Using Magical Potions

A magical potion is a concoction of ingredients that have magical properties when mixed in the correct fashion.

They are yet another of the concepts associated with archetypal magicians as the image of a simmering cauldron and a magical practitioner slaving over it is a very common one for fiction writers and one which is often fixed on.

The Purposes of Potions

There are a huge variety of reasons that a potion may be brewed. They can be used for healing, bewitching others and also (although this is not recommended) for poisoning. Sometimes a potion can simply serve to attract in the positive energies needed in order to perform a spell or ritual and equally sometimes the potion can be an integral part of the spell or ritual.

Potions are so diverse that they can be applied to almost every spell and ritual on the spectrum of magic. Almost any spell can be enhanced with the addition of a magic person, regardless of whether the spell in question requires a general. If there isn’t a specific potion for the spell, then certain kinds of potions are simply useful for drawing in positive energies and therefore for powering up your spell casting and making your magical results more potent and evident.

Different Types of Potions

There are many kinds of potions, with love potions being the most famous and the most used. Sleeping potions are also fairly popular and another favorite of the magic community is the healing potion, used to both benefit you if necessary and also heal others.

A collection of ingredients can be used in potions, ranging from common items such as lavender to the more difficult to obtain items such as resin from the blood of a dragon. Most of the time, a more complex spell will require rarer ingredients. Also, these ingredients for more complex spells are likely to have to be prepared in a more complicated way in order to work.

The versatility of spells is enhanced even further due to the fact that there are a variety of different ways to apply them to the person or spell that needs their influences in order to work. For instance, the archetypal, traditional potion works by the user consuming it as a liquid. However, some magical potions work by being rubbed into the skin and others can work by various other methods. There is no hard and fast method that givens how to use potions and, as with many magical practices, it is down to personal preference for the practitioner.

Using Potions in Spells and Rituals

Potions can be extremely useful for a spell caster as they can serve to solve problems in your life. For example, in the case of love spells, they can be used to convince someone to love you or even help you to stop loving someone that is playing on your mind too much and interfering with your life.

In terms of healing, they can help deal with physical problems that may be holding you back from both your working life and your spell casting too. They can solve the physical issues that other people in your life have in order to ease suffering generally.

We have found throughout this article that potions are incredibly diverse, having a huge range of uses and potential effects. Their main issue is that they can often be difficult to put together, particularly for novices, and that they can contain difficult ingredients to find.

However, these small niggles are usurped by the gigantic benefits available to those who can produce the perfect potion. So many personal issues can be solved by the use of potions that the ability to brew them is an invaluable skill for any practitioner of magic.


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