How to Cast a Spell

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Casting spells are an important part of many magical cultures. The best way to learn how to cast a spell is to join a coven and learn from others. This is also how you can learn to write your own spells.

It has to be noted that spells differ depending on tradition and coven. However, if you choose to remain solitary, it will be up to you to learn how to properly perform a ritual and how to cast a spell. Many solitary magic users who cast spells limit themselves to pre-written spells. This is a good path to follow if you are new to spell casting. It will help you understand the structure of a particular ritual you are interested in.

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Due to the fact that pre-written spells can at first be a daunting task, to give you an idea of what magic rituals consist of, the following is a basic outline of how to cast a Wiccan spell.

Basic Outline of Casting a Spell

Cleanse your space

Before you begin, you may want to burn some incense or conduct a sweeping ritual to ensure your space is clean and ready for the ceremony. Make sure you prepare for the spell properly as preparation is very important.

Cast the Circle

The first part of magic rituals is to cast the circle. The space within a circle is considered sacred as it is viewed as being “between the worlds”. The circle helps to keep out unwanted energy, as well as keep your energy in.

Invoke the Quarters

Sometimes referred to as “Watchtowers”, the Quarters are the guardians of the circle. These Quarters are often directional and/or elemental in regards to nature. There are different ways that you can invoke the Quarters, so there really isn’t an exact wording you must follow. Many Wiccans adapt the calling to their needs, and consider the Quarters solid corner-posts of their circle.

Calling the Deity

At first you may not be familiar with specific deities, and can simply call upon the Lord and/or Lady. You can begin to call specific deities during your magic rituals once you research them, allowing you to select the gods and/or goddesses that represent energies you desire for your ritual. Make sure you are respectful when calling deities; they should be asked to join.

Raise Energy

If your magic ritual is being performed to reach a specific goal, and you will be casting a spell, you will need to raise your energy. Energy is what gives life to a spell, and can be generated by dancing or chanting. If you are simply giving thanks to deities, it may not be necessary to raise energy.

Ritual Purpose

This is the time that you perform the reason you are casting magical rituals for – i.e. Casting a specific spell.

Ground Energy

It’s now time to ground the energy you raised earlier. If you have any remaining energy, release it by visualizing that your energy is flowing down through your body into the Earth.

Show Appreciation to the Deity

If you have asked a deity to join your magical rituals, make sure you thank them once the ritual is finished.

Release the Quarters

Thank and release the Quarters when you are finished, just as you have done with the Deities.

Release the Circle

Now it’s time to transform your ritual area back into the “normal space”. Just as you had to cast a circle, there is a technique to releasing it. You will find different ways to cast and release the circle though the magic rituals text you use.


It is tradition to eat after every ritual. If you are performing a ritual in a group, this is the time when you are allowed to socialize. If you are not sure what food to eat, choose food associated with the ritual you just performed.

The more you practice and perform magic rituals, the better you will become, and the more successful you will be in achieving your magical desires.


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