Obeah originated from Africa and has been practices all over the Caribbean and the Ivory Coast countries. Obeah is also known as “Obi”. Obeah is a form of witchcraft or black magic.

The world has a mixture of both the spiritual being and the physical being, which is definitely a fact that is undeniable. In every form of culture, among different kinds of people including modern and ancient, there have been individuals who have managed to have the gift to explain or even tap into the metaphysical and spiritual forces. These are people who are known as the medicine men, shamans, rabbis, priests and amongst people of Africa, the Obeah men.

What is Obeah?

Obeah is not any religion and does not have traditional sense; it does not either involve any church, shrine or even have any rituals. Although, this form of magic does involve invoking the deities. Obeah is a very authentic and powerful fold magic which brings about in healing, good fortune and love for all those people who believe truly in these practices. Individuals who practice this art of magic are also believers of god; they also believe that the power vested in them to be able to tap into spiritual forces is given to them by God. They could be the most powerful as well as the most feared at the same time. Obeah men make use of this power to be able to create spells, predict one’s future and find answers to queries.

However, it is not far from the truth that Obeah practices have both “evil”, “good” to it, there are “white”, and “black” magic aspects attached to Obeah. Obeah is derived from a word “Sorcery”, which again has negativity attached to it. However, a “Sorcerer” is someone who has the power to manipulate the powers of this universe to bring about physical changes.

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    Hi I am interested to know what language are your Obeah Spells in? I would be very grateful for any information you can give me. Blessed Be

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