Egyptian Witchcraft

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Egyptian witchcraft is an ancient, traditional form of witchcraft in which Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are worshipped and honored. They believe in the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and worship them during their rituals and magic.

Those who practice Egyptian magic have congregations called Temples or Covens. They believe that anyone has the ability and the capacity to experience the mystery of Egyptian religious beliefs and welcome those who want to work hard and create magic within the confines of the religion. Via the coven or temple, believers and seekers of Egyptian witchcraft begin to learn what it takes to learn about the religion and to practice its witchcraft. The group becomes a supportive entity for those learning how to do Egyptian magic spells.

The Origins of Egyptian Witchcraft

Egyptian witchcraft is among many traditions of Paganism and got their beliefs from the Pre-Christian religions of which Egyptian witchcraft is one. It is said that Egyptian magic is the mother of all magic and that all other forms of magic derived from it. It has been practiced since ancient Egyptian times and has retained much of the ancient magical traditions. Unlike Wiccans, which are fairly new forms of witchcraft, Egyptian magic traditions have been passed down through hundreds of generations, sometimes in written form and sometimes in oral form. It retains the belief systems of the very people who founded ancient Egypt. Some of the Wiccan tradition has been culled from the Egyptian witchcraft beliefs.

In traditional Egyptian magic, the Goddess and Priestess have priorities over the God or the Priest. The priestess is believed to have more power and strength than a priest. This is the reason why the most powerful Egyptian Witches are females. Overall, the believers believe that the religion helps a person understand his or her role within the universe and will help you study the past legends and beliefs of the ancient ones. They believe in living in harmony with the Mother Earth.

Nature in Egyptian Magic

In spite of the fact that people in today’s time live in the fast lane and are disconnected with the Earth, those who practice Egyptian magic have managed to stay away from all of that. They cling to a time when people were more in contact with nature and with the workings of the Earth. They have strong connections to cosmic things, particularly the moon. It is not necessary to follow a specific moon phase in order to make spells work, but many Gods and Goddesses are associated with the Moon and are faithfully worshipped. Amun Ra, for example is more associated with the sun and practitioners of Egyptian magic pay attention to the solstices to honor him.

Famous Egyptian Love Spells

The Egyptians were incredibly intelligent and spiritual beings making their ancient Egyptian love spells the oldest forms of love spells on Earth and some of the most powerful forms that ever existed. Also, Egypt was the creator of combining different rituals and spells all into one place of traditional magic. For this reason, Egypt is actually where all other forms of magic derived from. These love spells are interesting as the intentions of the seeker are just as important as the intentions of the spell caster.

Good and Evil in Egyptian Witchcraft

Egyptian magic is extremely interesting according to their adherence to certain laws of magic including a similar law to Rule of threefold. In Egyptian magic, the only division between good and evil or white magic and black magic, are the intentions of the person who is performing the spell. This makes Egyptian magic extremely powerful and those who seek it must be sure that the person who exercises these spells is of good nature.

The Importance of Isis

Isis, an Egyptian Goddess of fertility and magic, making her an extremely powerful component in Egyptian love spells. Those who perform Egyptian witchcraft normally believe in the ancient Egyptian Gods and continue to seek their guidance through their magic. Since Isis is the goddess of magic she is needed to help in the process of spell casting and without love there would be no fertility, making her an essential component in rituals.

Ritual Materials and Supplies

Egyptian love magic like many other types of Egyptian spells have intricate ceremonies and rituals which require preparation and concentration. The materials used in said love ceremonies must be prepared according to ancient traditions, because without these elements, the love spell will be cast in vain. In addition to the physical elements used in love ceremonies, Egyptian spell casters depend greatly on written spells and amulets to increase the effectiveness and power of the spell. Without these ritual materials, an Egyptian love spell has little to no effect.

Egyptian Witchcraft Love Spells

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