How to Develop Psychic Abilities

Everyone is born with some psychic ability—abilities you can learn to build, develop and nurture.  While it’s true that some people are born with more psychic abilities than some, everyone has a bit of the power at least and can use it in a positive and reassuring way.  The trick is knowing how to extend and develop your psychic abilities to their maximum.  You need a positive attitude when working on your powers and you need to have a belief in yourself.   You need a good imagination and you need to learn how to relax and let your abilities shine through.

The easiest way to develop psychic ability and to sharpen your skills is to get in touch with your own intuition.  Everyone has intuition or a belief about something that they just know without having been told the information.  When you recognize something as being intuitive, go with it.  If your intuition is telling you something, try to find out if it is truth or not.  More often than not, your intuition will be correct and then it becomes a psychic ability.  Many true psychics have a strong intuitive sense and can know things without actually being told them.   Sharpen your intuition by paying attention to it and acting on it.  You will usually not be disappointed.

Believing in Your Psychic Powers

Your state of mind is important when developing and enhancing your psychic skills.  You need to have a great attitude and believe in your abilities if you want them to be stronger.  Your enthusiasm over your powers will make them stronger automatically.  If you are skeptical of your abilities, you won’t act on them and others won’t believe in you either.  Some psychics suggest reading uplifting materials and literature in order to strengthen your resolve and your powers.  Make use of affirmations and spells that will make your powers grow stronger.

You can’t maximize your psychic abilities unless you learn to relax.  Relaxation makes your state of consciousness more open.  You will draw in more psychic energy when you are completely relaxed and able to take in what the universe has to offer.  Tension forces psychic energy away from you.  Try sitting in a comfortable chair and breathing deeply, taking on the energy from around you.  Be conscious of your whole body as you use your mind to draw in psychic powers.  Find out where the center of your being is and focus on that area.  Your center is where your psychic energy comes from.

The Power of Imagination

Use your imagination in order to draw out your psychic powers.  You can see the greatest possibilities when you have your imagination wide open.  If you close your imagination, instincts fail to take place and you need your psychic instincts in order to maximize your power.  You can get great psychic insights when you are using your imagination and opening yourself up to the possibilities life has to bring you.

Trust that your psychic powers represent true soul abilities.  This is where your confidence comes from in using your psychic powers.  If you trust in your powers, they will come back to you many fold.

Try to practice your psychic ability using a set of cards that have circles, squares, stars and other shapes on them.  Practice with the cards, using your psychic energy to divine what’s on the other side of the card.  Have a pile for those you got right and a pile for those you got wrong.  Over time and practice, you will learn to become in tune with your natural psychic instincts and you will have more cards in your “correct” pile than you will have in your “incorrect” pile.


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