Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo love spells are rituals performed by a hougan or mambo who use the power of loa to cast aside obstacles that stay in the path of love. During the self-incited trance, the practitioner opens him- or herself to the right loa (usually Aida-Wedo or Damballa). During the trance, the spell caster becomes one with the spirit and gains an ability to channel the spiritual energies to form the desired effects.

Of course, Voodoo love spells require also some physical ways of transmission – most notably, they need some items belonging to the subjects of the spell. The love spell effects sometimes take form of some amulet or a potion to be given to the subject of the spell, but it strongly depends on the hougan or mambo casting the spell. In some Vodou traditions the material components are completely used up during the ritual and the final effects happen regardless of the physical proximity of an amulet.

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Despite the unique form of Voodoo love spells, their final effects must comply with the six principles of Voodoo. It means that they cannot harm anyone, cause any negative long-term side-effects or trick a love spell subject in any way. Even the spells cast by bokors cannot set aside those rules.

Working with Voodoo Love Spells

One must always be careful with the spells that they cast or ask to be casted, just like with voodoo love spells.  Voodoo over the years has received a bad reputation but it is actually a very lovely type of magic that has become stigmatized by people who do not understand this art form.  While casting a love spell, one needs to be absolutely in agreement with carrying out the spell as voodoo is one of the most powerful forms of magic and results can happen fast.

The History of Voodoo

Voodoo has an interesting history as it was first brought to the New World from the slaves brought over from Africa.  The roots of voodoo spells come from African Shamanism.  As Christianity was introduced into the region, voodoo began to transform and eventually become what it is today.  Most believe that Haiti is the capital of voodoo with the most powerful and prestigious practitioners.

The Love Spell Casting Process

The people who cast these voodoo love spells are known as hougans or voodoo priests and mambos which are voodoo priestesses.  Basically, hougans and mambos try to clear the path so that love can pass through from one person to another.  Voodoo requires objects of the person who is the object of the spell to be able to communicate his or her subject.  Besides using possession, a mambo or hougan can also create love magic through potions, incantations and amulets.  And just like in all forms of magic, the voodoo love spells must abide by certain codes to ensure that they will work such as no harmful side effects will occur, no one will be tricked into falling in love, no one can be hurt along the way, etc.

Love spells can work great if the seeker is open to love and ready to accept true love as is.

For those who want to remove the obstacles to love in their life, Voodoo love spells might be the perfect choice.  Not only are these love spells powerful, but they not only focus on attracting love, but also repelling those things which are standing in the way of your success in love.  With a Voodoo love spell, you will be able to create the love life you want, while also learning about the sacredness of love’s energy.

Have Your Intentions Ready

In order to make any love spell work, you need to begin with a clear idea of what you want.  Though it might seem to be simple, you need to create as specific of an intention as possible in order to create a successful love spell.  Think about what you want from this Voodoo love spell.  Who is the object of your affect?  How do you want to feel?  What might be the long term plan for the relationship?  These are the sorts of questions you want to be asking as you are looking at different Voodoo love spells.  This way, you can choose the best spell for your needs, while also being able to increase your odds of success.

Bring Beauty into Your Spells

Many times, people think a spell is just the recitation of some words and then something happens instantly.  While this can certainly happen, a Voodoo love spell needs a little more effect, a little more energy.  To raise the energy of your spell, you should think about creating an altar to the deities in order to ask of them to help your love life.  You want to put onto this altar some offerings to the deities, perhaps some flowers or incense.  And you will want to add items which might attract the energy of love.  For example, you might want to bring some pictures of your love and place them on the altar.  Or you might simply want to bring items which remind you of love – a sculpture of a couple in a loving embrace, for example. You might also want to get out some clay and sculpt the way you envision love, putting all of your energy and intention into this sculpture.  This will help you to further increase the energy you have on the altar.

Removing Those Who Harm You

Banishing is something which can be a part of Voodoo love spells as well.  You might have someone in your life who is making it difficult for you to fall in love or to find love.  By using a Voodoo doll or banishing powder to help remove them from your life, you will increase the odds of your finding love, while also helping you to feel that person becoming less of a threat.  Choose a small image of the person and begin to look at them as someone who will be going out of your life soon.  You might want to take this doll and put it on another altar or bury it in the ground.  This way, that person’s energy is as far away from your love life as possible.  Sometimes just stating that someone is in your way can begin the energetic process of pushing them out of your way.  These spells are simply used to remove the obstacles and will not harm the other person in any way.

With Voodoo love spells, you can begin to see your love life be more productive and happy than every before.  While you might not want to attract a particular lover just yet, attracting love into your life is the best starting point with Voodoo love spells.

Before getting into how Voodoo love spells work it’s important to understand a few facts about Voodoo itself. When many people hear the term Voodoo they automatically think of black magic, dark rituals and bad curses. In truth, Voodoo is simply an African religion and the word itself meaning ‘spirit’. So while there is dark magic associated with Voodoo, there is also white magic. That means you’ll find Voodoo love spells that work using both the dark and white varieties of magic.

Popular Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo believes there are no accidents when it comes to life and what you do to others will happen to you. With that said, many who do Voodoo love spells often have the best intentions. By not look out for the interest of others, or to perform spells for dark purposes, it could come back to haunt them at a later date.

Voodoo Love Spell #1 – One of the most powerful voodoo love spells around is designed to bring you true love and it’s known as the Peacock Lover Spell. For this spell it involves writing the name of the person you love 13 times on a sheet of parchment paper of any color. You then place the paper under your pillow with the peacock feather and call out the person’s name 13 times for three nights. On the forth night you take a 13-minute bath with the right incense and oils while concentrating on the object of your desire. You then hide the paper and make sure your potential lover finds the feather. With spells where touch is involved it’s important the object of your affection is the first one to touch the feather. Otherwise you won’t get the effect you’re seeking. As for supplies, it’s important to go to a trusted priest.

Voodoo Love Spell #2 – Another popular Voodoo love spells originated in Haiti. Just take a piece of hair from the person you love and one of your own. After you have both hairs put them in a bag (plastic is fine) and face north. Close your eyes and imagine the person you want to be with you. After that, tightly pack the bag in a piece of paper. Toss it into a river, lake or sea while you keep your lover in mind. Although this is one of the Voodoo love spells that won’t work immediately you should notice changes after 40 days.

Voodoo Love Spell #3 – One of the most popular Voodoo love spells for marriage is rather easy to do. Get a red rose. Write the name of the person you love on the petals and then dip them in rose water. After that, throw the petals outside the house of the person you love.

Types of Voodoo Love Spells

Powerful Voodoo love spells come in all kinds of varieties – true love spells, attraction spells, marriage spells, sex and lust spells, romance spells and reuniting spells to name a few. Some spells operate through talismans or amulets. Others require no objects other than the supplies needed for the spells themselves.

Word of Warning about Voodoo Love Spells

Any Voodoo priest or priestess will tell you that Voodoo spells are not child’s play. If you’re trying to perform spells and have no education or background on the subject they may fail, work against you or perhaps have deadly consequences. It’s best to avoid negative Voodoo spells because it can be harmful and reverse on you. So it’s important that any Voodoo you do are for positive purpose and not for negative work.

The Power of Voodoo Love Spells

The power of Voodoo love spells is one not to be idly tampered with. Unless you have knowledge of the subject, it’s best to consult a Voodoo Priest or Priestess with your plans. So in this article we’ll examine various methods used for performing love spells while providing a bit more knowledge about the power of Voodoo love spells.

There are two basic types of magic that’s used in Voodoo love spells – white magic and black magic. Just as the names indicate one is good and one is bad. Those who practice the Voodoo religion understand it’s much like Wicca in the fact that what you put out into the world comes back to you. In Voodoo it’s important that the energy you send out is positive. Negative energy, or in this case, negative Voodoo spells can have an adverse effect on your life.

As for why the power of Voodoo love spells works many Voodoo practitioners feel it’s the connection to the Loas. The Loas are the much like the saints to Christians – people who once lived as humans but who have an exulted status in the afterlife. Each Loa is a spirit and they perform a particular task such as Ezili, who is the female spirit of love. Therefore the power of love spells comes from the tribute, rituals and praise of these spirits.

Chants and Seals in Love Spells

Millions of believers in Voodoo have sought the power of love spells. Many Voodoo priests and priestess believe that there are invisible forces in the world who are waiting to help us achieve all we can. The subject of love is no different. But as stated above, these forces can be used for good or evil. People can unlock the power of Voodoo with special seals and chants. With the proper training and supplies people can master those positive forces and therefore tap into the power of Voodoo so they work.

Love spells work when people repeat and/or carry these special chants and seals at a certain times of the day. It attracts the powerful forces of good so you reach your objectives. It should be stated though since no two people are alike, results do vary. But you can discover Voodoo love spells with the right direction from a Voodoo priest and getting the proper Voodoo supplies.

Voodoo Dolls in Love Spells

Voodoo dolls often get a bad reputation. The image most people think of is a fabric doll with tons of pins sticking in it and harm befalling the person to which it’s aimed. However, when it comes to tapping the power of Voodoo the use of dolls can help you perform positive magic.

Usually the color of the Voodoo doll denotes its use. For example, white Voodoo dolls are used for protection or healing while black Voodoo dolls have a darker purpose of control and domination. Red can be used for removing a jinx or aid in the power of Voodoo love spells for lust or sexuality. Pink Voodoo dolls are the kind that most people turn to for romance and love.

It’s important to realize that spells won’t work on just any doll. It requires spiritual ceremonies, which can’t be done by just anyone. After a ceremony the Voodoo dolls are activated and can emit energies. Again, these energies depend on the use. It might be for healing, protection, or for darker purposes.

In the end, no matter how you decide to unlock the power of Voodoo, the best advice is to use caution and do so for positive reasons. If not, as any Voodoo priest will tell you, you could live to regret the actions you take.


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