Casting Banishing and Binding Spells

Banishing and Binding Spells

As you may be aware, the act of banishing someone or something from your life is usually done to prevent further harm.  Interestingly enough, as things come into your life through the spiritual realms first, they also tend to leave first in that dimension.  Therefore, when it comes to getting rid of debts, unwanted people, or other problems, banishing spells can be of immense benefit.

Binding spells, on the other hand, are usually designed to draw someone or something to you, and then prevent it from leaving. For example, marriage, financial contracts, and other types of promises made between people can all be seen as methods of binding.  While binding spells can be somewhat risky to perform, they can be of use if you want to make sure that others will meet their obligations to you.

Why are Banishing and Binding Spells Important?

Consider a situation where you are dealing with a very annoying person.  Chances are, you can feel the changes in your aura and energetic signature each time you must deal with that person. If that person has established some type of bond, it will need to be dealt with in the spiritual space first.  Typically, banishing spells can be used to clear these energies so that you can gain relief in the mundane world.

Enemy Binding Spell

This spell uses two pocket mirrors or a compact that consists of two mirrors in order to contain the image of an enemy who may be attacking you. The principle behind this is that the person is symbolically looking at themselves and any bad energy they send out is immediately rebounded back to them.

The fact that the image is trapped between two mirrors also cleanses and transforms the energy into the positive as well as keeps the person’s range of thought transmission in a short-range so that it can never reach you.

For the Enemy Binding Spell, you will need

  • A photograph of your enemy
  • 3 white candles
  • Two pocket mirrors or a compact with double mirrors
  • Two feet of black ribbon
  • Gaffer tape

How the Enemy Binding Spell is cast

Light the candles and do so consciously. Take a photograph of your enemy and place it between two pocket mirrors. If you are using a double-mirrored compact, then snap the photograph inside it.

With this ribbon I thee bind….(Name) You will be kind. I bind you.

When you reach the end of the ribbon tie the ends in a tight knot.  Now take some black gaffer tape and keep wrapping it around.

When the spell is done place it inside a box and hide it in a dark closet.

Black Magic Binding Spell

A binding spell is a controlling spell. Any magic that is used to bend the will of another is usually considered to be Black Magic. If used incorrectly this type of spell is also considered to be bad karma meaning that anything that you wish for another might come back to you three times three.

Some people, especially obsessed people use this to prevent a lover from seducing their mate or to prevent a lover from drinking or cheating. However, it is most useful as a spell for warding off real danger from an attacker, such as a person that is obsessed with you.

For the Binding Spell, you will need

  • An object that represents the individual (preferably a photograph)
  • Three feet of black and red ribbon or yarn
  • One black candle and one red candle
  • Mason jar with lid

How the Black Magic Binding Spell is performed

You can do this spell any time of the day but it works best at midnight. Twine the yarn or ribbon together so that it forms a braid and knot it nine times at both ends.

This spell also works best with a photograph but you can also use a personal object like a ring or a piece of clothing.  It helps to write the name and birthdate of the person somewhere on the photograph as well.

Roll the photograph so that the image faces inward. Take the braided ribbons and wrap them round and round the rolled photograph all the time saying the following chant with each wind –

(Name of Person ….) I bind thee so you can do no harm

When you are done tie the two knots together and say

(Name) I bind you from the front

(Name) I bind your from the side

(Name) I bind you by Day

(Name)  I bind you by Night

I bind you from doing harm to me or others

As Above, So Below

So Mote it Be

Tuck the finished result in a jar and screw the lid on tight. Store it in a dark place.  When you feel you have achieved what you want smash the jar and burn the photograph.

Easy Binding Spell

Binding spells do not need to be enormously complicated in order to work well.  Although most traditional binding spells consist of long chants and winding ribbons or yarn repeatedly around a photo you can do this simple one instead.

The idea behind this one is that staples are used to make interlinking cross shapes to seal a photograph of an offender shut. There is no chant necessary in this one. You will simply think vehemently and with great passion about how you would like this person to stop bothering you any more.

For the Binding Spell you will need:

  • Purple candle
  • A photograph of the person
  • A stapler filled with staples

How the Easy Binding Spell is cast

Cast your circle and place the candle in the center of it.

Fold the photograph in half starting with the bottom half of the photograph to make the fold.

Then take the stapler and each time you staple say:

With this staple I thee bind.

(Name of person) I bind you from doing harm to me or (name of lover or simply say “others”.)

Each time you staple try to place it so that the seal on the edge of the folded photograph is a series of crosses.

End the ritual by stapling a cross through its center.

Spell to Banish Negativity

This is a very simple spell to banish negativity that makes use of mirrors.  Mirrors are said to be “leaks” into the other realms where spirits both good and bad live.  Mirrors can also be used to cleanse and purify the aura of all negativity.  When you use a mirror in Feng Shui or magic it is used to send bad energy back to the sender.

However, what do you do when there is no particular sender of negative energy or if you do not know where the negative energy is coming from or even if you suspect that you are the source of it?

When two mirrors are placed opposite each other so that they reflect each other ad infinitum it works like a kind of cleansing portal that you can walk through.  It has the effect of zapping any bad energy around you

For the Spell to Banish Negativity you will need

  • Two mirrors (make sure they are identical)
  • A bell with a delicate sound

How the Spell to Banish Negativity is cast

Hang the mirrors so that they are exactly level and facing each other. This works well in a long hallway that you can walk through so that you are on one side of the mirrors reflecting each other.

Before you walk through the mirror ring the bell three times and think about what is bothering you. As you walk past the mirror state:

I now transcend and transform!  Positive energy is my norm!

Ring the bell three times.  Walk past the mirrors again and then take a deep breath and exhale.  Ring the bell three times again and say:

All is well.

It is also quite purifying to hang the mirrors in two trees in a forest and walk through it to cleanse your energy.

5 thoughts on “Casting Banishing and Binding Spells

  1. Malewitch says:

    If you are having bad luck and nothing seems to be going right, then you may have too much negative energy within and around you. I’ve just recently used this spell successfully. After performing it, you will find that from your inner self a huge weight has been lifted off and you will feel much freer and lighter. All the bad luck that afflicted you life will dissipate and your life will move in a much more positive direction, bringing in new and positive energy.

    • DuheVon Hill says:

      That is a binding spell, not an unbinding spell. But since you can’t tell the difference, you should probably stay AWAY from preforming spells of any type. Remember the power of 3.

  2. Melissa Newman says:

    I tried all kinds of spells to get Carla out of mine and my kids life. Now she is making us suffer so bad, she is evil please get rid of her I beg for help.

  3. loveofthedark says:

    That would be interfering with the free will of another person. That is potentially bad karma, but you might find that you are ok with this. Just remember, as easy as it is to interfere with someone elses free will, someone else can mess with yours. Be careful.

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