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I would like to enable you to work magically independently and not just perform rituals according to instructions. Only those who can do so can actually call themselves a real witch. The good news is that developing your own rituals or spells is not as difficult as it might seem for a beginner. All you need is solid basic knowledge, creativity, and good intuition.

The basic knowledge is available to you on this website, and you find many articles to deepen it. Training your intuition on the magical path happens all by itself, especially through regular meditation. You are only asked to stimulate your creativity, which usually grows with regular use. So if you practice your magical work regularly, you will soon have sufficient potential to start writing and creating your own rituals. I’ll walk you through this process step-by-step so that you can create and write your own spells in no time.


Step 1 – The Basic Process

Of course, to develop your own ritual or spell, you first need an idea, which you should work out in as much detail as possible. Use your grimoire to describe the purpose of the magic as precisely as possible, and use it to work out the desired outcome. Please think of this phase as a brainstorming session that you use to figure out the best possible way to implement it, determine the best possible time for the magical work to take place, and decide on the resources needed.

Observe the principle “less is more” and plan only as much effort as is absolutely necessary. For beginners, making everything a little more complicated and elaborate is advisable if it helps to believe in the effect to strengthen the magic. Above all, one thing applies: The simpler the magic, the more effective. Remember that all magical tools are basically only symbolic in nature and are intended to help strengthen focus and belief. Magic works through the Power of the mind and therefore doesn’t really need any tools, so your main challenge is to find the right balance between the tools used and simplicity.

Simple spells like those we’ve described throughout this website are adequate for most purposes. I only recommend rituals where you do complex energy work and use many tools for very difficult goals that are supposed to have more than one effect. However, since we have mainly worked with smaller and simple spells so far, I would like to plan a sample ritual here to make the procedure clearer to you. In this ritual, we want to charge an amulet with different energies: protection against negative energies and entities, good luck, auspicious energy, and strengthening self-confidence. In addition, the amulet should only be consecrated for a specific wearer and thus only work for this person.

First of all, let’s determine the tools and ingredients that we need for the ritual:

  • A suitable piece of jewelry, for example, is a matching gemstone with a pendant for a chain. A Rock crystal is ideal here because it is a great energy and information storage crystal. Another benefit is that it can be charged with all energies and automatically strengthens them.
  • A topaz for self-confidence
  • An onyx for protection
  • Some valerian root for good luck
  • A bowl to put the stone and herbs in
  • A photo of the person for whom the amulet is intended
  • Wand to direct the energies

Make a written note of the planned ingredients and tools in your grimoire, and explain in detail why you have decided on these tools. Then you can move on to the next phase.


Step 2 – Ritual Planning and Preparation

Spell Planning

Now we choose a suitable time. The Moon in Aries, Taurus, or Pisces is ideal for our purpose. Since none of the astrological combinations cover all of our purposes, I would choose the Pisces Moon as it provides good energies for preparing magical items. It should also be a full moon since this spell is not intended to weaken or strengthen anything. Instead, the amulet should constantly work with the highest effect, which is why the full moon is the best time as a symbol for completion. So we now use an app or the internet to find out when the next full moon will be in Pisces and thus have a date for our ritual. What is still missing is the planning of the ritual sequence, which could look something like this:

  • Draw a circle
  • Invoking the spirit guides and asking for reinforcements of your own magical energy
  • Placing the bowl with the gems and herbs in the center of the altar
  • Place the rock crystal pendant next to the bowl
  • Taking the energies of the ingredients in the bowl with the magic wand and transferring them into the rock crystal
  • Place a photo of the person in the center of the altar. Put the clear crystal on top and visualize the energies of the stone and the person merging.
  • Ask spirit guides for blessings on the amulet
  • Close the circle and dismiss spirit guides

This completes the planning, which you should write down in full in your grimoire, and the ritual can take place as soon as the planned time is reached.


Step 3 – Implementation and Completion

In order to let magical rituals work as efficiently as possible, there are a few basic rules in addition to the proper preparation that you already know. This includes doing nothing else on the day of the ritual, keeping your mind pure and focused solely on your purpose. In addition, fasting for a few days before a planned ritual can be beneficial to rid yourself of negative energies that could disturb or influence the magic. If you prepare this way, nothing stands in the way of successfully executing the ritual. However, the most important rule relates to the time after completion: Let go!

Once you’ve finished your ritual, you shouldn’t think about it. Don’t worry that you may have done something wrong, and don’t give yourself room for doubt. Leave your altar and don’t tidy it up until the next morning. For the rest of the day, you should distract yourself as much as possible and practice trusting in your own abilities.

Make sure to follow our Spell Casting Guide with Step by Step Instructions.


Step 4 – Analysis – Success or Failure?

Logically, this step occurs some time after the ritual has been performed since magic takes time to build up an effect. In our case, we first have to wait and see whether the amulet’s wearer gives us positive feedback about the effect, which they will certainly not be able to determine in a few days. But if you get feedback, you can decide on success or failure.

If you are successful, add your entries to the grimoire and thus have working instructions for a ritual. However, if you receive negative feedback, you must find out why the desired effect did not occur or did not occur sufficiently. Especially with rituals of this kind, it may be that a single performance is not enough to achieve the desired effect because rituals, in particular, thrive on repetition. So the first attempt at correction would be to repeat the ritual once or twice. If that doesn’t lead to success, it is important to consider whether the chosen tools and/or the timing were incorrect. Here you need your intuition above all; ask yourself the following questions and feel into yourself:

  • Did any detail in the planning and the process not feel right for you?
  • Did you possibly have other ideas that you then discarded?
  • Were you perfectly fit on the day of the ritual, or were you plagued by anything, mentally or physically?

Your grimoire can greatly help answer these questions, especially if you have recorded everything, including your thoughts, in detail. Write about your failures and retries here as well, and don’t give up until you reach your desired goal. In magic, everything is possible, and everything is allowed; some things are more difficult to achieve than others and require more time, patience, and perseverance. Therefore, do not plan any complicated rituals at the beginning of your magical career, but rather gain security and self-confidence first. Start with simple wards that you customize to suit your needs, some examples of which are already given in this book.

Spells to attract love, success or luck are also basic and relatively easy to create. Above all, experiment with different variations of the same spell. For example, you can develop a protection spell for your home and customize it for a specific person when it works well. The next step is to protect your pet or a larger number of people at once. All of this requires minor or major adjustments over and over again, which helps you to find out what works well and what might work better differently. Slowly increase the difficulty and complexity of your magic, and you’ll find more successes than failures and build up a wealth of experience.


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