How to Prepare For a Spell

Preparations for a Spell

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Unless a spell is prepared properly, there is absolutely no way that it is going to turn out in the way that you expected or even work at all. Meticulous preparation and exact adherence to instructions are of paramount importance to making your spells and rituals work as well as they possibly can.

In our previous articles, we have covered a number of timing and material-based stipulations that can affect the potency and success rate of your spell casting. All of these factors are important and now we can put them all together in order to come up with a fairly definitive and generic method for how to prepare a spell.

Roughly, we can split preparation for a spell into 3 steps:

  • Schedule which time period is best for the type of spell.
  • Plan and obtain the materials needed and the incantation required (if necessary).
  • Set up the materials as planned.

Scheduling Your Spell

This first point relates to what we have said in previous articles regarding the connection between the time and date at which you do the spell and the effectiveness of the final incantation. You must take into account the months, days of the week and the various lunar phases when deciding when you want to perform the actual spell.

It is of course possible that you may have missed the correct window for the spell and may either have to make the best of the time you can easily get to or wait a very long time before you can perform the spell at its most potent and powerful time. This is yet another reason why pre-planning is an integral part of performing the best magic.

For example, if you want to perform a spell in order to find employment, it would be best to attempt to schedule it for a Thursday in late March or early April (Aries sign) when the Waxing Moon (associated with gain) is present in the sky.

Obtaining the Best Materials

It is essential that you know what materials are needed for your use in the spell. Various candles, oils and herbs may be required in order for the spell to work effectively and using the wrong material can be disastrous for the progress of your spell.

To use the same example as earlier, your employment spell could require a copper coloured candle and perhaps the herb Lady’s Mantle as it encourages change in life.

Setting up the materials

There may be a specific way that the materials need to be set out in order for the spell to work. For example, candles may need to be left in a certain formation in order to radiate their scents into the correct position to aid the spell’s power in the strongest way possible and herbs may need to be burnt or consumed in a certain way in order for them to work correctly.

In conclusion, there are many factors to think about when you are preparing your spells and all of them are inherent within any working spell. It is very unlikely that your spell will work if you have made any errors in the preparation of the various materials and objects involved.

Picking the correct timeframe can also be a great help to spell potency as the energies drawn from the universe can be stronger for certain spells at certain times and harnessing these is the real secret to getting the most out of your magick.

All in all, if your spell has been correctly set up as per the instructions of someone with a high level of expertise in the field, then your spell is almost certain to work perfectly.


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