Herbs for Magic

Herbs have always played a great role in magical rituals for centuries by radiating positive energy in its surrounding area, fighting away negativity. Every herb, from the most common to the exotic, possesses magical powers, with its inclusion in the ritual varying with the types of the spells cast.

The herbs for magical rituals are employed by itself or in combination depending on the belief or the religion and the purpose behind it.

Benefits of Herbal Magic

The magic herbs can be used in various forms, they can be part of decorations, talisman, herbal baths, herbal incenses, herbal brews including tea for ingestion and many more to cleanse the body, mind, spirit and the environment, preparing it ready for magical rituals. The druids use the magical wands cut from the oak tree during the waning of the Moon for greater power.

Herbs make excellent decorative pieces taking the form of wreaths to exude positive and healthy energy within the area. Some practitioners include the presence of herbs in amulets for clearing the air off negativity and restore the distressed mind into normalcy. Some consume the herbal brews to cleanse the body from the harmful influence, preparing it for the ritual. The spell caster may also bathe in water mixed with the desired herbs to soothe and calm the body, making it ready for the spell to be cast. Oils made from the herbs are utilized in the making of the candles meant for rituals. Incense sticks and cones also form part of the herbal magic.

The most popular types of herbs for spells are cited below:

Herbs for Spells, Herbal Magic and Love Herbs


Aloe is used in spells that are meant to enhance the spirituality and love. Black magic practitioners make use of aloe in sealing the lips that speak of the evil, forcing them to remain mum.


Spell casters take advantage of the bark of acacia for igniting love and passion in a relationship. It is also employed in health spells to improve the overall health of the spell seeker.


Basil is one of the powerful herbs that has found its way into almost every major categorization of spells. It is used in love, wealth, health and fertility spells. People believe in its strength to ward off the evil, bringing in positive energy.


Catnip is used in love amulets for fertility and to increase the luck necessary to enjoy heavenly bliss in a relationship. The spell seekers adorning these amulets have found it successful in winning the love of their life.


Fennel seeds symbolize protection and healing. In love, they have found a place in spells meant to rekindle a relationship. Fennel is also employed in money spells as it is believed to draw the energy to generate more money.


This is one of the important herbs for spells used in herbal brews that are meant to enhance the male sexual prowess besides working as an aphrodisiac.


Presented as fertility amulets and good luck charms fore new brides, hazel is also assumed to enhance psychic powers.


Jasmine is the herb to trigger passion and heal a broken heart.


Lemon is the herb for love and healing. In love, it creates a desperate longing in the minds of people, cementing their association.


Poppy flowers are included by the spell casters to improve their intuitive powers along with creativity. As the poppy is the symbol of good luck, it is sure to make the dreams come true. Poppy amulets also have the power to enhance fertility.

With herbs for spells and rituals being numerous, spell casters have to possess the knowledge to identify and include the right herb into the ritual to make it a success.


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