How to Prepare For a Spell

Preparations for a Spell

How to Properly Prepare for Spells and Rituals

Unless a spell is prepared properly, there is absolutely no way that it is going to turn out in the way that you expect or even work at all. Meticulous preparation and exact adherence to instructions are of paramount importance to making your spells and rituals work as well as they possibly can.

In our previous articles, we have covered a number of timing and material-based requirements that can affect the potency and success rate of your spell casting. All of these factors are important and now we can put them all together in order to provide a fairly comprehensive and general method for how to prepare a spell.

Roughly, we can split preparation for a spell into 5 steps:

  • Schedule which time period is best for the type of spell.
  • Choosing and preparing the ritual location and space.
  • Plan and obtain the materials needed and the incantation required (if necessary).
  • Set up the materials as planned.
  • Prepare yourself for the ritual.


Scheduling Your Spell

This first step relates to the timing of your spell, and the connection between the time and date at which you cast the spell and the effectiveness of the ritual. By scheduling your spell correctly, you can harness extra energy and potency from the lunar cycles, planets, sun signs, moon signs, days of the week, the months, among others.

It is, of course, possible that you may have missed the best window for the spell and may either have to make the best of the time you have available or wait a very long time before you can perform the spell at its most potent and powerful time. This is yet another reason why pre-planning is an integral part of performing the best magic.

For example, if you want to perform a spell in order to find employment, it would be best to schedule it for a Thursday in late March or early April (Aries sign) when the Waxing Moon (associated with gain) is present in the sky.

Please refer to the following articles for scheduling your spells:


Choosing the Ritual Location

The magic space where the ritual is held should be carefully selected. A lot can depend on the location, including the success of the ritual. The place should have a certain calm. It is important that one is undisturbed for the duration of spell casting. Nevertheless, you should consider in advance how you would deal with any interruptions.

Ideally, the ritual should take place outdoors, in a natural, quiet and near-earth environment, preferably in forests, meadows, and fields, near trees and water if possible, and you should be able to make a fire there. Even if it is certainly the most beautiful location, it is not always possible to hold rituals outdoors. If the temperature or weather is unfavorable or there is not a sufficiently quiet, suitable place nearby, you can of course also hold a ritual inside of your home. You should have enough space to cast the circle.


Cleansing the Magical Space

Before you cast any spell you need to clean the magical space of negative energies and vibrations. I would like to give you a couple of examples of how this can be done. It is very easy and quick to do.

Option 1 – Cleansing Ritual

You need:

  • Rock salt
  • Sea salt
  • 4 white fabric bags

Mix the rock salt with the sea salt and put it in the cloth bags. Place them in the four corners of the room you want to clean and speak these words:

I’m cleansing this place
and command all negative forces
to leave this space
So mote it be

While speaking the words make sure you are also visualizing how the negative vibrations and energies are leaving the magical space. Optionally, you can still smudge the room with some sage.

Option 2 – Smudging

You need: Smudge Stick (Sage, Francinsince, Cedar or Sweetgrass are best suited)

Light the smudge stick until it burns, then blow it out. The smudge stick will continue to smoke and that’s exactly what you want. Start in the East and walk the entire space in a clockwise fashion. Make sure the entire space is smudged. While smudging, visualize how the negative energies and vibrations are leaving the space.

Option 3 – Sweeping

You need: Broom or Besom (dedicated for magical purposes, please do not use the broom you use for cleaning your home)

Start in the East and sweep the entire space in a clockwise fashion, symbolically also clean the air by lifting the broom as high as you can. While sweeping, visualize how the negative energies and vibrations are leaving the space.

Option 4 – Salt

You need: Bowl of Sea Salt

Start in the East and sprinkle it around your magical space. As with the other options, make sure to visualize how the negative energies and vibrations are leaving the space.

Most witches clean their magical space at least once a month, regardless of whether they work magically, pray, or meditate there. You should also clean the room before an Esbat or Sabbath and before stepping into a magic circle.


Obtaining the Best Materials

It is essential that you know what materials are needed for your use in the spell. Various candles, oils, and herbs may be required in order for the spell to work effectively and using the wrong material can be disastrous for the progress of your spell. Each ingredient holds specific energy and power, that works towards the goal of the spell. While advanced practitioners possess the knowledge to substitute ingredients and materials, it is not recommended for beginners.

To use the same example as earlier, your employment spell could require a copper-colored candle and perhaps the herb Lady’s Mantle as it encourages change in life.

Please refer to the following How-to Guides for obtaining and preparing the materials for your spells:


Setting up the materials

There may be a specific way that the materials need to be set out in order for the spell to work. For example, candles may need to be anointed with a special oil, and need to be placed in a certain formation in order to radiate their energy correctly. Herbs may need to be burnt or consumed in a certain way in order to harness the full potency of the herb. Crystals and Tools need to be cleansed and charged. All of these steps can be done during the planning and preparation stages. This way, when the time for the actual spell arrives, you and all your materials are ready for the task.

In conclusion, there are many factors to think about when you are preparing your spells and all of them are important to help the spell to work. It is very unlikely that your spell will work if you do not prepare properly and rush this process. Take your time and prepare all materials and ingredients with love. Don’t forget, by putting effort and love into this process you are already attracting positive energy towards your spell work.

All in all, to properly prepare your materials and ingredients is an important step in making your magic work.


Selecting your Clothing for your Ritual

During the planning and preparation stage, think about whether and if so which clothes you will wear. These should be clean and freshly washed. Keep in mind that you may have to stay in an unusual position during the ritual for a long time. The clothing should correspond to the weather conditions. It will be of no use if you absolutely want to do your ritual naked in the rain and cold, and you cannot concentrate or relax because you have to tremble from the cold.

You can also choose the colors of the robes corresponding to the purpose of the ritual. Avoid synthetic material if possible. Make yourself beautiful, enjoy this preparation!


Purify Self

For best cleansing and purifying I recommend a purifying and cleansing bath. Add a cotton or muslin bag filled with some sea salt, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, lavender, rose petals, hops, and calendula to your bath and soak in it for at least 20 minutes.


Your State of Mind

You should also attune yourself to the ritual because YOU play the main role in it. At this point, it is important to mention that you should not hold rituals, cast spells, or do magical work if you are:

  • emotionally agitated or unstable (through grief or anger e.g.)
  • feel sick or unwell
  • feel like you shouldn’t do it (always follow your intuition!)

Some witches and spell casters fast before a ritual. The intention behind this is that you can also cleanse yourself internally and work as ‘freely’ as possible. Alcohol or drugs should be strictly avoided at least 12 hours before rituals. You should have a clear mind and be at the absolute peak of your strength. Therefore, rest beforehand.


Preparing Yourself

Take at least 30 minutes to prepare yourself mentally. Look inward, focus on yourself and focus on what you are about to do. Be clear about what you want and how you want it to work. Above all, free yourself from everything that hinders and bothers you. Purify yourself internally – e.g. by imagining how all anger, all stress, and all negative influences flow out of you and make room for a white flame that burns brightly within you.

If you feel good and strong, calm and relaxed, then this is the right time to start your ritual.


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