Candle Magic – Using Candles in Spells

Candle Magic

Fire is a potent element in magical activities with the spell casters drawing energy from it for hailing the spirits to eliminate negativity. With the coming of the candles, it was made possible to derive the requisite energy, the safer way.

The word candle comes from the Latin word candeo which translates as “I burn”.

Candle magic holds different meanings to different witches, varying with the color of the candle, the movement of the flame, among many other criteria that are observed in candle magic.

Candles in Spells and Magic

In spells, the candles hold immense power in determining the flow of the energy and since the ancient times there has always been great relevance to candles by including them in prayers and offerings made in various religious and spiritual practices, including Witchcraft.

Spell Casters, priests, witches and energy workers observes the path taken by the flame as this determines the success of the spells cast. These spell casters also believe in the power of the candles in forcing their way into the spiritual world, bringing in immense powers to the spells cast.

The color, dressing of the candle and the placement of the same in the spell defines the success of the spells.

Candle Magic is easy to perform and suited even for beginners.

The Meanings of Candle Colors in Candle Magic

Each color of a candle is meant to create a different outcome. It is inevitable to recognize them before their inclusion in any magical rituals. Some of the colors of the candles and their meanings are mentioned below:

White/Clear Candles

White or clear candles have a great role to play in the casting of Moon spells. It is the symbol of peace, purity and innocence. The spell casters make use of the white candles to integrate the body and mind, carrying it to higher consciousness. White candles also form an integral part in healing.

Red Candles

Red connotes passion and love, luring the partners to each other. In magick, red is used to restore the depleted energy levels, besides bringing in luck. It is also the sign of health, fertility and courage.

Yellow Candles

These candles are employed by psychics to enhance clairvoyance, aiding in their act. They include the presence of yellow candles to increase the level of concentration. In spell sessions, the yellow candles create the energy that motivates another to move in the desired direction. The color yellow holds the strength to calm the mind, making it free of stress and anxiety.

Green Candles

Green is the color of money spells, besides enjoying immense healing power. It is also used to bring in good luck to the spell seeker.

Blue Candles

Blue is the color of loyalty, thereby holding a pivotal role in the love spells meant to cement a relationship. It also connotes wisdom, peace and tranquility. Blue enjoys calming effects, bringing in harmony and tranquility to the spell seeker.

Purple Candles

Purple brings in power, success and financial rewards. It enjoys enormous healing properties, especially the color lavender. Psychics use the purple candles to generate better awareness that ensures success to their acts.

Pink Candles

Pink is used to ignite romance, signifying unconditional love. Pink is also the color of friendliness, harmony and optimism. The vibrations created by the pink candle are believed to aid in gentle healing.

Brown Candles

These are used in spells meant to enhance concentration and for ensuring financial success. It is the color of the Earth that can offer natural wisdom to the spell seeker.

Black Candles

Black candles are used to combat evil and negativity surrounding us, and to mark the end of an event and the beginning of a new one.

With the candles coming in a myriad of colors and shapes, their significance have to be identified before casting the spell.

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