Love Spells Guide – How to Cast Love Spells and Make them Work

The Ultimate Love Spells Guide

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The Benefits of Magic Love Spells

True love may sometimes be hard to find. On the other hand, you may have let love slip away from you. No matter what problem you face in your relationship, you can count on love spells to guide you. Yes, love is a magical feeling, and you can use magic to your advantage and bring back that good old feeling into your life once again. Do you have to indulge in evil to cast spells? No, in fact, you can’t cast a love spell if you intend to cause harm to anyone.

Many free love spells are available on Wishbonix. Whether or not these spells will work for you depends on your magical beliefs. Furthermore, you will also need the necessary experience to perform them. Even if you have the tools and follow all of the instructions, without the experience or magical knowledge, casting these rituals won’t work.

This article explains in detail how to cast love spells and how to make them work. You will find many different love spells that address a very wide array of problems on our website. We wish you the best of luck with your spell casting, and if you have any questions or concerns, you are most welcome to leave comments. Are you in need of a professional spell caster? Click here for our recommendation.

Magic love spells are the most popular spells in magic, and they have been used for centuries by those who follow Pagan or folk religions.

That being said, you don’t need to be apart of Pagan religion in order to cast spells to help with your love life. You can conduct your own spells as long as you understand how they work, have the right tools – and above all – believe in them.

The purpose of magic love spells is to make someone fall in love with you. In actuality, these spells are meant to draw love to you, or show the person you love that the love you feel for them is honest and true. A spell can also be used to help heal or improve your existing relationship.

The Basics of Magic Love Spells

To help you better understand love magic, the following are the basics about what you should know before considering casting a spell:

  • They should not be used for controlling or manipulative purposes. If you truly love someone, you will respect them.
  • They are meant to help a situation
  • Love Spells should be taken seriously
  • They can not harm you
  • They are based on the principles of Magic
  • Magic love spells require the correct tools to work properly
  • You need to believe in the spell you are casting
  • You must truly love the person wholly and freely

Remember, you are trying to change someone’s emotions to make them love you or see things your way. Love spells can also be cast inwards to help you improve your confidence and your social skills.


Can You Benefit from Magical Assistance?

Carefully analyze the connection you and your partner have. If you:

  • Have poor communication
  • Spend little time together
  • Lack of Commitment
  • Not finding the right partner
  • Unrequited Love
  • Have a boring sex life
  • Have been separated or divorced
  • Suffer from unfaithfulness and cheating
  • Family or unwanted third-party interference
  • Lack of love and passion

the right love spell may help you achieve a more fulfilling and committed relationship.


How to Cast Love Spells

How to Cast Successful Love Spells

In order to successfully perform heart surgery, a person must first undergo years of medical training at an appropriate institution where they will be subject to close scrutiny in order to test their proficiency in the subject along with their technical knowledge and aptitude. In other words, then, a surgeon is not someone who simply picks up a scalpel and then proceeds to make a cut onto a person.

The same way, love spells cannot simply be achieved by picking up the first spellbook you happen to stumble across and then recite in a parrot-like manner. You will need to actually understand what it is you are doing, and what are the potential consequences of casting love spells. 

Given that there are many different types of love spells, each with their own specific requirements and items that they need, make sure that you browse around and compare the different love spells to determine which of them is the most appropriate choice for you and your needs. The last thing you want to do is try and rely upon rituals that are well beyond your level of expertise, as you will be consigning yourself to failure.

Many novice spell casters will attempt to cast spells without actually making any sort of preparation for it and will instead launch straight in. The end result is not a surprising one: they fail.


How Love Spells Work

There are a lot of misconceptions and half-truths concerning love spells and magic in general. Some people claim that love magic does not work. Some warn others about the mythical dangers of using magic – the destruction of one’s family, personal life, accidental mistakes, or causing outright danger to another human being’s body or soul. None of those is true. There are many reasons why love spells work. One of the reasons is that there are two willing participants, whether they know it or not. Even though bickering and lover’s quarrels separate people, and many are even on the brink of divorce, there is still a tiny spot in their heart that is willing to reconcile. As long as there is a possibility for love, then love magic can work.

Many witches and practitioners believe that no matter how bad the fights are or how long the two of you have been separated for, love magic will give each party an overwhelming urge to unite. Benefits that come from these spells include increasing passion and desire in the relationship, more trust, better communication, and an everlasting bond.


Six Principles of Love Magic

The Six Principles of Love Magic

Love spells do often work and can be extremely effective if done the right way. There are countless people who have fallen in love and are now happy together because of spells. What is more, spells are also safe for everyone involved. The point is that magic has its own laws that are much like the laws of physics. While we are still very far from achieving a complete understanding of the spiritual world, all experienced magic practitioners know that all love spells abide by six major principles that should be considered when casting them.

Principle 1: Love Spells can’t harm

Love Magic cannot harm anyone. It means that if a love spell would cause any harm – like in case you have fallen in love with the wrong person who may harm you in the future – the spell will just fizzle. It also means that you can’t harm your loved one with spells. With love magic, you will either get positive results or no results at all.

Principle 2: They can’t trick

A common misconception is that love spells work by tricking others into loving. And that this is achieved by creating some kind of illusion of strong feelings when there are really none. The truth is that love magic works by helping to create a connection between two people’s higher selves, allowing the target of the spell to notice the depth of the other person’s feelings. This lets the target respond to those feelings in the only way possible – with true and unconditional love.

Principle 3: They can’t force

If you truly love, magic cannot fail. However, love spells cannot force anyone to love, especially if one wants to use the spell to subjugate or dominate others by forcing them to love. When there is no true feeling present, love magic can’t work – no matter how hard the spell caster may try. If this is what you want to achieve, you will need to resort to black magic love spells.

Principle 4: Love Spells unite

Love spells work by helping two people unite and make their higher selves a whole. While love magic may work when the subject of a spell already is in some romantic relationship, and especially good when they are in an unhappy relationship, but they may never destroy or harm one’s true feelings.

Principle 5: Love Spells help

Many legends and myths are based on the idea of destructive feelings brought by love spells (Tristan and Iseult are only one example). Such things can’t really happen. Love Magic brings only true love – the true and complete feeling to the right person and the right time. They do not create any problems; they solve them.

Principle 6: Love Spells change potential feelings into the reality

Love Spells that work are changing possibilities (no matter how improbable) into reality. It does not matter how the other person feels at the moment – if he or she can fall in love with you, he or she will. Of course, it also means that you can’t make a film star fall in love with you unless you know him or her or at least you met in passing.

To sum everything up: Yes, there are love spells that work, spells are both effective and safe. If the ritual is done the right way, spells may change your and your loved one’s lives into a fountain of happiness. They can’t cause any harm to anyone or anything – but this is only a good thing, isn’t it?


Getting Started

Your love life may need a bit of tweaking, or it could be possible that you are fed up with being lonely and want someone to love and to hold. Maybe you want to return a lost lover or to get rid of an unwanted third-party. The answer to your prayers could be a love spell. As you have probably already seen, we offer several free love rituals on our website. However, you need to realize that your commitment and determination are what make love spells work. Otherwise, everyone would have been casting spells to attract the person of their dreams. Some rituals work, while others may not work for varied reasons.

There are free love spells that work, although they require a bit of effort to find. So, if you are determined to improve your love life, then it is worth searching for the right ritual. Dedicate yourself to a cause, and you will succeed. Just make sure you don’t intend to harm anyone, or the Law of Threefold will come back to haunt you three times stronger. If you harbor ill feelings, then the spell will definitely not work. Love magic will work only if you have firm belief and faith, which brings the much required positive energy to make it work.


Types of Love Spells

There are several types of love spells, so you will need to choose one according to your situation. There are spells to attract a new lover, binding spells to protect a marriage from divorce or separation, spells to ignite the passion in your bedroom, fertility spells, and much more. Everything has an energy that creates vibrations that can be positive or negative. Even our thoughts and desires create energy, which is what is used to cast a successful love spell.

You can use easy rituals to get acquainted with the world of witchcraft. The more advanced spells can work wonders as long as your intentions are pure. Make sure you create a lot of positive energy to cast the spell. Also, the timing of the spell is important. Some spells must be cast on specific days. Love Magic works best when cast during the waxing phase of the moon so that it is at its peak during the full moon. Wishbonix describes in detail the entire process and the list of tools and ingredients you need to cast a successful love spell.

Our most popular love Spells:

Preparing the Ritual

Free love spells involve plenty of preparation. To begin with, make sure you are focused on your situation and the desired outcome of your spell. Keep all the ingredients and tools ready so that you don’t have any last-minute disturbances. Remember, the most important elements in a love spell are you and the person you desire. It would be prudent to remind yourself of this every day until the day of casting the spell. Visualize the results of the spell in the way you would like it to be, which will build up positive energy you require for the spell to work. Some of the ingredients you may need are herbs, candles, flowers, and other tools that will help focus positive energy on the power you are trying to invoke.

If you are new to magic, please refer to our Spell Preparation Instructions.


Timing your Love Spells

Moon Phases for Love Spells

Lunar Cycles

Choosing the Right Moon Phase for Love Spells. Different spells are most effective when cast during particular phases of the moon in order to induce the desired powerful lunar-energy of that phase. It’s not surprising that most practitioners schedule their spells according to the moon phase – the power of the night sky is almost universally recognized in occult and magical circles.

New Moon

A new moon can be perfect for affirming your own sex appeal or attraction and for blessing new romance or love. New moon love spells are about renewal and growth. It is the best time to call for new beginnings, starting a new relationship, and for casting fertility spells.

Waxing Moon

A waxing moon (as the crescent moon increases toward a full moon) is the optimum time to cast a spell that increases love, encourages greater understanding between lovers, or returns a lover to you. Use the waxing moon’s energy to increase romance, passion, affection, and happiness.

Full Moon

The full moon is known to be the most optimal and influential time to cast spells for particularly difficult love situations or when you feel that an exceptionally strong moon influence needs to be invoked. If you doubt the power of the full moon, think about “moon madness,” which refers to the increase in accidents, arguments, and emergency room visits that occurs around the world during full moons. Full moon love spells harness that chaotic energy and turn it toward your benefit! The lunar energies of a full moon also help you to turn negative energy into positive energy.

Waning Moon

The waning moon keeps away negative spirits and influences, including unwanted third-parties. This is the best time for fidelity spells and break-up spells. Waning moon love spells that are intended to bind a lover to you (if you fear they may be moving away) or spells to banish a rival are best done during a waning moon (a crescent moon decreasing toward a dark moon).


But what about the importance of the solstices and the equinoxes? They have their own meaning. The spring equinox is a good time for beginnings, love, family, home, and fertility. The summer solstice is good for wedding contracts. The autumnal equinox is good for ending things and for a good harvest. The winter solstice is to enhance familial connections with those you love. 

For additional ways to harness lunar energy for your spell work, please refer to our in-depth article about the moon.


Days of the Week

The planets govern the zodiac signs, but also the days of the week. For extra potency, you may want to pay attention to the special planetary energy of each day.

  • Monday: Moon – The celestial energies of the Moon support marriage, fertility, endings, and family.
  • Tuesday: Mars – The celestial energies of Mars support lust, passion, and beginnings.
  • Wednesday: Mercury – The celestial energies of Mercury support communication and justice.
  • Thursday: Jupiter – The celestial energies of Jupiter support the removal of problems, well-being, and control.
  • Friday: Venus – The celestial energies of Venus support all areas of love, including affection, attraction, beginnings, desire, harmony, lust, passion, relationships, romance, and unity.
  • Saturday: Saturn – The celestial energies of Saturn support endings, banishing, loyalty, and trust.
  • Sunday: Sun – The celestial energies of the Sun support stabilization of family and home.

For additional ways to harness planetary energy for your spell work, please refer to our in-depth article about the planets.


Lucky Days for Love

Some days of the year are better suited to cast love spells than others.

  • January: 1, 2, 15, 26, 27, 28
  • February: 11, 21, 25, 26
  • March: 10, 24
  • April: 6, 15, 16, 20, 28
  • May: 3, 13, 18, 31
  • June: 10, 11, 15, 22, 25
  • July: 9, 14, 15, 18
  • August: 6, 7, 10, 11, 19, 20, 25
  • September: 4, 8, 9, 17, 18, 23
  • October: 3, 7, 16, 21, 22
  • November: 5, 14, 20
  • December: 14, 15, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25


The Tools and Ingredients of Love Magic

Some tools and ingredients are better for love than others.

Crystals for Love Spells

Best Stones and Crystals for Love

Stones and Crystals can infuse your love spells with potent energies. Whenever possible, include the following minerals into your love magic, charms, and talismans. When working with pre-written spells, you can use this list to replace and substitute stones to fine-tune the ritual to your exact needs and wishes.

  • Amber – Work with Amber to attract and increase love, romance, and a marriage proposal.
  • Amethyst – Improve communication, protect, and heal from arguments. It increases harmony and improves your sex life.
  • Aquamarine – Use in Break-up Spells and to banish unwanted third parties.
  • Calcite – Calcite is very beneficial in returning a lost lover and reconciliation.
  • Citrine – Neutral energy, increases the potency and efficacy of love magic.
  • Diamond – Helps in overcoming challenges, promotes fidelity and commitment. It is especially effective in returning lost lovers.
  • Emerald – Secure love and increase loyalty.
  • Garnet – Renewal of relationships. Strengthens romantic love, and increases passion and sex drive.
  • Jade – Promotes sexual energy and long-lasting relationships. Use for unconditional love and increasing the bond between you and your lover.
  • Kunzite – Great for new beginnings, harmony in relationships, and unconditional love.
  • Moonstone – Use to return a lost lover, to attract love, and to open someone for love. Improves communication.
  • Pink Sapphire – Attracting a new love.
  • Rhodonite – Work with Rhodonite to break up a couple and banish unwanted third parties. Use to attract a marriage proposal.
  • Rose Quartz – One of the most potent love stones to attract love, romance, fidelity, reconciliation, unity, and harmony. Increases the potency in all love spells and opens the target of the spell for love.
  • Ruby – Use for regaining and returning a lost love. Increases loyalty, lust, and passion. Strengthens relationships.
  • Topaz – Promotes faithfulness and fidelity. Renews and attracts love.


Colors for Love Spells

Colors for Love

Colors are an important aspect of love magic. Whether you need to select the right candle color, altar cloth, or ink, follow this guide to infuse your love spells with the most beneficial and helpful energy.

  • Black – Use black to banish unwanted third-parties or outside influences. Black is also beneficial when your work includes control, secrets, and the removal of negativity.
  • Blue – Work with blue when you need forgiveness, promote fidelity, increase harmony, and remove obstacles.
  • Gold – Gold is a good color for attraction.
  • Green – Work with green to banish unwanted third-parties or outside influences. Use for attraction, love, marriage, and relationships.
  • Mauve – Strengthen love and sexuality.
  • Orange – Use orange for reconciliation and to return lost lovers. Orange helps getting rid of problems, improves communication, and attracts positive energy.
  • Pink – Pink is a good color for any love spell. It represents love, harmony, fidelity, passion, romance, and compassion. Use in all spells for marriage and long-lasting relationships.
  • Red – Work with red to increase desire, passion, love, loyalty, lust, and romance. Red helps in getting rid of problems, to bring truth to the surface, and to strengthen relationships.
  • White – Use white for new beginnings, fidelity, and changes. White is a good color to remove problems, promote unity, harmony, and strengthening love.


Herbs and Plants for Love Spells

Herbs, Plants, and Flowers for Love

  • Attract Love: Cedar, Catnip, Chamomile, Clover, Hibiscus, Pink Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lavender, Lily (white), Lovage, Myrtle, Palm Strawberry.
  • Attraction: Angelica, Apple, Basil, Catnip, Chamomille, Cedar, Cinnamon, Clove, Corriander, Daisy, Frankincense, Ginseng, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Lavender, Lilac, Lily, Lovage, Mistletoe, Myrtle, Palm, Patchouli, Rose, Rosemary, Strawberry, Vanilla.
  • Breaking up a Couple: Rosemary, Valerian, Elder, Slippery Elm, Myrtle, Violet, Wormwood, Comfrey, Bittersweet.
  • Commitment and Marriage: Jasmin, Gardenia, Lavender, Marjoram, Anise, Rosemary, Carnation (red, pink), Clover (red), Violet, Apple, Hawthorne, Magnolia, Olive, Mistletoe, Saffron, Vanilla.
  • Encourage Love: Peppermint, Raspberry
  • Deep Love: Carnation
  • Fidelity and Faithfulness: Basil, Clover, Coriander, Cumin, Honeysuckle, Ivy, Lavender, Marigold, Nutmeg, Rose, Vervain, Blue Violet, Yarrow.
  • Loyalty: Laurel, Rosemary, Oak.
  • Open to Love: Bergamont, Geranium, Lemon Balm, Linden, Lotus.
  • Passion and Lust: Aloe, Anise, Basil, Betony, Black Cohosh, Flax, Hibiscus, High John, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Magnolia, Orris Root, Patchouli, Primrose, Rose, Saffron, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Violet.
  • Reconcile and Returning Lost Lovers: Ambrosia, Balm of Gilead, Basil, Beans, Damiana, Eucalyptus, Filbert, Fir, Geranium, Hazel, Olive, Pine, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet gale, Valerian, Yew.
  • Removing Problems: Bay leaf, Basil, Chamomile, Lilac, Rose, Peppermint, Angelica, Carnation, Bergamot, Catnip, Dill, Gardenia, Jasmine, Ivy,  Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, Pepper.
  • Romance: Apple, Heather, Jasmine, Lavender, Orris Root, Rose (pink), Sandalwood, Valerian
  • True Love: Birch, Catnip, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Clove, Clover, Coriander, Gardenia, Ginseng, Henbane, Hibiscus, High John, Pink Hyacinth, Jasmine, Lavender, White Lily, Lovage, Mistletoe, Patchouli, Rosemary, Strawberry, Vanilla.
  • Truth: Aster, Clove, Lotus, Sage, Sandalwood.
  • Trust: Basil, Heather, Peppermint, Raspberry, Rose.
  • Unconditional Love: Alster, Bluebell, Primrose.
  • Unity: Marjoram, Ginger, Rose, Nettle


Essential Oils for Love Spells

Essential Oils for Love Spells

Oils have always had a place in spiritual and magical rituals. Anointing yourself, candles, tools, or objects with oil will have a positive effect on your love magic. These oils are believed to enhance the strength of purpose and help in achieving your wishes. You may also burn these scents as herbs or incense during the ritual.

  • Apricot Kernel – Apricot oil is a key ingredient in spells to generate love and power. It is used in love spells to promote love and passion.
  • Avocado – Avocado oil is the symbol of reproduction. The positive energy exuded by the avocado oil is known to ignite passion and building a better sexual relationship.
  • Borage – The starflower oil or the borage oil, as they are otherwise called, is known to remove negative energy hindering in the current relationship. Use it to strengthen love and bring back lost love.
  • Bergamot – Use bergamot to infuse your relationship with happiness, to remove negative energy, and to open the path to love.
  • Jasmine – Jasmin is one of the best oils for love. Use this overall oil in your magic when your wishes are related to attracting love, harmony, sexuality, sensuality, romance, passion, and happiness.
  • Jojoba – Jojoba carries the power to uplift a mind from negativity. It is used to enhance faithfulness in a relationship when it is hit by the seeds of doubt. 
  • Olive – A powerhouse for love magic. Olive carries the power needed for returning lost love, reconciliation, sexual energy, fidelity, harmony, and attracting/securing love.
  • Rose – Another powerhouse for love. Use rose for affection, attraction, devotion, fidelity, and removing negative energy.
  • Rosehip – Rosehip has always been related to love. It is always a constituent of love potions and was even used to heal the mind from the damages caused by a broken heart.
  • Sweet Almond – Used to ignite a tender relationship, besides offering a protective sheath for people in spells. 
  • Sage –  Sage ist best for removing and cleansing negative energy and to create a positive space for your magic to take place.
  • Vanilla – Vanilla is a key ingredient in spells to attract love and lust. Use in spells for marriage, passion, peace, happiness, and desire.


Are Love Spells Ethical?

Are Love Spells Ethical?

Love spells have always been in great demand. People, irrespective of their religion or spiritual belief, always sought out the powers of the universe to aid them in love matters and to improve their love life.

There is no limit to the wonders that can be created by a love spell. This is the reason why so many questions the ethics of these rituals.

The Wiccan Rede and the Three-Fold Law

Some Wiccan practitioners make use of Wiccan Love Spells; others outright refuse all forms of love magic. The reason is that Wiccans follow the Wiccan Rede and it clearly states:

An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will

It is still up to debate how this applies to love spells. That’s why it differs from coven to coven and practitioner and practitioner how love magic is performed, and what is considered acceptable practice and what not within the Wiccan path.

Typically, Wiccan witches believe in the three-fold law while performing magic. The three-fold law states that every action taken by us can return to us three-fold. With many witches and spellcasters being in possession of such huge amounts of power, it is just natural that many people question the ethics of such magical undertakings. If you are not a Wiccan, this may not apply to you, but Wiccans need to make sure that no harm is done.

Love Magic in other Magical Traditions

There are many other magical traditions, and love magic is a large part of their practices. While you may find many Wiccan rituals to improve your love life, you can also seek help in other traditions.

Every spiritual path has its own understanding of what love magic is and what it isn’t. Different paths follow different rules and guidelines, and what one path considers unethical magic can be completely ethical in a different magical belief system. Therefore it is important to distinguish the different interpretations of love magic and to be open to the diversity of spiritual paths and their followers.

On a broader scale, you can categorize love magic into white magic love spells and black magic love spells.

Black magic practitioners believe in reaching their goal and desired outcome through manipulation, interfering with free will, and even forcing the subject of their admiration to love them. White Magic, on the other hand, sticks to ethical principles that prevent the practitioner from causing harm to the will of another.

You may also find help in Voodoo, Santeria, Obeah, or different forms of Witchcraft. All of these practices offer powerful love magic, which is not Wiccan in nature, but not black magic neither.

Therefore, the best advice I can give you as a practitioner is: If you are in search of potent love spells because your need is great. Your intentions are pure, then stick to Wiccan, White magic, or folk magic rituals, such as Voodoo, Santeria, and Obeah. You will find some powerful rituals within these spiritual traditions that can assist you in solving your problems. It is best, especially for novice spell casters, to stay away from dark and black magic. Even though we offer many black magic rituals on our site, they are for educational purposes and only suited for advanced and experienced spellcasters.

Always follow the ethical guidelines of your magical tradition.

The Ethics of Black Magic Love Spells

Advocates of black magic believe that the end justifies the means. Therefore, they are more than willing in their attempts to bend the will of another and use spiritual force to get what they want. But, even small unintentional mistakes can easily backfire and can do more harm than good. Besides the dangers of black magic, forcing someone to love you or breaking someone’s free will is definitely considered unethical and should not be done.


Do Love Spells Backfire?

Can Love Spells Backfire?

Irrespective of your expertise in casting spells, every individual who has attempted magic will always be worried by thoughts of the spell backfiring. But is this really something you should be worried about?

Which Spells do Backfire?

Most love spells do not backfire. However, there are spells that can backfire if you try to control someone against their nature. Spells should not be used to control others because you cannot make them go against their nature, physically, sexually, or mentally. Once you try to control them, these spells may backfire on the person who cast them.

Lack of Experience May Cause Spells to Backfire

In rare cases, an inexperienced spell caster can cause a love spell to backfire. The internet can reveal the concoctions of many love spells, enticing novices to try love spells on their own. If ingredients are substituted, the spell might not work at all or might backfire on them. This is why hiring an experienced spell caster might be in the best interests of the person needing a good love spell. Alternatively, you can become more experienced in magic so you can cast a love spell with confidence. This Guide is a good start.

In other cases, junk magic can be used that will lead to a backfired spell. If you do a spell that combines opposing energies or incompatible energies, you will end up with a spell that has untoward consequences. If you use substituted ingredients, as mentioned, this can yield results you hadn’t expected.  

How to Prevent Spells from Backfiring

Love spells are much less likely to backfire than curses you send a potential lover’s way or other black magic spells with the intentions to cause harm. Spells that are more difficult have the potential to backfire more often than simple love spells.  

So do love spells backfire? This is a very rare event. It can involve a situation where the love spell fails to work or can involve a situation in which the spell cast on someone actually falls on someone else. If this concerns you, then it is highly recommended to hire a professional spell caster, instead of casting a spell on your own.


The Limits of Love Magic

The Limits of Love Magic

First of all, success with love magic does not rely on how spectacular the ritual looks like. Most of the magic is done in the spiritual world, and the imminent physical effects rarely show up right away.

Then, you have to understand that success with love spells is not always achieving the exact goal you set for the ritual. It is considered successful when you are happily in love, and no one involved has been hurt.

Why is that? Love magic is a lot smarter than we are, and all spells do their best to bring beneficial effects, not only to reach the set goal. Often the person you think you are in love with is not adequate for you. Even more often, you are not really in love with the person you cast the spells on. Not to mention the situation when this person is already happily in love. What success would it be if the person who fell in love with you were too quarrelsome or with these small habits that would drive you mad in six or seven months? Love spells try to reach their intended destination first, but if it is somehow not beneficial for either of you, they simply try to choose the best target they can find.


Unexpected Results with Love Magic

As a result, you may often find yourself happily in love with someone else then you have previously expected. But as long as you’re happy, it is not a problem, isn’t it?

Another important thing is to understand that success with spells is never achieved at anyone’s expense. No white magic love spell may change anyone’s personality, make heavy drinkers forget about their former habits, or cause a happy couple to split (unhappy relationships are, however, known to fall apart after the use of spells). The effects are created in a way that may never cause any long-time harm to anyone involved. That is also why the spell sometimes takes weeks or even months before the effects show up. Love spells alter reality and people’s psyche to allow true love to show up. In some cases, it means that they have to start hundreds of small changes and a series of events that would eventually lead to someone falling in love with you.


Defining Success with Love Spells

You just have to be patient – everything is going to be all right. Consider this hypothetical situation: to successfully fall in love; you have to meet a man from another state. The spell may cause him to find a good job in your city and move into your neighborhood. However, this takes several days. Then, you have to forget about the man you thought you were in love with. As the feelings are not only about souls but also about body chemistry, cleaning this mess up also takes time. Then, you have to meet each other and so on and so on. The chain of events is started at the moment of the ritual, but the success with love spells often takes awfully long. You just have to accept it and keep your eyes open for the one.


The Success Rate of Love Magic

When you are looking for love in the realm of magic, it is very important that you know success with love magic spells. No one wants a spell to be cast that has no success rate. The success of any spell depends on many factors such as the parties involved, the person who casts the spell, when the spell was cast, what type of magic the spell is and how it was cast. There are certain stipulations while casting any type of spell, which can be the single factor that determines the success rate of the love spell.


Time and Love Spells

Love spells take time. When the spell is first cast, you cannot expect the spell to work right away with a flash of light that radically changes your world and the person with whom you are in love. Love magic may take a few weeks to take effect. Practitioners usually say four weeks to 6 months for a spell to manifest. This can be forecasted due to the type of magic used. Magic that relies on the phases of the moon or cosmology takes longer because one has to find the perfect astronomical breeding grounds to cast the spell, not just when you want the spell to be cast. With a little patience, you will view first-hand success with spells.


Changing Human Nature

You cannot expect love magic to be all-powerful and change human nature. One must be open to having magic done. You cannot change one’s sexual orientation just because you are in love with that person. You also cannot expect someone who would never love you or take you back to perform these actions against their will. However, the success with love magic roots from both parties having a willingness, even if it is just a slight willingness, to attract or find each other once again.

It is important that you keep these things in mind when casting magic spells.


When Love Spells Fail

When Love Spells Do Not Work

The big question here is why love spells sometimes fail, do not work, or go wrong.

It is important to stretch on the fact that just because love spells are so popular doesn’t mean that they can’t fail. They can fail just like any kind of spell can fail. Although, fortunately for you, there are methods you can use to prevent your love spell from failing.

Always be honest with yourself. If a spell fails, ask yourself if you have really followed the instructions correctly. If not, you know why spell did not work. Rather than actually admitting their own carelessness by neglecting to verify that they could keep up with the demands of the ritual, many novice spell casters instead choose to place the blame on love spells. Because they cannot get the rituals to work, this must mean that alls love spells do not work period.

Following are seven points that will help you understand why love spells sometimes don’t work and what you can do about it:


You have the Wrong Expectations

Firstly, love spells fail based on the fact that people expect too much. Magic is indeed powerful, but it has limits. You cannot force someone that hates you to love you; these spells work by amplifying latent attraction and by eradicating blockages, obstacles, and barricades. If that attraction is not present, then it cannot be forced. Over time, barricades can be brought down, but there is only so much that magic can do. Being realistic in your spell’s ambition can prevent problems. Also, if you want a person who has never met you to fall in love with you, you are just going to be disappointed as this is unrealistic. There is required to be a connection between two, to begin with. No matter how brief you have met, it is mandatory for any love spell to work. The same applies to same-sex couples. If your loved one has a different sexual orientation, no spell will ever be able to change that.


The Will of the Universe

Magic spells are not really guaranteed, if the spell does not work, then maybe it is not meant for you, and nature and the universe have different plans in store for you.


Proper Preparation and the Right Tools

You should have the right tools if you want to perform the ritual; every spell has a set of tools to be used. Make sure the spell ist cast on the correct day or in the proper moon phase. Use correct ingredients, or if you need to substitute an ingredient, make sure that it doesn’t have an adverse effect. Another common failure is that people don’t fully prepare the spell in their rush to get it done. Love spells need to be prepared meticulously and with a precise eye for detail that accounts for everything. If you haven’t checked that everything is set up correctly and that all the objects, materials, and ingredients are in place, you cannot realistically expect your spell to work. Provided you check everything over, the spell has a good chance of success.



Also, a lack of belief is an issue. As with any other spell, you must believe completely in your power for the spell to work out. If you don’t believe, it simply will not work. If you believe that the person you are trying to entice with the spell is unattainable, then they will be. This can easily be solved, though, simply by you believing that you can get what you want.

If you have the slightest doubts in the magic and do not believe in the same, there is no point in performing the love spell.

If you have hired a spell caster, you must have faith in them and trust in the powers of nature and the universe.


Stalking or Harassing your Loved One

Obsession is a big barrier to a love spell. Once you have cast the spell, try not to dwell your mind on it too much. If you continue to fixate and obsess over your spell, then this introduces negative energies to the manifestation of the spell, which only interferes with the way that it works. If these negative energies continue to appear, the spell is doomed to fail. Meditation can solve this as it helps to cleanse and empty the mind.

You cannot stalk or harass the person you love, since it is excessively intimidating, and will have an overall adverse effect.


You got a Bad Spell or Spell Caster

The most prominent reason why love spells can fail is that the spell you have cast was never real. There are people out there who regularly and routinely scam people with their fake spells. The only way you can really avoid these fake spells is by doing lots of research and sticking with sources you know to be reliable. If you do this, your spells will be the ones that work.


You have provided the Wrong Information or Were Dishonest

If you have not provided the right information to the spell caster, then do not waste time waiting for end results as this is going to only bring disappointments. Always be honest to yourself and a spell caster. Withholding facts and accurate information are one of the main reason why love spells fail.

So, in conclusion, it is important to bear these factors in mind when considering love spells. If you think about and account for all of these factors, then your spell has the best chance of working and bringing the love into your life you are longing for. Let nature take its course and hope for the best!

7 thoughts on “Love Spells Guide – How to Cast Love Spells and Make them Work

  1. PaganMoni says:

    In the case that you cannot afford to have a spell for love professionally cast for you, or if you are just interesting in getting acquainted with spells, you may want to use these rituals. I am so glad I came across this website, everything makes sense now. I learned more about spell casting here then in all the books I’ve read combined. The first couple of spells I’ve cast didn’t work, but the more I practiced the better the results became.

    If you are going to use love spells for personal use, the results will differ due to a variety of circumstances. Magic really takes practice, experience and above all guidance. If you do not have any of these factors, then spells may be more difficult to perform. If you do have this type of knowledge and support, then you may have a greater success rate.

    One’s personal magical beliefs will also help greatly in the success of these spells. If you think they are bogus, then don’t even bother casting them. They will never work for you.

  2. Oceana says:

    I am looking to improve some areas in my love life, and I am most definitely looking for authentic love spells. Glad I looked online before buying a book. Most of these ritual are low magic versus high magic types. Low magic spells need certain materials such as candles, herbs, incense and crystals, these are not only easier to cast, but also effective. I am glad you also have deity love magic, where energy is extracted from powerful Gods and Goddesses but this type of magic is much more difficult since you must believe in these Gods and have innate knowledge of these Gods. But I also believe that it is beneficial to use them. Thanks for offering all these rituals and helping people to help themselves! Blessings!

  3. Kate4 says:

    As love spells are quite simple and are quite common as well, there are cases when love spells backfire. I’ve had this happen to me once. It was horrible. This involved adverse effects, negative situations, and the spell just simply not working; no matter the degree of backfire, you typically want to avoid it. There are several factors that can make love spells backfire, and each must be considered before attempting any love spell.

  4. Phyllis says:

    Wishbonix you are great, and have such good information on spellcasting and how to do it. Wonderful site with lots of good information on how to cast a spell for love. Thank you!

  5. Baygirl says:

    Thank you, Wishbonix for sharing so many love spells from your book of shadows. I’ve been trying to reunite with my lover for over a year and have tried so many spells (and spell casters), nothing quite worked like the two spells I’ve cast from your site. I am really impressed and forever grateful. Thank you for sharing so much information on all the topics you cover, I have subscribed to your site and can’t wait for new articles and spells to get posted.

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