Moon Magic Spells

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Moon spells and Moon Love Spells are a part of the oldest Wiccan traditions. Moon magic was for a long time a domain of women, sorcery and fertility. It is not surprising that most Moon spells are extremely effective, though they oftentimes take a long time before they can be cast.

There are a few things you should know about Moon spells before you cast one or ask a spell caster about performing a Moon ritual. These are: the timing, material components, and the characteristic of the ritual itself.

Timing of Moon Spells

Moon spells can be cast anytime with the sole exception of the new Moon. However, Moon love spells should be cast either during the waxing Moon for building up existing relationships, or under the full Moon for new loves. Never ever try to cast Moon love spells when the Moon wanes – this time is reserved for banishing magic and undoing those spells that are no longer necessary.

If the situation is extraordinary difficult or tense, the rituals should be performed when the Moon is in Taurus to increase its efficiency.

As you see, Moon love spells may require some patience on the side of timing. It may be necessary to wait weeks or even months before the spell can be cast.

Casting Moon Love Spells

Moon love spells are often deeply rooted in the pagan traditions. Do not be surprised if the ritual’s details will look strange or wild, and the incantations will be ruthless or cruel (and spoken in Irish Gaelic or Shakespeare’s English). These are the old forms, often repeated over the centuries and they may not have been changed with the coming of more “civilized” customs. Regardless of the form, Moon rituals are perfectly safe for everyone involved just as all other Wiccan love spells are.

Components for Moon Spells

Just as it is the case of all other magic rituals, material components are necessary for the spell to work. In case of Moon love spells, the list of needed ingredients may vary wildly depending on the Witch who performs it, but they certainly should include some personal items, possessions or fluids (preferably tears) belonging to the subject of the spell. It is also necessary to have something that is owned by the spell target, but there are no clear guidelines here, save one – the item should somehow symbolize the target. No random trinkets or borrowed book will do the trick.

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