Witchcraft Tools

Witches’ tools are the things that witches use in order to perform spells and rituals and to practice their religion.

They use these tools when they perform their rituals or spells although the tools themselves have no power of their own.

You don’t have to have or use any tools in the practice of witchcraft but they do make the process go easier.

Five Basic Ritual and Witchcraft Tools

  • Wand, which represents the air.
  • Athame, which represents the fire.
  • Chalice, which represents the water.
  • Pentacle, which represents the earth.
  • Censer, which also represents the air.

You can buy these at a pagan store for witchcraft and Wicca, or online. They don’t have to be very expensive and their purpose is to channel the energy of the witch and to make spell function better. It is possible for you to make your own tools and if you do so, you will put into the tool some of your own personal energy. Antique shops and junk shops sometimes have some of these tools as well and you can gradually collect your own.

Cleansing and Purifying your Tools

When you get your tools, you need to have them cleansed of any negative energies that might be inside them. Physically clean them and then spiritually clean the by burying them in the ground for several days. It takes past associations with the tools and dissipates them within the earth. There is a water method that also works for cleansing. You basically immerse the item in a natural source of water such as the sea, a lake or a river. You can also use a bowl of water and a few pinches of sea salt dissolved in it. When the item has become cleansed, you can use it for magical purposes.

Let’s look at a few witch’s tools:


The athame is a dagger the witch uses to draw magical circles and to define spaces. It has a handle that is black and a blade that is double-edged. It can have a handle in which you engrave magical symbols in it. The Athame stands for commandments or commanding something. You must never use an Athame for mundane purposes. It is always a magical item and is not to be used for any other purpose. It is associated with the natural element of fire. It is also associated with the God, as opposed to the goddess.


The pentacle is a round disk that has a five-pointed star engraved on it. The five-pointed star is called the pentagram. It is made out of wood, metal or stone. The pentacle is used on the witch’s altar and is the thing on which things are put that need charging. Amulets, talismans, and charms are used along with a pentacle as part of a magical ritual. The pentacle is sometimes used to make gods and goddesses come forth.


A wand is usually made from the wood that is part of a sacred tree. Sacred trees can be cherry trees, willows, oaks, apple trees, peach trees, and hazelnut trees. Some modern wands are tipped with gems and crystals. It is a tool that invokes the gods and goddesses or to bestow blessings on another person or thing. It represents the element of air.

Different types of wood can be used for different purposes.

  • Oak: Sun Magic
  • Willow: Moon Magic
  • Birch: Healing Spells
  • Hazelnut: All white magic spells
  • Mountain ash: Protection Spells


A Censer is an incense burner that a witch uses to put incense in and burn it. You can use a bowl filled with sand and it will be a good censor. It is representative of the element of air.


A chalice represents water. It is believed to be the womb of the spiritual goddess. The rim or opening of the chalice is the part of the chalice that takes in the spiritual energy of the goddess.


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