Witchcraft is not only the process of practicing magical spells. For many practitioners of magic, witchcraft is more than a hobby; it is a religion and a way of life that they devote their entire lives too.

The term usually used to describe it as a religion is Wicca, the old English name for a witch.

It is believed by many that the characteristics required by a witch are inherent at birth, which is one of the major factors that make it different from sorcery.

Witchcraft Basics

Despite, its negative connotations due to the portrayal of witches in films as evil old women, Wicca is actually a religion like many others in that it sees all of Creation as sacred and does not seek to destroy any living creature. Those who follow Wicca worship both a female and male God who are said to have created the world together. In fact, the only thing that really causes Wicca to be massively different to other religions is the belief in magic.

Misconceptions about Witchcraft

Witchcraft is often automatically linked to black magic, although in reality, it is not entirely either of them and can vary between the two. Wicca represents Mother Nature and thus neither the religion, nor the people who practice it are entirely positive or entirely negative in terms of their practice.

Spells, rituals and prayers are a huge part of Wiccan life as they are used to ask for divine intervention, which is provided by way of celestial energies. All spells cast must adhere to the Wiccan Rede, which is similar to the Christian Bible and serves as a “rule book” for the Wiccan faith, forbidding spells that can cause harm to others. The book states that any negative spells used on someone by a witch will affect them back threefold, in a concept similar to that of karma in the Buddhist faith.

Witchcraft Spells for the Greater Good

Most people now believe that witches cast their spells for good purposes such as love and wealth as opposed to causing harm to others, as the myths would suggest. Wicca is a religion based around fertility and thus worship is often swayed towards their female deity as a result of this. The religion as a whole is organized around the natural seasons that are integral to the way in which the farming industry works.

In order to correctly channel the energies that are required for witchcraft rituals, you must understand all of the principles discussed on the rest of this website as these are fundamentally important to spell work. This is very important as the entirety of magic relies on taking energies from celestial bodies such as the moon and so it is essential to know how to channel these energies.

Learning Witchcraft

The absolute best way to learn witchcraft (provided you are serious about the belief system) is to join a coven, a small group of witches that meet to practice spells and discuss beliefs. These covens are often associated with dark activity, but they are really the same as any religious group. From the experience of these people, you can effectively learn the art of the Wiccan.

In conclusion, witchcraft is a powerful art and a religion that should be treated very seriously. If you are sure that you are able to devote yourself to the practising of Wicca, then it is worthwhile immersing yourself in some literature and internet content in order to fully understand what the belief system and religion is all about before you begin to practice Wicca as a faith.

Wicca, like any other faith, can be rewarding and refreshing, giving you direction in your life. However, it involves a lot of work and devotion that some people just don’t have, so make sure you are cut out for all of the work.

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