Magical Properties of Oils

Magical Oils

The main application for oils in magical processes is to anoint the tools that will be involved in the ritual or the spell. This can include items such as candles and amulets, but can also be used to anoint your own hands. They can also be a substitute for incense as their scent can also be seen as a form of sacrifice, a concept that dates back to times before magic and witchcraft were treated with such derision and skepticism.

However, scent is not simply used for sacrificial purposes, it can also be a means to harness and focus energy to achieve better results from your spells. Scent has a much deeper and more profound magical impact than the words of any incantation you care to think of and so it can be an even more effective way of powering yourself up to get as much out of your ritual as is possible.

Carrying around an oil on a handkerchief or other object throughout the day can also be a fantastic way to access your power as it is possible that your conscious mind will forget that it is there and what you want to use it for, meaning that the scent is free to tap into the more powerful reaches of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious allows you to access pathways for your ultimate goal that would not exist as products of your conscious mind.

Purposes of Oils in Magic and Witchcraft

Oils are also useful for attracting outside energies into you. They are particularly diverse as they allow you to access almost any kind of outside energy and use the particular oil as a beacon to draw in this energy, so that you can harness it and use it for your own needs and for use in your magickal processes, spells and rituals.

As well as the attraction of these energies, an oil can be especially value in that they can help you to shape yourself and the way that you act. This can be achieved by nurturing a specific aspect of your personality. An example of this is Oil of Jupiter which can help to quell or strengthen your protective urges as a human.

Others can also be affected by the use of magical oils as you can rub it on their skin in order to help them achieve a particular magical tasks. These powerful effects can also be achieved by giving the subject the oil in question to carry along with them whilst they go about the particular task. It is however very important to remember that oils should not be used on children and animals as they are more sensitive to their affects and harm can easily be caused.

Examples of helpful oils include:


This is used for purification and psychic awareness. It allows you to separate yourself from the busyness of life and embrace your psychic mind.


This can help with healing and can be used to comfort someone in a difficult situation (e.g. family death).


This oil is used to power up libido and thus can be fantastic to inject some spice into a failing relationship.

Lemon Balm

The main use of this oil is to help casters overcome money problems, which are often the result of poor life choices. These can be rectified with the help of oil that removes the mental barriers we set up for our-self.

To summarize, magical oils have a multitude of potential uses and can help to enhance any spell you are setting up. As long as you choose the right oil for the job, it is almost certain to go well.

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