What is Voodoo? Introduction to Voodoo and how to use it

Voodoo - What is Voodoo?

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Voodoo, like Wicca, is a misunderstood religion. You should know that some of the many traditions of the Judeo-Christian religion can also be found in the Wicca religion. This means that Voodoo is a religion that has many traditions. So are the Wicca religion and the Judeo-Christian religion. That is why the most critical events in life, such as birth, marriage, and death, are also celebrated in Voodoo. However, the religion originated in Africa and has evolved over time.

Voodoo, or more specifically “Vodun,” believes in the main god called Bondye and minor spirits called Loa. In essence, this practice is similar to Christianity. In Christianity, there is a supreme God, and the saints are involved in various activities and activities. For example, in Christianity, the patron saint (or saint of law enforcement) is St. Michael. In Voodoo, the guardian spirit is called Ayza.

Also, you should know that the name Voodoo is known by different names and denominations. Examples include Vodun, Vodoun, Voudou, and Sevi Lwa. The term voodoo comes from the African word for “spirit.” According to conservative estimates, some anthropologists believe the religion dates back to the emergence of mankind, or 10,000 years.


Voodoo and Haiti

When Europeans began bringing enslaved Africans to the New World, Voodoo, as we know it today, was born in Haiti. Some slavers wrongly thought that they would no longer establish a community if they ravaged the various African ethnic groups. But exactly the opposite happened. These transplanted enslaved people fused their different beliefs to create a new religion: Voodoo. Since then, this religion has spread to parts of the southern United States and South America.


Misconceptions and Myths

In 1884 an author named S. St. John wrote an erroneous book called Haiti or the Black Republic after exploring the West Indies region. In this book, St. John described Voodoo as a malevolent religion, including describing human sacrifice, cannibalism, and a host of other hateful things. Of course, this book appealed to the imaginations of people outside of this area who had never been there. So the misunderstandings and fears of Voodoo continued to multiply, and some of those fears and misinformation are still there today. Hollywood also helped perpetuate the misconceptions, with several films portraying Voodoo in a negative light.


What are the Loa in Voodoo?

Loa means “mystery” in the Yoruba language and represents the different categories of spirits in the Voodoo religion. When slavers brought Africans to the New World, Voodoo began to spread among black communities in North America, South America, and the Caribbean. As a description of who or what the Loa are, we can simply say that they are comparable to the saints of the Judeo-Christian religions. In Voodoo, there is a supreme god called Bondye. This supreme god is above the lesser spirits called Loa.


Loa and Christianity

Voodoo and the Roman Catholic religion are very similar; some common aspects are for example:

  • Belief in life after death
  • Ceremonies in which “body and blood” are consumed
  • Belief in evil spirits and demons


Voodoo believers believe every human has a met tet (a so-called “master of the head.” In comparison, it is the same as the patron saints in Christianity. The Loa are similar to the Christian saints in that the Loa were also humans who lived normal lives. Like the Saints, each Loa has a unique quality or type that the living desires as well.

One major difference, however, is that voodoo believers believe that everyone has a soul made up of two parts: the Gron Bon Ange (“Big Guardian Angel”) and the Ti Bon Ange (“Little Guardian Angel”). The Ti Bon Ange leaves the body during sleep or when a loa possess a person during a ritual.

Voodoo devotees believe this part of the soul can be corrupted or hijacked by evil magic while not in the body.

However, the Roman Catholic religion believes in only one soul. But this religion also believes that the soul can be possessed by an evil one, and sometimes exorcism has to be done when the devil possesses a person.


Who are the Loa?

It is impossible to list all the Loa as hundreds of them exist. However, there are two classes, or more specifically, two categories of Loa. The original Loas came from the West African Yoruba people of Dahomey and were called Rada. More Loa were found years later by leaders in the New World. These were called Petro. So there are two categories of Loa – the original Loa of the Old World (Rada) and those of the New World (Petro).

A significant difference between the Loa and the saints is the fact that there are also evil Loa. Baka, for example, is an evil spirit that takes the form of an animal, while Kalfu controls the evil forces of the spirit world and is involved with black magic. However, as already described, there are also Loa, who are very similar to the Christian saints. St. Peter, for example, guards Heaven’s Gate.

Although the Loa resemble Christian saints, they are also reminiscent of the Greek (and Roman) gods. For example, some Loa spirits are:

  • Ezili (or Erzulie) – the female spirit of love (Aphrodite)
  • Ogou Balanjo – the Spirit of Healing (Apollo)
  • Ogun (or Ogu Bodagris) – the warrior spirit (Ares)
  • Agwe – The Spirit of the Sea (Poseidon)

In summary, the Loa is just one part of the voodoo religion with a deep tradition. The Loa also have much to do with the old and new religions of the world.


Voodoo Priests

A voodoo priest is called a houngan or hungan, while a voodoo priestess is called a mambo. A voodoo temple is known as a hounfour or humfort. In the center of the temple is a pole called the Poteau-Mitan, where god and the spirits converse with the devotees. In a modern voodoo temple, you may find an altar with candles, pictures of Christian saints, or symbolic things associated with the Loa.

Voodoo practitioners and witches practice a very ancient religion called Voodoo, the African word for ‘spirit.’ The common devotees and the priests or priestesses all believe in two foundations. There are no coincidences in life, and everything is connected. Many other spiritualists think that human beings are not separate but part of a greater connection.

Just like the Wicca religion and its “rule of three,” voodoo practitioners and witches feel what they are doing for themselves and what they are doing for others. Voodoo practitioners believe in the sacred circle between life and death. Rituals, prayers, music, dances, songs, and animal sacrifices are part of Voodoo, no matter where it is lived out.


Key Beliefs of Voodoo Practitioners and Spell Casters

Voodoo Practitioner

The serpent is of great importance to voodoo practitioners. The High Priest and/or Priestess (often called Papa and Mama, respectively) are the medium for expressing the serpent’s power. Voodoo practitioners believe in the supreme god and hundreds of Loa. These Loa are the ones who control nature, health, wealth, and happiness of the living. When performing a voodoo love spell or a voodoo money spell, the priests often call on the Loa for help. During such ceremonies, the Loa may possess the mage’s body. These Loa give advice, warnings, and desires to the body. Voodoo practitioners also believe that objects and natural phenomena can have sacred meaning and have a soul.

Music and dance are the main elements of a voodoo ceremony. However, these dances of the practitioners are often misunderstood and more akin to sexual insanity. Yet, these ceremonies are an expression of spirituality. It is seen as a way to connect with the spirits of the world.


Voodoo Practitioners as Healers

There are voodoo temples all over the world, and many voodoo practitioners visit their priest/priestesses when they have physical ailments. The Voodoo Priest is a link between the god and the patient. The highest state of existence for the Voodoo devotee is the ability to send one’s spirit directly to a particular god. When voodoo devotees come into such a status, it is said that the god enters the person’s body. This god then speaks and acts through the person to allow healing to begin.


Practitioners and Rituals

Voodoo priests and practitioners often perform birth, marriage, and death rituals just like other religions do. They also do love spells or money spells, which are common among voodoo practitioners.

However, a major ritual takes place every year on the Ghana-Togo border. Thousands of voodoo practitioners around the world gather for the seven-day celebration called the Kokuzahn. Kokuzahn honors the warrior god. Flimani Koku, ensuring safety during a war, now protects against witchcraft and evil.

The week-long festival begins with voodoo music, with rhythms that put voodoo devotees in a trance-like state. In these states, they are much stronger and have much more capacity than normal, which they believe shows the power of the god.


Voodoo Practitioners as a Whole

Voodoo magicians feel that their religion plays an important role in family and society. Deceased loved ones and ancestors are part of the spirit world, like the Loa, and aid the voodoo magicians in the traditions. Like the Christian clergy, voodoo practitioners call upon their priests and priestesses for help, guidance, or advice regarding problems in their lives.

Unfortunately, people’s “knowledge” of Voodoo and its rites and rituals is only speculation. Those who don’t know much about the voodoo religion talk about it as a religion of evil, forgetting that Voodoo also has healing spells, love spells, nature spells, and fun celebrations.


The Power of Voodoo Rituals and Spells

Voodoo Spells

Voodoo rituals are performed in temples to celebrate something good, such as a birth or a wedding. But the temple also provides a sanctuary from misfortune, such as disease or death. Sometimes in this religion, an animal is sacrificed, cutting the animal’s neck and collecting the blood. The whole thing is a tribute to the Loa. The animal is then boiled and eaten, pretending to have been blessed.

The houngan and mambos of the temple perform rituals involving white magic, which is used to bring good luck and healing. However, some people in Voodoo perform the rituals using evil sorcery or black magic. These people are called Caplatas or Bokors. Rarely does a houngan or mambo use dark magic, but sometimes an alternate between white and black magic is used.

Voodoo is an ancient religion that exists all over the world, with many traditions, and in Africa alone are 30 million followers.


How to Do Voodoo

Voodoo is rarely talked about. People only get an idea of ​​what Voodoo is like in movies and TV shows. And this idea presented by the media is wrong. It’s no surprise that people who want to practice Voodoo have no idea where to start. Although the internet offers some information, there is much more to know about Voodoo that is only passed on by word of mouth. If you are interested in practicing Voodoo, here are a few tips to give you along the way.

Using Voodoo as part of spiritual practice or just wanting to perform a spell means respecting that type of religion. In Voodoo, there are many deities, all of whom need to be honored and made happy. If you don’t want to accept these gods, you can’t get the results you want, and you can even get in a lot of trouble. Begin the practice of Voodoo with a pure heart and genuine intention. For example, if you want to bring love into your life, focus on that. If you have an honest intention, you harm nobody. You will only increase success because you make the gods happy simultaneously.


How to use Voodoo Spells

There are voodoo spells for various circumstances, including love, protection, good luck, and money spells. There are both black and white spells. Hundreds of ancient African era spells are at your disposal based on what you want and need. You can start Voodoo yourself or find a teacher who can initiate you. We offer several free voodoo spells that you can cast to see if this religion appeals to you.


How to Cast Voodoo Spells

Voodoo believes in one true God, Bondye, and several lesser deities, called Loa. The Loa help you succeed with your voodoo spells or any other ritual you wish to perform. Many believe that Voodoo only casts evil spells when nothing could be further from the truth. You can do many spells that will make a massive difference in your life.

You can cast your own spells or have a professional voodoo priest perform the ritual for you. There are even spell kits you can do that contain everything you need to cast a voodoo spell, including all the incantations to say and candles to light.

It is recommended that you purify yourself spiritually before using voodoo spells. There are many spiritual cleansing rituals listed on our website that you can use. There is no need to buy special cleansing soaps or bath products to cleanse your body and rid it of any negativity you may be carrying. When spiritually purified, voodoo spells can be more potent and more effective.


Casting the Spell

Voodoo spells can be intense and require you to undergo certain aspects of the ritual for several consecutive days. You must be focused on the ritual on the days you perform the ritual. Remember, you will be relying on the spirits of Voodoo, the Loa, and your concentration and focus are of the utmost importance.

Voodoo spells can help you with many things. You can attract happiness and success, put an end to loneliness and attract a soulmate into your life instead. You can also bring back a lost lover, attract positive energy and well-being, or break bad habits. When you’re in a relationship, there are voodoo love spells you can use to stop a breakup or remove the interference of well-meaning others. Your relationship can be less contentious and more peaceful with voodoo spells. If you have a problem with your partner lying or cheating, there are spells that will fix the problem and boost your confidence. Voodoo spells can do almost anything and have unimaginable power.


Ordering Voodoo Spells from a Spell Caster

When ordering a voodoo spell from a professional voodoo priest or magician, you may need to do some things yourself and some things the magician will do for you. Love spells are the most commonly cast voodoo spells. If you are trained and practiced in Voodoo, or it is a simple spell, you can cast it yourself. In difficult or complex cases, you should definitely turn to professionals.


Proper use of Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo dolls are used very often in Voodoo. These dolls represent people whose energy you want to influence. For example, if you want to bring someone into your life, you can create a voodoo doll, place that doll in your bedroom, and affect its energy. If you want to erase someone from your life, you can give away the doll or destroy it to erase the energy from your life. Remember that a voodoo doll is a sacred object, one associated with that person’s life.

If you don’t take care of this doll, you can harm the other person. You must be very careful and only use the doll as you intended and leave it once your wish has been granted. When you destroy the puppet, you release the energy, and you release the energy of the person.

The voodoo doll is one of the most misunderstood magical objects. The doll is used in Voodoo to bring energy into a spell and to release energy. If you know what these dolls can do for you, you don’t have to be a voodoo practitioner to use a voodoo doll. When you have a physical idea of ​​something, it’s often easier to focus on something and get faster results.


What Voodoo Dolls are Not

Many people only know what the media tells them about voodoo dolls. Most people have seen the scenes where someone sticks a needle into a doll’s head, and something terrible happens. However, the pain is not as dramatic as in some films that misrepresent the use of voodoo dolls.

These dolls are not used to harm anyone. It’s just like the rule of the universe: what you send out will come back 3-fold. You should, therefore, not emit any negative energy into the universe because it will then be sent back to you 3-fold. Voodoo dolls are not objects that induce pain, but they can also be used for such purposes. You should know how to direct positive energies into your spells through a voodoo doll.


Connection to a person’s life force

As said before, the voodoo doll is associated with the person or image it represents. For example, if you are making a puppet depicting the person you love, you are pouring their energy into the puppet without even realizing it. When holding this doll in your hands, you must handle it carefully.

Although the person may not fall if you drop the doll, each mistake can affect the person’s energy. You must ensure the doll is okay, safe, and secure. Since the doll is connected to the person it represents, you can also use the doll to get rid of a person. Simply move the puppet representing that person away from the other dolls. This physical separation will encourage the other person to stay away from you.


Using Voodoo Dolls in Your Life

There are many ways you can use a voodoo doll in your spiritual works. Many find them helpful when they want to focus on bringing someone or something into their lives. For example, if you want to bring love into your life, you can create a doll that resembles your dream man. You can place this doll on an altar or in your bedroom in a safe place to keep your lover physically and emotionally close. You can also decorate this doll with things you love to increase positive energy. Once that person comes into your life, you will “unleash” the doll and release the energy within it for someone else to use. If you kept using the doll, maybe more love would come into your life, which isn’t necessary.

Voodoo dolls help you create a physical form of your goal or desired outcome. If you take the time to make a puppet and take good care of it, you will have a doll that will bring everything to your doorstep.


Voodoo Ingredients and Sacrifices

Voodoo Ingredients

There are many different voodoo sayings. Since most people are looking for either money or love (or both), it is not surprising that most spells are spells for obtaining money or love. Any houngan, a voodoo priest, will tell you that the success of these spells depends on the right ingredients. In addition to love and money, Voodoo is also about healing people. Below you can see a small overview of the voodoo spells and the importance of the ingredients.


Brief History of Voodoo Spell Ingredients

In ancient times, the forest spirits known as “Azzizas” taught the voodoo magicians of Africa how to use herbs. Because many of these practitioners became enslaved people in the New World, they already knew about ingredients such as roots, herbs, plants, natural elements, and animals. They understood the medicinal and alchemical properties of these things and used them regularly. Then, of course, when they needed the plants in the New World, they had to find alternatives for the African herbs in the New World. Instead of these, they used native North American herbs and plants that were very easy to understand. Over time, the elements of both continents were welded together, and the voodoo spells used in America today were born.


Materials and Offerings

Some think that the ingredients used in voodoo spells have no special properties and are of no use. Others say that these ingredients do not affect humans. However, carefully thinking about it, you will agree that many herbs and plants have special properties.

For example, coffee beans and tea leaves contain caffeine, which has a stimulating effect. Ginger and peppermint help relieve constipation and cure heartburn. So it’s a bit strange when it is said that the herbs in Voodoo have no effect, especially when the person is talking about “needs.” So it can be noted that many people in the industrial world often turn to natural aids like roots, herbs, and plants as they evoke specific reactions.


Root Doctors and Conjurers

There are two main practitioners in Voodoo when it comes to spells and ingredients – the root doctors and the sorcerers. A root doctor is viewed as a medical doctor who provides you with the herbs you need to regain your health. A sorcerer uses ingredients for “good” and/or “bad” magic. People go to a practitioner or sorcerer when it comes to voodoo love spells or money spells.


What ingredients are needed for Voodoo?

It depends on what you practice – black magic or white magic. Ingredients for the dark magic are, e.g., the elm. For example, the elm tree can cause a couple to divorce if you bury the elm near the couple’s house. Another ingredient for dark magic spells is tormentilla. Tormentilla brings bad luck, stress, and harm to a person when sprinkled on a picture of the person and placed in a box. But not all love and money sayings come from black magic. It is best to approach an experienced houngan or experienced mambo and ask what ingredients would go best with the voodoo spell you are planning.


Things that can go wrong in Voodoo

Some people have seen images of voodoo dolls in the media and think that the needles sticking can hurt the other person. The truth? Such things can hurt the other person if the connection between the doll and the person is strong. However, that is not the purpose of such voodoo dolls. The dolls are meant to help you with your spells, not to hurt others. It’s best to take a little time before bonding the doll to anyone. If you think you can harm this doll with anger or frustration, you had better use other spiritual practices.

With Voodoo, you can improve your life and steer obstacles out of your way. Hurting others, which is possible with Voodoo and other forms of magic, is not the purpose of Voodoo. Instead, it would be best if you thought about how to use the gods’ power to bring something good into your life. If you want to cause negative things, those negative things may be more likely to happen to you.

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