Introduction to Santeria – What is Santeria?

There are many branches of magic used nowadays that have sprung from ancient magic practices like Wicca, Voodoo, Kabbalah, and Santeria.  Santeria is a religion of the Caribbean and West Africa.  It can also be referred to as Regla de Ocha or Lukumi.  It was the Spanish who gave this religion its name and it functioned as a way to identify the African religion.  When the African slaves were brought to Cuba, these people continued to use their religion to get them through their pain and suffering.  It was then that Santeria was also called Lucumi because the slaves departed from a port named Lucumi.  There are many different accounts as to Santeria being a branch of Voodoo.  Just like any other Neopagan religion or folk magic, it is magic deemed to be connected with the divine and has very potent magic.  Santerian priests who have been taught with the old ways call upon messengers of the gods to fulfill what was wished for be it wealth, luck, protection and the ever longed for which is love.

Far from being what is regarded as black magic, every kind of magic is actually white magic and good magic.  It only depends on the intent of the spell caster that makes magic good or bad. Santeria has spells for prosperity, love, curse removal, binding, and banishing.  Spells that are considered the noblest are love spells.

For those who aren’t familiar with Santeria, you should know this is a folk practice that includes the worship and reverence of many deities.  In this spiritual following, practitioners use rituals and spells to not only get what they want from life but also to show honor and gratitude to those who they believe to be in control of the universe.  While these higher deities may not choose to change the way the world works for the Santeria practitioner, making sure to honor and to please them helps a person have better luck in their lives.  With so many different practitioners of Santeria, there are just as many rituals and ways in which to celebrate this practice.

What is Santeria?

Santeria is a magical tradition that was practiced by African slaves which were brought to South America. The rituals and practices of Santeria are a combination of African, Native Indian, and Roman Catholic traditions. The slaves used Santerian spells to help them through the troubles that sadly seemed to plague them ever so often. It has its origins in Yoruba, Africa, and is commonly practiced in the Caribbean today. It is said to be very powerful which is why many people turn to Santeria for help.

Santeria spells can be cast for love, wealth, healing, protection and areas of personal development that you may desire. Cast by priests who have been recipients of spells passed down through generations. Every ritual is unique which is why priests play an important role in any spell casting. With the help of the divine, they have the power to dominate a person’s thoughts and actions.

Much of Santerian beliefs are derived from voodoo. Since Spanish authorities did not allow Santeria, Voodoo and other similar practices to flourish in South America, many continued to do so in secrecy, often disguising their rituals in various forms. On the surface, Santeria features plenty of Roman Catholic beliefs where saints are revered and are a medium through which God can be approached. Santeria spells involve invoking the power and protection of several Orishas or saints in order to cast long-lasting and effective spells. These spells are powerful and are to be taken seriously. They have the ability to create a dramatic and positive change especially for those who cast love spells.

The Santeria Religion and its History

Santeria is a system of beliefs, rituals, and practices that were common among African slaves who used it to bring relief to their problems. It is popularly known as Lucumi in Cuba where traditions are maintained by Lucumi priests and priestesses who were slaves during the end of the 18th and early 19th centuries. Slaves grouped together to form secret societies to practice their traditional religious beliefs, targeting people who were often converted to Catholicism under duress. Their gods or Orisha were referred to by the Spanish word, Santos, which is why many outsiders called their religion Santeria, meaning The Way of the Saints.

The Practice of the Santeria Religion

The practice of Santeria includes the casting of Santeria spells. Prior to 1886, Santeria was practiced in Cuba in secrecy. Their practices were not recognized by the authorities, passing several legislations to limit the frequency of religious rites on the plantations, which were disguised as ‘drum dances’. The Lucumi were civilized people who took deep pride in their history and culture.

The Followers of the Santeria Religion

Followers of the faith need to have deep knowledge about the rites and follow a strict regimen. There are different stages of initiation that involve various rituals. However, you do not need to become initiated into Santeria in order to benefit from it. Santeria spells are available to everyone outside of the religion. The principle behind Santeria magic is that it is based on knowledge of the Spirits who can be invoked to better peoples’ lives.

Casting Santeria Spells

Santeria is a powerful form of Magic and can be performed to get the desired results related to love, power, money, etc. Nowadays, many people in the United States, South America, and the Caribbean have become devotees of Santeria spells, in order to bring in love, prosperity and wellness to their lives. The results of these spells are fast and more effective than any other magic spell.

These Santeria spells are performed either by you or by priests who call upon the Orishas to grant one’s wish. Each ritual performed is unique in its own way and designed for a specific wish or request, like love, power, wealth, property, etc. Thus, if you are in need of urgent relief from pain and despair you can turn to Santeria spells to make your life turn into a peaceful one. However, there is a dark side to Santeria, which should be taken into consideration before performing the rituals.

Typically, the rituals used in casting the Santeria spells vary with the needs of the spell seekers. With answers ready for every problem faced by the followers, the practitioners perform the ritual by trying to appeal to their ancestors and Gods, called the Orishas. These priests possess immense knowledge of the ritual and ceremonies to be performed and the words to be recited from the teachings transferred from their ancestors through the word of mouth. Acting as the intermediary between the supreme power and the spell seekers, these Santeria priests strive to make the ritual a success through animal sacrifices and other acts. The animal sacrifices, known as the Ebo, also differ with the outcome expected by the spell seeker.

The Role of Santeria Priests

Santeria priests are the ones who perform this form of magic; they are believed to call on the messengers of the all-mighty to get their help. Every ritual involved in Santeria is known to be unique and is formed making use of a wish or a request. This cannot be replicated. These secrets of Santeria spells have been passed down from one generation to another for centuries and were originally brought about from the Yoruba regions of Africa. These rituals are honored and conducted in awe by all those individuals who have witnessed amazingly effects from the spells.

The Santeria priests make use of candles in their rituals similar to the Catholic Church in their prayers and offerings. The candles hold significant power in the rituals with the position and movement of the flame closely observed to identify the probability of the performance succeeding. The candles are deemed to force their way into the spiritual world from the physical world, creating immense power to the magic performed. Thus, the candles, according to the Santeria belief, can lure the energy towards the priest and the request put forward by him to the supreme power.

A primary part of the Santeria spells is the practice of spiritual bathing and cleansing which is an ancient practice of performing rituals. People from ancient times had a firm belief that the bathing rituals would bring prosperity, love, luck, and happiness to them. Besides, bathing with magical scented products can help in relieving oneself from negativity and despair as followed by the ancient people. The Santeria magic spells also follow these principles.

The Powers of Santerian Spells

The magical supremacy possessed by Santeria spells has also held the people in awe. It is considered to offer lightning results in a few instances, depending on the uniqueness of the problem faced by the spell seeker. Through the assistance of the Santeria priests, the Gods blessings are demanded to ensure the granting of the spell seekers’ wishes. The Santeria spells may take advantage of its powers to bend the mind, body, and soul of the target, forcing it to move in the desired manner expected by the spell seeker. There have been many instances where its love spells have succeeded to enter into the soul of the target, making him respond in the desired manner.

However, this willful manipulation of the mind, body, and soul has not met the appreciation of the white witches who perform their rituals according to the three-fold law. With the Santeria spells manipulating the targeted individual through the adoption of the spirits, it has to be performed with great care and caution to prevent it from backfiring. A wrong step taken by the spell caster can cause the spells to rebound at the spellcaster as well as the spell seeker.

The Santeria spells hold the immense capacity to create a long binding outcome. This is one of the reasons why the Santeria practitioners demand the spell seekers to make sure of the need for the spell before performing the ritual. For example, an effort to win the love of another has to be attempted after ensuring one’s feelings for him. A feeling of lust or infatuation should never be mistaken for true love. So, to conclude, believe in your feelings to make the Santeria spells work for you.

Santeria Love Spells

Santeria love spells invoke Oshun the Orisha of love, maternity, and marriage. For Santerians, Oshun is considered the “unseen mother present at every gathering”, and is believed to be omnipresent and omnipotent. Oshun represents the force of harmony which manifests as beauty, love, and ecstasy.

Santeria love spells can be customized to suit individual needs. They are popular since they produce fast results as they have great powers to counteract negative forces. These spells harness strong positive forces that create greater spiritual energy needed to secure your love life. These spells can be used to eliminate any negativity in a relationship, bring back a loved one, heal a broken marriage, and even ensure eternal love. Santeria love spells can destroy any infidelity in your relationship and has the power to make your partner more physically attracted to you.

Orisha and Saints in the Santeria Religion

Santeria involves interaction between the universe and humankind through intermediaries called the Orisha or saints. They are described as divine forces with human characteristics. Much of Santeria religious beliefs have been identified with popular Catholic Saints, where both religions believed in the miraculous powers of the Saints and venerated them. Africans had a greater number of Saints compared to Cuba. From a religion initially dismissed as pure witchcraft and sheer entertainment for slaves, Santeria became increasingly popular among Cubans, African-Americans, and Latin-Americans. The Santeria religion is used as a support system and mechanism for dealing with stress by many.

When the people of Yoruba were brought to the Caribbean as slaves, they were forced to convert to Roman Catholicism. The followers of Santeria, in order to preserve their ancient traditions and magic, continued to worship their deities, called Orisha, by melding them with the many saints in their new religion.

The Orisha are spiritual emissaries; they are the bridge between this world and the source of all spiritual energy, Olorun. Olorun (sometimes called Olodumare) is the foundation of all things, the being from which the energy for all life and all things material is manifested.

Calling Upon the Orisha

There is a myriad of Orisha, each providing their guidance, power, and wisdom to the practitioners of Santeria magic. Each Orisha rules over a different aspect of humanity and has his or her own personality, likes, dislikes, and rituals that must be performed to gain favor for the priest wishing to call upon the Orisha’s powers. Communication between the Orishas and humankind must be initiated through the proper rituals, prayers, divination, and offerings. Care must be taken not to offend or disrespect the Orisha, as their power to cause harm or even death to the frivolous and disrespectful is just as great as their power to bless and reward those who follow faithfully.

Even though there is a myriad of Orishas, there are some Orishas that are most often considered to be the main ‘deities’, those who are most often called upon to assist the practitioners of Santeria. A few of these Orishas are listed below, along with the aspect they rule.


Obatala is the father of the Orisha and humanity. He is also the creator if this world and is the source of wisdom, purity, compassion, and morality.


Elegba is the guardian of all doorways, in this world and in the spirit realm. He is always the first to be sought for a favor, and the last spirit to leave any gathering, as he rules both going and coming.


Ogun is the guardian of war, iron, and labor. He is the embodiment of both creativity and violence, and he clears the pathways that Elegba opens.


Ochosi is the guardian of all warriors and is the spirit of the hunter, and the scout. He provides direction and helps to guide the laws of society.


Chango rules the storms, lightning, and thunder. Yet another warrior orisha, he is well known for his virility and the ability to attract female lovers. This orisha also helps those who struggle with daily life.


Oya is the guardian over the dead and the gates of the cemeteries. She also rules winds and whirlwinds and is a fierce warrior. When one wishes to speak with those who have passed away, Oya must be consulted.


Oshun is the embodiment of love, beauty, and fertility. When a woman seeks a life partner, it is Oshun that grants her powers to the love charm. Culture, art, and music are also hers. Santeria spells cast for love, fertility, and marriage, invoke Oshun, an Orisha that symbolizes river waters, love, and marriage. Oshun is associated with joy and pleasure.

There are many other Orisha, each granting a portion of their power to those who call upon them for guidance in life, love, wealth, and wisdom. Knowing how to call upon these Orisha and how to effectively appease their varying natures is what makes a practitioner of Santeria magic so powerful. Without the knowledge of the deities these Orisha and what it takes to call upon them, the magic of Santeria will not work. The practitioners of Santeria are intensively trained in these secret rites and know how best to consult each Orisha during the spell casting to ensure that the person seeking favor will have the best outcome. They also know how to protect those who might be under the influence of dark powers or evil wishes brought about by others who wish to cause them harm. The ‘deities’ of Santeria magic are the link between this world and the spiritual realm and must be venerated for the powers they share with those who know their secrets. Only a true practitioner of Santeria can hope to attain the powers and magic the Orishas offer.

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