How to Write Your Own Spells

When you have an intense longing to gain your heart’s wishes, but the path in front of you remains long and mysterious, then it is the right time to seek the aid of magic spells. Sometimes you may seek the assistance of professional spell casters in the elimination of the rough patches and to reach your goals. But there may also emerge a time when the circumstances force you to make an attempt in casting a spell yourself.

It can be the dissatisfaction in the services rendered by a professional spell caster or the feeling that you can do it that offers the motivation to cast and to write your own spells. When you undertake the task yourself, you can either select from pre-written spells, or you can write your own spells to make it successful and to achieve the desired outcome.

Writing Your Own Spell

But the job of writing the spells is by no means easy. It demands the satisfaction of a few aspects to turn the events in your favor through the magic spell.

One of the basic factors that should emerge in your mind is the need for the spell. Make an attempt in spell casting only if you feel the dire need for the act. The task of unfastening the knot tied by the effects of the spell conducted may not always be successful. So, as a first step check and recheck the need for spell casting.

Once you are convinced of the need for a spell, then figure out the actual goal that you want to obtain through magic. The rituals to be performed, the colors and types of ingredients to be included, the words to be chanted; all varies with the goal you want to attained.

It is always best for you as a beginning spell caster to refrain from black magic. Black magic moves with the intention of bending the will of another without their permission to make things turn in only your favor. But, if these spells are not performed in the preferred manner as stated by the religion adopted by you, it is sure to backfire. This is highly precarious, which is to be avoided by every means.

What to keep in mind when writing spells

Another factor that is to be taken into account while writing a spell is the type of magic that you wish to follow. The magical words chanted by you differ with the magic, that can be Wicca, witchcraft, folk magic or deity magic.

Wicca and Witchcraft

Wicca and Witchcraft have to include the words that have to draw all the power from within you to make the energy expelled stronger. The wiccan magical rituals will include various tools and ingredients like candles, runes, stones, and herbs that have to be researched based on the tradition followed.

Deity Magic

The follower of deity magic, such as VoodooObeah, and Santeria, on the other hand, seeks the energy from a particular God or Goddess, believed by the tradition. Similarly, as a spell caster, you will have to be fully aware of the rituals performed to please these Gods to change the luck in your direction.

The Timing of the Spell

Timing of the spell is another key element that defines the twist of the events. You have to be aware of the role played by the phases of the Moon, the Sun signs and the Moon signs, the day of the week and other relevant factors before writing your own spells.

The Words and Chants of a Spell

Now is the time to figure out the words that you plan to chant to make it effective. Always use plain and simple words, which meaning you are aware of, in the spells to prevent it from backfiring. These mantras have to emerge from deep within you, and are to be voiced in the required tone as demanded by the situation. These magical spells have to be chanted in a room that exudes positive energy, driving away the negative air.

Once done, wait for the Nature to work at its pace, and if proved unsuccessful after the required wait, bring about modifications to your spells and redo the ritual.


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