Mental Condition in Spell Casting

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Using the power of belief in order to power magical practices is an idea that dates back hundreds of years. Ever since magic was first practiced, the concept of belief being required has been an essential element of magical spell work and it continues to be equally important in the kind of magic that is performed by spell casters in modern times.

Basically, in order for any spell to work, it requires a level of belief behind it. If you don’t think that what you are doing is going to work, how on earth do you imagine it is ever going to work? If you doubt yourself, then you are not channelling all of your positive energies correctly and also bringing negative energies in that inhibit your power and make what you are doing less likely to turn out successfully.

The Main Factor when Spells Fail

Not fully believing in what they are doing is one of the most dominant factors in why less experienced practitioners of magic complain of spells not working. They think that simply uttering the incantation and preparing the equipment is enough to make the forces of the universe do their bidding. This is very misguided indeed as these forces will only work if you honestly believe that what you are doing is going to work and that you are thinking about the spell and not what you ate for dinner yesterday evening.

Plus, it is of utmost importance that the state of mind you are in at the time of spell casting is synchronized with the kind of spell you are trying to do. If your state of mind does not match up with the spell, then you cannot expect it to work particularly well or even to work at all in most cases.

For example, if you wish to cast a spell to make someone fall in love, then your mind must be full of exactly the kind of love that you wish the subject of the spell to feel, with no other thoughts dwelling in your mind. You are going to be projecting these emotions out into the universe in order to make your spell work, so it is essential that your feelings are strong and focused entirely on what you are looking to achieve by performing the love spell and who you are performing it on.

The Power of the Mind

Also, if you are attempting to perform a black magic curse on someone, your mind must be full of hatred and malice towards the particular person; otherwise the curse will not work with the potency that you will be looking for. It is impossible to channel the power of black magic if you are thinking about fluffy teddy bears and sheep frolicking in fields. Your mind must match exactly the state which you are trying to convey through the use of the spell. Black magic particularly requires a certain state of mind and way of thinking before it can work correctly.

To summarise, it is important that before you even begin to cast a spell, you ensure that your state of mind matches the mood of what you are trying to achieve. Also, you have to believe with all of your heart that what you are about to do is going to end up being successful and not focus on things that are unrelated to the spell in progress.

If your mind does not comply with either of these conditions, then it is very likely that your spell will end up not working. Your mind is the most important tool you have and you must use it in the correct way to fully harness its powers for magic.


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