Money Luck Spell

Money Luck Spell

Though you might just need a money luck spell to help you with your financial situation or your lottery ticket, you can also use the luck and money spell every day to ensure every day is a lucky day.  Your luck doesn’t have to run out and it doesn’t have to with this free rituals.

This old money luck spell is based on the Gypsy “Trinka Five” chant.

The words Trinka Five are thought to hold such powerful money drawing qualities that is apparently supposed to be enough to repeat the phrase three times in your head in order to manifest money. It is also thought that rubbing your hands together rapidly while repeating Trinka Five expedites the cash towards you.

However, a more complicated use of Trinka Five is illustrated by the following permutation of the ritual.

What you will need for the Money Luck Spell

  • A bowl or a cup
  • Three coins

How to Cast the Money Luck Spell

Place a bowl or a cup in a prominent area in your home. Hold three coins in your dominant hand (your right hand usually) and state:

Trinka five, Trinka five

Generous spirits come alive

Money grow and money thrive

Fairies of the Trinka five

Deposit the coins in the container. Repeat this ritual daily for nine consecutive days. After the ninth day perform the ritual once a week until you are financially solvent.

12 thoughts on “Money Luck Spell

  1. Money Seeker says:

    I never cast a money spell before, but I am impressed. This ritual can be of particular use to you if you find yourself in the situation where you need money urgently. Your financial path will be transformed, and you will no longer have to lie in be awake worrying over money matters. It took all my worries away and things are gradually improving. So far I’m really impressed,

  2. Mannie says:

    So throw the same coins into the bowl for nine days or different coins? Or leave the coins inside the bowl for nine days and recite over it daily for nine days. Just needed some clarification. Thank you for your help

    • Mil says:

      A ritual usually means repeat the process. Leave the three coins in the cup or bowl until the next day and repeat placing them back in your dominant hand. Recite the spell and deposit the coins back in the cup or bowl. Do this ritual for nine days then once a week at the same time if possible. Hope this helps you bring abundance to yourself and others.

  3. Mani says:

    Hi, I want to know when we do this money luck spell and leave the cup everyday in a prominent place, is it ok if someone else other than me touches the cup or asks me why this cup is here? Or should it be a secret? Can I put the cup in closet?

  4. Vernon says:

    I have been using the same coins but different bowls and cups. See I do the ritual but I take out the coins only but now since you answer his question, I started to leave them in it. Is this okay and will it still work.

  5. Donghae says:

    How to throw coins in a bowl? Is this one by one or simultaneously? Or every mention of trinka five? Thanks for clarification.

  6. marie says:

    I have done this, it works, the first day I got 40.00 the 2nd day 0.25, no matter how big or how small I’m going to keep this up. Thank you.

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