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Moon Water Blessing

There are many benefits of Blessed Moon Water. It can be used in blessings, cleansing rituals, ceremonies, spells, and for blessing and purifying your objects. It provides strength, power in magic, confidence and has strong healing qualities. When Luna blesses the water she balances it and charges it with the powers of the full moon. […]

Home Blessing

This home blessing takes it’s cue from rituals used by the Indigenous people of North America. Choose the night of a full moon to do this house blessing.  It is best done atf 4:00 in the afternoon your time wherever you are in the world.  This is because this is an hour that equates to […]

Wiccan Relationship Blessing

This is a white Wiccan spell to bless your union with a partner. Note that you do need to have your partner present when you do this spell. It works best with relationships that are older and where there is a commitment to stay together on both sides. Bread is symbolic of gifts from heaven, […]

Friendship Blessing

This friendship blessing involves collecting seven objects that are special to both you and your friend and then enclosing them in a circle around a picture of the two of you. If you do not have a picture of both of you together then you can use two pictures of you together. Make sure that […]

Spell to Bless a Person

To bless a person you need to use your powers of visualization.  You can bless a person any time of the day or night.  If your powers of visualization are very weak then it helps to either look at or hold a picture of the person or have an item on you that belongs to […]

Health Protection Spell

This healing spell is a blessing and gives the body more connection with the spirit.  The pine incense is a purifying element and so is the salt. The water carries psychic energy in the flow from the mind to the body. The sandalwood incense in this spell is also protective from evil spirits and also […]

Voodoo Pet Blessing for Animals

St. Francis of Assisi originally began his life as a pagan and then he was converted to Catholicism. His area of providence is pets, children, the elderly, the poor and the sick.  Many metaphysical disciplines burn a candle to St. Francis of Assisi when they have a sick pet including Hoodoo, Voodoo, pagan and Church […]

Wiccan Children’s Moon Blessing

Many pagan and Wiccan parents search for nightly rituals with their children. One way to give your child a good night’s blessing is by blessing them with moon water. What you will need: Moon Water (How to Make Moon Water) How to Perform the Pagan Children’s Blessing: At bedtime, when tucking your child into bed, […]

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