Witchcraft Tools – How to use them in your rituals, spells, and magic

Witchcraft Tools

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Witches’ tools are the tools witches use to perform spells and rituals and practice their magic. We use these tools when performing rituals or spells, although the tools themselves have no power.

You can find traditional ritual tools within the Wiccan movement. The two-edged sword, also known as the Athame, is used not to cut but to direct energy. The Bolline, a white knife, is intended for practical activities and is used to carve candles and harvest herbs. The wand directs energies. Wiccans also use a pentacle, a ritual shield, or a disc with a pentagram on it. The five-pointed star is pictured with points pointing upwards and is surrounded by a circle. A Censer, a special incense burner, is used for ritual incense. The whip or scourge is a sign of dominance and power. A cord or ribbon is used when swearing an oath. It is also referred to as “the measure” because the cord should always be as long as the body size of the practitioner.

Additional tools can be found in some Wiccan traditions. This includes a broom used for ritual cleansing and removing negative energies. A chalice is also used, which is used in initiation ceremonies and vows. Also found in some Wiccan traditions is the “Book of Shadows.” It contains incantations, recipes, and magical rituals. Novices are given it at their initiation. A cauldron, usually made of wrought iron, is used for incense and the preparation of ritual meals. Wicca also uses incense, holy water, and salt in consecration rituals. The equipment sometimes also includes a pendulum. This is said to enable divination by contacting the mediumistic consciousness. A double ax is also part of the utensils. It is called a labrys and is located to the left of the altar. Below I will go into more detail about Wiccan tools that are important to a beginner Wiccan.

Five Basic Ritual and Witchcraft Tools

  • Wand, which represents the air.
  • Athame represents the fire.
  • The chalice represents the water.
  • Pentacle, which represents the earth.
  • Censer also represents the air.

You can buy these at a pagan store for witchcraft and Wicca or online. They don’t have to be very expensive; their purpose is to channel the witch’s energy and make the spell function better. You can make your own tools, and if you do so, you will put some of your own energy into the tool. Antique shops and junk shops sometimes have some of these tools as well, and you can gradually collect your own.

Even though your own powers, your energy, and the blessings of the gods and elements are the most important things to cast spells, magical tools still support your rituals and can thus unfold and increase the magical potential even better.

You can purchase witchcraft tools for magical supplies at slightly higher prices in certain stores, but you can also look around at flea markets. Or for knives, for example, in a kitchenware department. If you buy used items, they should always be cleaned before use. And that doesn’t just mean washing with soap; it should also be cleaned of external energies. You don’t know who has held this item in their hands, which people, with what energies, used it, and for what.

So the first thing to do after purchasing a used tool is to clean it with water (depending on the item) and then use various techniques to clean it of foreign energy build-up. There are different ways to do this.

It can be placed in sunlight or moonlight or smoked in incense or sage. Or you hold your hand over it and speak self-chosen sentences of purification. You can also consecrate it. Clearing it from unknown energy attachments can also be done by sprinkling salt on the object or placing it in a bowl of salt.


Athame, Dagger, and Sword

AthameA dagger, also known as an athame, directs energy. It helps to separate, cut structures, to draw shapes. The ritual dagger stands for the sharp mind and focused thoughts. It supports you in drawing the magic circle and helps you break free from dependencies. If energy is to be concentrated, the dagger is used. Its cardinal point is the east, its gender male. The dagger stands for the intellect and the power of thought.

The Athame is a dagger the witch uses to draw magical circles and define spaces. It has a black handle and a double-edged blade. It can have a handle on which you engrave magical symbols in it. The Athame stands for commandments or commanding something. It would be best if you never used an Athame for mundane purposes. It is always a magical item and is not to be used for any other purpose. It is associated with the natural element of fire. It is also related to the God, as opposed to the goddess.

Boundaries are set and separated with the sword. In practice, the smaller version, the dagger or Athame, is also often used. This also directs the energy. Although the dagger or sword represents thought focus and a clear, razor-sharp mind, they are extremely useful on the path to one’s spirituality. The sword should be combined with the other tools and always in conjunction with one’s mind. With its help, you can also draw the magic circle of protection. When ties are severed, the dagger or sword is almost indispensable. You break dependencies by cutting a tie that connects you to another person; without ending the contact with the other person, if you don’t want this. This is often the (unfounded) worry that when you release a karmic bond, the affection you usually feel for the other person will also be removed. It is not the case! It only separates the dependency and promotes letting go and possibly releases negative things, which glue both people together. If the bond is severed, both parties often feel visibly relieved, and the affection for one another becomes even stronger.

I wrote that a sword or a dagger is almost indispensable because all the tools listed are tools, but rituals can still be done without them. In the case of severing a bond, you can also use a simple kitchen knife, scissors, or simply use your hand. Visualize the connection, and then separate the bond with a sharp, quick hand movement. In your mind’s eye, let the bond appear in the form that you consider appropriate in terms of shape, thickness, and color.

The sword energy is male. The dagger or sword symbolizes the element of fire or the element of air. Choose the option that makes more sense for you. The season is spring, and the cardinal point is east. If fire is more appropriate for you, swap the analogies with that of the wand. There is no right and no wrong. Only for you alone, it has to be right and coherent.


The Wand

WandThe wand directs the energy. It also represents moving and rising energy, the symbol of which is the snake. The wand also symbolizes a tree that grows from earth to heaven, thus connecting earth with heaven. The wand also connects energies.

A wand is usually made from wood that is part of a sacred tree. Sacred trees can be cherry trees, willows, oaks, apple trees, peach trees, and hazelnut trees. Some modern wands are tipped with gems and crystals. It is a tool that invokes the gods and goddesses or bestows blessings on another person or thing.

Different types of wood can be used for various purposes.

  • Oak: Sun Magic
  • Willow: Moon Magic
  • Birch: Healing Spells
  • Hazelnut: All white magic spells
  • Mountain ash: Protection Spells

The wand is undoubtedly one of the most well-known tools used in magical work. Whether as a magic wand in a cartoon or on stage, an artist who conjures rabbits out of his hat. But it is actually indispensable when working in the magical realm. A wand directs and connects energies. It stands for moving and rising energy. It is versatile and stands for wish-fulfillment and willpower. The energy of the wand is masculine. Not only can you buy a wand from a magic supplies store, but you can also make one yourself. Find a dropped branch or twig as straight as possible, and say thank you to the tree. Decorate with flourishes or symbols, for example, by carving them. It also gives the wand the aura of something special. You can also leave it as is to show Mother Nature how you are honoring her. The wand symbolizes the element of air and will. The season is the summer, and the cardinal point is the south. The time of day is noon.


The Pentacle

PentacleThe pentacle is a round disk with a five-pointed star engraved. The five-pointed star is called the pentagram. It is made out of wood, metal, or stone. The pentacle is used on the witch’s altar and is the thing on which things are put that need charging. Amulets, talismans, and charms are used along with a pentacle as part of a magical ritual. The pentacle is sometimes used to make gods and goddesses come forth.

The pentacle helps to transform thoughts into matter. It also stands for protection. The pentagram in a circle contains a pentacle and is a very effective shield. You can also use a round mirror as a pentacle or coins.

The pentacle symbolizes the earth element and stands for matter. The cardinal point is north, its season is winter, and the time of day is night.


The Chalice

ChaliceThe chalice is a symbol of the element water. It symbolizes the womb of the great goddess and the vessel for the emotional world. The rim or opening of the chalice is the part of the chalice that takes in the spiritual energy of the goddess. The chalice stands for the sensations and intuition itself. Its cardinal point is the west; its gender is female. With a chalice, one invokes intuition and the guardians of the west.

No symbol is as diverse as the chalice. The chalice in magic represents feelings, sensations, and intuition. It also stands for fertility, representing femininity and the female womb, as new life is created and grows in the womb. So it embodies feminine energy, in contrast to the sword, which is fiery energy associated with the masculine principle.

A chalice is used to mix and cook. Various connections are formed. A new comprehensive whole develops from individual ingredients and elements. This also includes the subconscious. Every decision made came from feelings. If you are faced with a decision, your own gut feeling always plays a role. If you are unsure about a decision, pay attention to this feeling. Imagine first one option in your mind and then the other possibility. Explore your feelings. What is your body saying? Then act on it.
The chalice symbolizes the element of water and the womb of the great goddess. Its cardinal point is west, its time of day is evening, and its season is autumn.



As a sign that the ritual is now beginning, you can start it with a small bell ringing. You can also let it ring briefly at the very end of a ritual. A small, brightly tinkling bell would be perfect.



A Censer is an incense burner that a witch uses to put incense in and burn it. You can use a bowl filled with sand, and it will be a good censor. It is representative of the element of air.



Candles should be colored throughout but do not necessarily have to be purchased in expensive specialty shops because they are often already consecrated there. After all, you can consecrate them yourself. For example, simply holding them between your hands and letting your own energy flow. A simple pack of white household candles for little money is often sufficient.

Tip: Before you bring a scented candle into your home, light a normal candle and add a few drops of essential oil to it or drip the oil into the wax before lighting, just to make sure that nothing, and especially not you, catches fire. When using the oil, ensure it is 100 percent natural; otherwise, the effect would be the same as with an artificially scented candle.



Doesn’t every witch have a cauldron? At least it belongs to the image of a witch. And, of course, if you’re working with herbs, making ointments, or brewing a magic potion, it would be great if you had something special for it. Here, it is also true that ready-made cauldrons, which also look like cauldrons, can usually be bought expensively, or – you choose a pot from the kitchen and, with the power of words, declare it a witch’s cauldron. Alternatively, you can get a particularly lovely, normal pot for it. Of course, you don’t have to use a cooking pot just for magical brews, and you can cook your everyday food in it again the next day. However, it is something special when your witch soup is cooked in a pot where only witch ingredients touch the pot.


Witchcraft Tools and the Elements

Just to remind you – even with magic tools, if something isn’t right for you, use the element that suits you. For example, if the element of air is not felt to be suitable for you with the sword, you can do something with the element of fire. In this example, you will encounter these two possibilities again and again. But of course, this also applies to any other tool or analogy.
However, every magical accessory and tool should be consecrated before use. To do this, take the object in your hand and greet the associated element and the cardinal direction in your own words. Visualize white light illuminating the object. You can directly connect with the tool with a drop of saliva that you rub on the object. If you want to intensify it, you can also use a drop of blood, but saliva would also be sufficient.

Always write about it in your Book of Shadows. How do you feel about it? Were there different emotions for different tools or elements? Enter this as well.

Cleansing and Purifying your Tools

When you get your tools, you need to have them cleansed of any negative energies that might be inside them. Physically and spiritually clean them by burying them in the ground for several days. It takes past associations with the tools and dissipates them within the earth. There is a water method that also works for cleansing. You basically immerse the item in a natural source of water such as the sea, a lake, or a river. You can also use a bowl of water and a few pinches of sea salt dissolved in it. When the item is cleansed, you can use it for magical purposes.

The Sacredness of Witchcraft Tools

If you have the pleasure of meeting another sorcerer or witch and letting you see their tools, do not touch the other practitioner’s property. It is a privilege when you are shown the personal magical tools, do not betray the trust. The tool would then have to be cleaned, discharged, recharged, and possibly even rededicated. You certainly don’t want anyone touching and desecrating the tools you use to magically work, either.

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