For those who aren’t familiar with Santeria, you should know this is a folk practice which includes the worship and reverence many deities.  In this spiritual following, practitioners use rituals and spells to not only get what they want from life, but also to show honor and gratitude to those who they believe to be in control of the universe.  While these higher deities may not choose to change the way the world works for the Santeria practitioner, making sure to honor and to please them helps a person have better luck in their lives.  With so many different practitioners of Santeria, there are just as many rituals and ways in which to celebrate this practice.

What is Santeria?

Santeria is a magical tradition that was practiced by African slaves which were brought to South America. The rituals and practices of Santeria are a combination of African, Native Indian, and Roman Catholic traditions. The slaves used Santerian spells to help them through their troubles that sadly seemed to plague them ever so often. It has its origins in Yoriba, Africa, and is commonly practiced in the Caribbean today. They are said to be very powerful which is why many people turn to them for help.

Santerian spells can be cast for love, wealth, healing, protection and areas of personal development that you may desire. Cast by Santerian priests who have been recipients of spells passed down through generations. Every ritual is unique which is why priests play an important role in any spell casting and have the power to dominate a person’s thoughts and actions.

Understanding Santeria

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