Magical Properties of Incense

A peep into the historical documents, including the Bible, speak of incense used for various rituals. Incense, being related to the element Air, hold a pivotal role in spell casting. It is employed to drive away evil spirits and to bring in luck and positive energy. Spiritual practitioners make use of the incense to cleanse the surroundings, making it ready for the rituals. Typically, the magical practices begin with the lighting of incense and ends with it burning out. It is also used to purify the articles like clothing with the right aroma suited to the needs of the spell seeker.

Incense, with its fragrance, can create the proper tone and mood for a spiritual activity and can be of various types.

Natural Incense

One variety is the natural incenses that are made from wood chips, herbs, resins, and other natural ingredients. These natural incenses can be granular resin incenses, which are placed on a charcoal disc and burnt, or smudge stick, typically made of dried herbs made to slowly burn from the top-most tip.

Compounded Incense Sticks

Compounded incense sticks, on the other hand, are made of wood flour mixed with aromatic ingredients like herbs, oil, etc. These sticks can be joss sticks and self-lighting powders. Joss sticks are generally used in shorter duration Witchcraft and Pagan rituals to energize the air with the positive elements.

Incense Powders

The self-lighting incense powders, on the other hand, are popular in Hoodoo. With the inclusion of the required ingredients, these are mixed with the wood flour to form corn-shaped incenses.

Special Purpose Incenses

There are also special purpose incenses made with the inclusion of the proper ingredients as demanded by the spells that are to be cast. These vary with the religious practices of the magical practitioners and the need of the spell seeker.

Each incense has a unique fragrance that assists in drawing greater energy towards the magical work to be performed. Some of the fragrances and their properties are mentioned below:

Magical Properties of Incense for your Rituals and Spells


The aromas exuded by blueberry have immense potential to drive away negativity from the air, bringing in positive energy to the surroundings.


The sweet smell of carnations have the strength to heal any kind of wound or damage.


Cherry has the strength to lure your partner towards you instigating a loving and passionate relationship.


Cinnamon fragrance can spread the energy that works to improve the psychic skills of the practitioner. It is also a solution for wealth spells.


Apply this to improve mental clarity and alertness by triggering positive energy within the immediate environment.


Gardenia-perfumed incense is used to cast spells meant to heal a fragmented relationship. Gardenia radiates energy that can bring in amicable solutions and harmony.


Jasmine is considered the fragrance of love and luck.


These incense sticks can create an environment ideal for love and fertility spells. It has the strength to carry the mind to better heights.


Used for centuries, myrrh can heal and calm a distressed mind. It is also included in self-love rituals.


Pine incense is burnt to wipe out the negativity looming in the air, stimulating optimistic and positive air. It is also capable of turning the negative spells into positive.


Rose is always connoted to love; hence its use in love magic.


The strong fragrance of sandalwood enjoys protective properties, and is considered a scent to heal and ward off malevolence acts.


Vanilla incenses are burnt to stimulate passion, bringing in closeness in the relationship. It has been used to enhance memory and can take the mind to the heavenly bliss of peace and tranquil.

In short, with the inclusion of the right incense in a magical ritual, we can be assured of creating the right environment for making it succeed.


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