Protection Spells

Spells can be used for offensive reasons and it is often these spells that are the most publicised and often the most impressive. However, magic can equally be used for protection purposes and to defend yourself. Often these spells are more complex and require a higher level of concentration than those used for offense, but they are ultimately more rewarding.

With a protection spell, you are not just limited to helping yourself. The powers of a protection spell can be pushed out in order to add a level of protection to anyone else of your choosing, which can be particularly useful if you wish to add a spell to protect your house and everyone in it.

How a Protection Spell is Cast

Below is an outline for how to set up a protection spell. Obviously, the specific details are going to vary for the different kinds of protection spells offered on our site.

Identify what you want to be protected from

Until you know what it is that you want to protect yourself from, there is no way of knowing which spell you need to cast to protect yourself from it. Mental threats, black magic, or emotional trauma require a different kind of protection spell to physical threats.

Recite the Issue Out Loud

Talk out loud about the issue and the history of the issue as well, discussing absolutely every detail that relates to it. This could help to highlight what originally caused the negativity or the issue and could make it easier to protect you from it. The more detail provided, the more chance of identifying the cause.


Meditate around the idea of what is threatening you. This helps to clear the negative feelings from your mind and clear your brain in order to let you concentrate more on actually performing the spell.

Set up a Candle or Herbs

Burning the candle creates a scent. Imagine that scent forming a protective bubble around you and call on that whenever you feel threatened. Herbs can be added to a warm bath in order to clear your head by relaxing in the warm water.

Protect your House

Burn some sage and then walk through every word in your house, chanting an incantation. This adds a basic level of protection to your residence which ensures that your house serves as the kind of safe haven that it should be.

It is important that any of the incantations connected with protection spells use words that are empowering and positive as these will add more power and a higher level of protection to the spell. Using negative language in this spell would mean that the spell was weak in the way that it protects you and it would end up not being productive at all. Alternatively using negative language against the person you are protecting from introduces malice into the spell, which cannot turn out well.

The above also applies if your mind is being clouded by other thoughts as you perform the spell. It will only work properly if your mind is focused entirely on what you are attempting to protect from, similarly to the way in which any other kind of spell works. If you are thinking about other things, your mind convolutes the spell and thus it is not clear enough in your mind what you want for the spell to actually happen in the way you envisaged.

In summary, protection spells are a powerful form of spell and there are a huge variety of reasons for applying them. If performed properly, they can work to keep you safe and avoid negative energies, making them perfect for most magical practitioners to use.


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