Three powerful Career and Job Spells to boost your Career

Career and Job Spells

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Choosing to go to work every day can be difficult when you’re not happy at your job. And sometimes, it seems like there’s nothing you can do. You might have co-workers who don’t get along or have trouble interacting with your boss. All of these issues can make heading into work less than tempting.

You might take more sick days than you like, causing you to feel out of place at your company. Instead of simply quitting, you can use job spells to help you feel more excited about your job and the work you have to do.

What Career and Job Spells can do for you

With job spells and career spells, you can not only restore harmony to the workers around you, but you will also be able to boost your chances of getting a raise or a promotion. If you’ve been passed over repeatedly, these spells will ensure that your resume and application get on top of the pile. You don’t have to wait until retirement to be happy with your life when you have job spells. You can begin to change the way you feel at work right now.

Why are Job Spells Important?

Perhaps it can be said that job scarcity leads to a situation where excessive competitiveness leads everyone to be more afraid and, therefore, more negative in their overall outlook. As this situation gets worse, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are dragged into a situation where they lose their job or cannot find one that meets their financial needs. Casting job spells can help reverse these kinds of negative trends as well as give you a chance to gain access to more valuable energies.

Wiccan Get a Job Spell

Wiccan Job Spell

In today’s economy, millions of people either cannot find jobs or don’t have a job that offers enough money. Needless to say, as this problem remains unsolved, many wonder if some spiritual intervention is of use. If you are interested in job spells, you will find many that can be used for various situations.

This Get a Job spell is an old Wiccan-based job spell that involves giving a wish to an oak tree. The oak tree is the seat of wisdom in the forest. The tree symbolizes financial autonomy, riches, wealth, security, authority, power, good luck, honors, respect, and health.

You will also be burning a blue candle for this ritual. If you can find a candle that is both blue and purple, that is even better. We are looking for a candle to symbolize the planet Jupiter which is the planet to do with money and opportunity.

You will also be using the herb mint because it symbolizes the purity of intention as well as clear and positive communication. Mint also aids those in job interviews when it comes to selling themselves.

Ingredients for the Wiccan Job Spell

  • Blue candle
  • Blue cup
  • Lighter
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Job advertisement
  • Large plate or tray

Best time to cast this spell: New Moon

How to Cast the Wiccan Get a Job Spell

Place the candle on a tray and circle the fresh mint leaves around it. Take the job ad you have either printed or cut from a newspaper and read it several times. Burn it in the candle flames, then let the ash fall on the tray.

Put the candle out with a candle snuffer, and then gather the mint and ashes into a blue cup or vase.

Take the ashes to the largest oak tree you can find. Dig a small hole near one of the most prominent roots of the tree and bury the ashes and mint. Wait for the phone to ring!

Job Promotion Spell

Job Promotion Spell

By helping you get that promotion or that raise, this job spell will allow you to get what you deserve for the work you do. In addition, you can remove problems from the workplace, like a gossipy co-worker. Sometimes you might even want other co-workers to get along, so your job is more manageable. You can do all this and more with promotion and career spell. In fact, you might want to do this spell regularly so that you can ensure your time at the office is enjoyable and even exciting.

For the Job Spell, You will need:

  • A yellow taper candle
  • A pin
  • Gold and green glitter
  • Bay leaves
  • Honey
  • Lighter

How to Cast the Job Spell

Dip the pin in honey. Using the pin, engrave your first name and birthday on the side of the yellow taper candle. Make sure the name is written vertically in letters from top to bottom.

Sprinkle glitter on a plate. Roll the candle in the glitter and shake off excess. Note that you do not want too much glitter, or the candle could catch fire. Do not let this candle burn unattended.

Surround the candle with a circle of bay leaves. Light the candle with the lighter and say:

By the forces of purity and light

Lift me up with the power of right

Promote me, create me and so I make more money

This I make true with fire and honey!

Sit in front of the candle and visualize yourself receiving the news of being promoted and in your new position. Do not blow out this candle. Let it burn down.

Spell to Secure a Job

Secure a Job Spell

Dab this oil on yourself before a job interview or when there is a crisis at work. The combination of oils and herbs anchors you to the reality of what you need to do to get or keep employment.

All of these herbs increase communication, wit, and charisma. Allspice covers all of your bases; cinnamon improves communication, sage makes you wise, dill helps you say the right thing, and almond oil symbolizes health and prosperity.

If you do not want to wear the oil, you can also saturate a cotton ball and keep it on your person, in your purse, briefcase, or desk drawer.

Ingredients for the Spell to Secure a Job

  • Allspice
  • Cinnamon
  • Sage
  • Dill
  • Almond oil

How to Cast the Job Spell

Put a pinch of these spices in ½ an ounce of almond oil. Store it in a small bottle. Dab a bit of the oil on yourself for good luck before the interview or any meeting where you might be required to fight to keep your job.

Why Traditional Solutions often Fail

As you can see, many career-related problems have no relation to common sense and logic. Most of your career-related issues can be attributed to ‘bad luck,’ but what most people do not realize is – what causes bad luck? Bad luck is a vague terminology that can’t explain most of our problems. For example, how can you explain all the HR companies simply turning down your resume even if the finest resume writing service prepared it? How can you explain someone with very few years of experience replacing you in your job because your company thought you didn’t have the necessary expertise to perform?

Even if you can explain all of these, you can’t explain the blind grudge of your boss towards you for no apparent reason. All these lead to the conclusion that workplace problems have more in common than the typical, predictable, logical issues often regarded as their cause. This is precisely when you will realize that trying to solve all your career problems exclusively with logical solutions will not help you.

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