Black Magic Binding Spell – How to Use a Magical Binding

Binding Spells

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Binding spells are usually designed to draw someone or something to you and prevent it from leaving. For example, marriage, financial contracts, and other types of promises made between people can all be seen as binding methods. While binding spells can be somewhat risky to perform, they can be useful if you want to ensure that others will meet their obligations to you.

A binding spell is a controlling spell. Any magic that is used to bend the will of another is usually considered to be Black Magic. If used incorrectly, this type of spell can also turn into bad karma, meaning anything that you wish for another might come back to you three times stronger. That’s why you should think hard about using this spell to bind another’s love to you, creating an inseparable bond.

Some people, especially obsessed people, use this spell to prevent a lover from leaving, cheating, drinking, or other behavior they disapprove of. However, it is most useful as a spell for warding off real danger from an attacker, such as a person that is obsessed with you.


For the Binding Spell, you will need

  • An object that represents the individual (preferably a photograph)
  • Three feet of black and red ribbon or yarn
  • One black candle and one red candle
  • Mason jar with lid

How the Binding Spell is performed

You can do this spell any time of the day, but it works best at midnight. Twine the yarn or ribbon together to form a braid, and knot it nine times at both ends.

This spell works best with a photograph, but you can also use a personal object like a ring or a piece of clothing. It helps to write the name and birthdate of the person somewhere on the photograph as well.

Roll the photograph so that the image faces inward. Take the braided ribbons and wrap them round and round the rolled photo all the time, saying the following chant with each wind –

(Name of Person ….) I bind thee so you can do no harm

When you are done, tie the two knots together and say

(Name) I bind you from the front

(Name) I bind your from the side

(Name) I bind you by Day

(Name)  I bind you by Night

I bind you from doing harm to me or others

As Above, So Below

So Mote it Be

Tuck the finished result in a jar and screw the lid on tight. Store it in a dark place.  When you feel you have achieved what you want, smash the jar and burn the photograph.


A word of warning

Warning Binding Spells

Generally, a black magic love binding spell is known to harm people in ways more than one. It can certainly not help in any manner in achieving one of the finest emotions of love. Any negative intention you have towards the target can destroy all true love they feel for you. Be prepared for the consequences before you resort to any amateurish usage of black magic. Herein lies the mystery and the truth about black magic spells. This spell should be used to ward off danger from an attacker, such as a person that is obsessed with you.


A Love Binding Spell Can Backfire

Casting spells is quite precise, and an inexperienced spell caster may say just the wrong thing that causes the spell to backfire. Those that are inexperienced have a much higher chance of making spells backfire. There are things to keep in mind when casting a black magic binding spell, such as not targeting a specific person and having true love in your heart when casting the spell. Not doing these things can make spells backfire, causing dangerous effects such as predators that have become obsessed with you.

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