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White Magic Spell to Undo a Relationship

Spell to Undo a Relationship

Most magic you’ll see practiced falls under the realm of white magic. This includes magic that focuses on the moon, on the time of year and on nature. White magic practitioners are keen to practice spells of love, healing and self-improvement. White magic spells are designed to hurt no one in the process of doing […]

Black Magic vs. White Magic

Anything to do with the supernatural is always the target of questions, doubts, and fears that are often just myths. Rather than simply believe what you read, it is advisable to understand the basics of magic in order to remove any confusion. Magic can be good or evil, depending on the intentions of the person […]

White Witches and Spell Casters

Magic can be used for the benefit of all, a tradition which has been followed for centuries. While most white witches will tell you that magic has no color, we have both black magic and white magic at our disposal today. White magic is pure, benevolent magic that works on positive energies that are generated […]

White Magic True Love Spell

This spell will enable you to attract true love using the divine guidance of white magic. As you begin to utilize the powerful energies of this True Love Spell to find your perfect love, ask yourself what 3 characteristics you most value in a mate.  Kindness?  Passion?  Generosity? As you do this, remember that white […]

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