luring people towards them. There is no organization that actually gives out any awards or oversees the authenticity of magic practitioners. Remember one thing there are no awards in this field, this is a secret society. We don’t go around awarding phony and corny awards. These scammers think that you are all stupid. When you see awards just laugh and move on.

Never EVER pay a Spell Caster via Western Union

The fake spell casters and witches demand a payment for their services through the Western Union or Moneygram that makes the analysis of their genuineness difficult. With no physical address, it is impractical to conduct a search into the provider. A real spell caster, on the other hand, will make sure that the transfers are made through a merchant account, check or money order. Every legitimate business has a business banking account and is obligated that the address is listed on the website and proper Terms of Services are provided.

Money Back Guarantees in Spell Casting

A con artist will guarantee 100 percent fast results to the customers for the spells cast by him. A genuine witch, on the other hand, is aware of the fact that it is impossible to compete with the Nature to a larger extent, resulting in a few spell casts turning into longer waiting periods for the results to materialize. Unlike a fraudster, a genuine practitioner or spell caster will not claim 100 percent results in a short period to the customers. Keep in mind that a scammer will never return the money to you even though they lured you in by some kind of “money back guarantee”!

The Spell Caster Asking for more Money

A scam artist might, in the middle of the spell work, demand more money from you to remove spiritual obstacles or extraordinary negative energies. Always keep in mind that it is a scam racket and take measures to pull away from the presence of such spell casters. He may demand more money, or fail to mention the cost for their services or may even demand gifts, jewelry and other expensive objects for your spell casting, scaring you of these spells backfiring in the event you fail to do as requested by them.

Domain Name

Make sure to never ever purchase anything from a so-called practitioner that only operates from some free website domain. Anyone can register such a domain name at webs.com, weebly.com and others and will remain anonymous. Any practitioner that does not even invest in a $7.99 per year Domain name is up to no good. Steer clear!

Years in existence

Be especially careful with websites that were only created recently. You can check the domain name at whois.net and find the registration date. The longer it is in existence the more chances are that the spellcaster is in fact authentic as long as you are asked for bio samples, pictures and full birth dates, and you are actually going to be receiving your charged talisman. In addition also check the website at archive.org where you can go back in time to see what the website looked like in the past and if it belonged to the same person.

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