4 Easy Witchcraft Love Spells and Practical Advice for Casting them

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Magical and enchanted words used by witches to influence the forces of nature and to achieve desired results are commonly called witchcraft love spells. The scope of these spells is indeed extensive, and there is no limit to the kinds of problems these rituals can address.

The life of every human being is filled with duality. On the one hand, there is the reality of the earthly world, with all of its everyday problems and struggles. On the other hand, are the hopes, dreams, and aspirations that every human wishes to come true. That’s precisely where witchcraft spells come in, they are a potent way to help you achieve your goals and desires.

Witchcraft love spells are performed differently by different traditions, and the rituals and tools that are used for the practice vary widely. While some traditions emphasize the use of herbs and candles, others use man-made artifacts like talismans and amulets. Proper usage of the tools and ingredients ultimately ensures the effectiveness of the spells.

The Dual Nature of Witchcraft Love Spells

Witchcraft love spells have a dual nature; they can be good and bad at the same time depending upon the intentions of the user and the spell caster. They can be a part of black magic and white magic as well.

When these spells are used with good intentions for healing a relationship, attracting love, removing problems, and increasing attraction, they become part of white magic. On the other hand, if the spells are cast for the good of one irrespective of the damage it is causing to others, then they become part of black magic. Examples of black magic love spells are: forcing someone to love you, breaking someone’s free will, and breaking up true love.

Not considering the argument regarding the colors of the spells or, their dual nature, witchcraft love spells are known to help people in a plethora of situations. Reuniting with your lost love, finding a new lover, preventing relationships from falling apart, increasing and sustaining lust in marriages, healing broken hearts and most importantly, helping people to find their soul mates are a few issues among a sea of others that Witchcraft love spells are known to perform.

Witchcraft Commitment Spell

This spell will allow you to use witchcraft to bring about a deep, meaningful commitment with a new lover or strengthen your commitment with an existing partner. Witchcraft love spells work by causing your partner to become aware of the desire for a deep commitment that is already present within his or her heart and mind.  This spell uses a powerful love potion and works by allowing you to align the power of your mind with natural, spiritual, and elemental forces to bring about the best possible future for yourself and others.  It helps you to access your higher self.  When you are in tune with your highest self, the possibilities are limitless.  You can tap into this higher self to bring about the love that you desire.

Ingredients needed for the Witchcraft Commitment Spell

  • 2 ounces non-flavored vodka
  • 11 drops sandalwood
  • 7 drops rose oil
  • 1 white cotton cloth or handkerchief (must be perfectly clean)
  • 7 drops oil of geranium
  • 7 drop rosewood oil
  • 1 small bottle or flacon
  • 7 roses
  • 1 white ribbon
  • 1 shell
  • 2 small wooden sticks (e.g., toothpicks)
  • 1 red thread
  • 1 white candle

How to Cast the Commitment Spell

First, prepare the Love Potion:

During a waxing moon, fill a small bottle with 2 ounces of non-flavored vodka. Add 11 drops of sandalwood oil, 7 drops of rose oil, 2 drops oil of geranium and 2 drops of rosewood oil. Place this small bottle in a dark corner and let it sit for 15 days. During these 15 days, light a candle at night and concentrate on your desires in the relationship with your partner.

15 days later:

Start the ritual by lighting the candle. Take the white cloth and place it in front of you. While doing so focus intensely on your wishes and the one you love. Pluck the rose petals off the 7 roses, place them on the white cloth and concentrate on your partner.

Add 7 drops of the love potion (which you created 15 days earlier) to the white cloth and then anoint the wooden sticks generously with the love potion. The sticks represent you and your lover, and the love potion will create an unbreakable bond between the two of you.

Tie the red thread around both wooden sticks and place them in the center of the cloth. Put the shell on top of the sticks.

Lift up all the edges from the cloth and tie the band around it to create a small pouch or sack.

Your loved one should sleep on this pouch for 7 nights. Place the bag under the pillow, the mattress, or under the bed. Before you go to sleep, rub one drop of the oil on your left chest, over your heart, for 7 nights. Use the potion any time you feel like it. You should keep the pouch in your bedroom as a good luck charm. It will continue to work and radiate strong energies, and there is no “expiration date”.

Witchcraft True Love Attraction Spell

Most people search for years and years to find their true love. But why wait all that time when you can cast a witchcraft true love spell to bring your love right to you.

Many people spend years looking for true love between their circle of friends, former lovers, blind dates, and even dating websites.  When you have already tried all of these methods, and they aren’t working for you, then you may want to consider this true love attraction spell.

The primary purpose of this spell is to bring someone of the opposite sex close to you energetically and to establish a long and beautiful relationship.

Ingredients you’ll need for the Witchcraft True Love Spell

  • White candle
  • Lavender Incense
  • Table
  • Paper with words that describe the characteristics of  a true love
  • The thorn from a white rose

How to cast the True Love Spell

Take the thorn, if you can’t get a thorn then it will have to be a needle or fine knife and etch the following words into the candle.

All my love come to me, all my love come to me, all my love come to me.

Put the candle on the prepared table and light it. Now, light the incense.

Sit and watch as the candle burns and think about how life will be when that special person comes to you. Build up the energy to draw that special person into your life and enter a deep meditative state.

Carry on doing this until the universe gives you the signal or your intuition tells you to stop.

Let the candle burn out completely.

Collect together the items and the melted wax and wrap all of it in the paper.

Store it away safely and wait for the results that you were hoping for.

It should not take more than a few days for your true love to enter your life.

Effects of the True Love Spell

Remember, this spell is to attract your soul mate but not to maintain an already existing relationship.  You may want to use another spell to ensure the longevity of a union. By casting this spell you will create the perfect breeding ground for an amazing relationship.  You will share a romantic and affectionate relationship right away with feelings that you may have never felt for anyone in your life.  Therefore, you will have the perfect conditions to start your healthy relationship.

Additional Benefits of this Spell

The true love spell will try to protect your relationship for the entire term of your relationship.  Knowing this, you will be much more relaxed during the duration of your relationship.  You will not have to worry about your soul mate straying away from you because this spell will create an everlasting bond between you and your soul mate.

Adore Me Spell

Lakshmi is the Indian Goddess of fertility, abundance, and a happy love life. You can use her symbols and rituals to help your lover adore you.

The energies that are released by this spell will create intense feelings of adoration in your lover, or any other person you want to cast this witchcraft love spell on.

A significant side effect of doing this spell is that your business will get better, and you might also find you are more popular socially.

Ingredients needed for the Adore Me Spell

  • A photograph of you and your lover
  • One purple candle
  • One green candle
  • One blue candle
  • One pink candle
  • A champagne glass filled with seawater or pink champagne
  • Emerald, gold and blue glitter
  • A small statue or picture of Lakshmi or a pink lotus

How to Cast the Adore Me Spell

You can do this spell anytime, but like most spells, it is probably most effective if done on either the full or new moon.

First, make a square of the four candles. Place the statue or pink lotus in the center of the quadrant. Then prop the photograph of you and your lover against it.  If you use a pink lotus that is a vessel, you can pour the seawater or champagne inside it. Otherwise, offer the sea water or champagne in a glass by placing it inside the quadrant. Sprinkle the entire area with the glitter. Light the candles and ask the Goddess to bless your relationship.

Witchcraft Lust Spell

If you’ve been with your lover for a long time, chances are good that you’ve lost that loving feeling. While you still care about your partner, how they feel, and how they feel about you, lust and attraction can sometimes be put on the back burner when life gets hectic.  With lust spells, you can begin to change the way your attraction energy works, bringing that lust back into your life and into your relationship.  Just because you’ve been together for a long time doesn’t mean that spark has to die or even become dimmer. This spell works on existing partners but can also be used on new partners.

Ingredients for the Witchcraft Lust Spell

  • Rose petals
  • Musk incense
  • Ceremonial dagger
  • 1 Red candle

How to Cast the Witchcraft Lust Spell

Light the candle and the incense

Put all of the rose petals into a circle and call on the dagger to bring you energy.

Take the candle and put it into the middle of the circle and begin to think of the person that you are lusting after.

Picture them in your mind and continue to consider why it is them you are lusting after.

While you are picturing them say their name over and over again.

You have to focus on your wish while the lust spell is being cast, and speak the name out loud so that the spirits can hear you. To make the lust spell even more effective tell the spirits your precise wishes, and make sure to mention your own name as well. Both names must be said during the spellcasting. Tell the spirits of the lust you are feeling for that person and ask that they will have the same feelings towards you.

Once you are done, it is time to blow off the candle. While doing so state that it is done with good intentions and no one is meant to suffer as a result.

Are Witchcraft Love Spells always Successful?

Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees in magic. However, witchcraft love spells cast by experienced, trained, and gifted witches and spellcasters tend to be most successful. I always encourage people to cast their own spells, because your own energy, desire, and your intention is such a powerful ingredient in any spell. But if things do not work out the way you had hoped for, you can always connect with a professional witch or spellcaster. Almost all spells can work if they are done with the right tools, the right intention, and the right ingredients.

Tips for Casting Successful Witchcraft Love Spells

When doing a witchcraft love spell, you should start with cleansing your body, as well as your spirit. Take a bath or a shower with essential sage oil. Or, if you do not have the oil on hand, you can use two tablespoons of baking soda, sea salt, and apple cider vinegar. While taking the bath focus on your desires and what you want the spell to accomplish. This takes off any negative energy that might interfere with your witchcraft love spell.

After you are done, make sure to wear clean clothes and put yourself in the right state of mind.

Gathering the Ingredients

You need to prepare the right materials for the casting of the spell. A particular colored candle may be needed, you may need a wand, an Athame (knife) or a pentacle. Incense is often burned during a spell, and some witchcraft love spells use specific herbs to make the spell work. Have these gathered and together.

Creating Sacred Space

Next, you need to create a sacred space for your spell. Designate and cleanse the area where you will cast the spell. This may be your altar, or within a magic circle to enhance the energy of the spell work. Witchcraft love spells do not always need a magic circle, but they help for difficult spells. Circles can be drawn with an Athame or with salt or even with a cord that defines the space in which a spell is done. While casting the spell, you shouldn’t leave the magic circle, or it could weaken the strength of the spell.

Preparing the Materials

You need to prepare the materials for your witchcraft love spell. This might mean spreading herbs around, lighting incense, anointing candles with essential oils or sprinkling water on the altar. It all depends on what kind of love spell you are casting. The above spells come with detailed instructions, make sure to follow them correctly.

Spell preparation is crucial. I’ve written an extensive article on How to Prepare for a Spell, and you should read it for more details. By preparing yourself and the ingredients correctly, you increase not only the potency of the spell but also yourself because you will be casting the witchcraft love spells with much more confidence.


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