How to make potent Potions and use them effectively


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A magical potion is a concoction of ingredients that have magical properties when mixed correctly.

Magic potions belong to healing, on the one hand, magical practice on the other hand, and, if you will, also to kitchen magic. It involves brewing or mixing any ointment, potion, or compound that has magical healing, or beneficial influences, either directly on the physical body or at a higher level. Aura-Soma, for example, acts on the aura, addressing various of our subtle bodies.

The Purposes of Potions

There are many reasons you may want to brew a potion. They can be drunk, used for healing, bewitching others, and also (although this is not recommended) for poisoning. Sometimes a potion can simply attract positive energies needed to perform a spell or ritual, and sometimes the potion can be an integral part of the spell or ritual itself.

Potions are so diverse that they can be applied to almost every spell and ritual in the spectrum of magic. Some potions are drunk; others are applied to the skin, used in baths, or used in spells. You can enhance nearly every spell by adding a magic potion, regardless of whether the spell requires it or not. If there isn’t a specific potion for the spell, then certain potions help draw in positive energies and, therefore, for powering up your spell and making your magical results more potent and evident.


Different Types of Potions

Love Potion to Drink

There are many kinds of potions, with love potions being the most famous and used. Sleeping potions are also relatively popular, and another favorite of the magic community is the healing potion, used to both benefit you if necessary and also heal others.

A collection of ingredients can be used in potions, ranging from everyday items such as cinnamon to the more difficult-to-obtain items such as a feather from a grey swan. Most of the time, more complex potions will require rarer ingredients. Also, these ingredients for more complex potions are likely to have to be prepared in a more complicated way to work.

The versatility of potions is enhanced even further because there are many different ways to apply them to the person or spell. For instance, the archetypal, traditional potion works by the user consuming it as a liquid. However, some magical potions are rubbed into the skin, and others can work by various other methods. There are no hard and fast rules that say how to use potions; as with many magical practices, it is down to the personal preference of the practitioner.


Using Potions in Spells and Rituals

Potions can be beneficial for a practitioner as they can serve to solve problems in your life. For example, in the case of love spells, you can use them to convince someone to love you or even help you to stop loving someone that is playing on your mind too much and interfering with your life.

In terms of healing, they can help deal with physical problems that may be holding you back from your working life and your spell casting. They can solve the physical issues that other people in your life have to ease suffering.

As you can see by reading this article, potions are incredibly diverse and have a wide range of uses and potential effects. Their main issue is that they can often be challenging to put together, particularly for novices, and that they can contain problematic ingredients to find.

However, these minor niggles are usurped by the tremendous benefits available to those who can produce the potion. Potions can solve so many personal issues that the ability to brew them is an invaluable skill for any practitioner of magic.


Ingredients for potions can be

  • Herbs, plants, resins
  • Essential oils
  • Crystals (mainly in sprays and as gemstone water)
  • Carrier substances (oil, alcohol, vinegar, water)
  • Purchased items such as cologne, Aura-Soma, etc
  • Edibles, Spices (for brews or magical food)


How to make a Potion

How to Make a Potion

That’s how it always goes in the movies: the hero drinks something from a small bottle, and something happens (like shapeshifting, love suddenly ignites, or falling into a deep sleep). My potions are not quite as dramatic, but they have magical and healing properties.

Simmer all liquid ingredients in a cauldron (or fire-pot) first, then add the other ingredients and oils after the base has cooled. Stir the potion thirteen times while concentrating on visualizing what you are going to use the potion for. This is very important; you want to infuse the brew with the right energy. While preparing potions, you may want to burn candles. Use our candle magic chart to find the color that best corresponds with your wishes. In addition, you can say personal prayers, chants, or speak out loud about what you want the potion to accomplish.

When you have finished brewing the potion, strain it, and keep the potion in tightly sealed jars.


Potion for Love and Passion

  • 1.5 cups of milk
  • One small finger-sized piece of ginger
  • Pinch of Cardamon
  • 0.5 tbs of Cinnamon
  • One tbs of Vanilla
  • 1 oz dark chocolate
  • Sugar

This is a potion that needs to be drunk. Chocolate and ginger belong to the fire element and the planet Mars. Together, they act as an intense lust and a love potion, heating up the belly, love, and passion. Vanilla and Cardamon belong to the water element and the love-planet Venus. Chocolate works exceptionally well in promoting ​​love; ginger and cinnamon encourage ​​passion. Milk belongs to the moon and the element of water. It promotes love and spirituality.

Begin by grating the ginger. While doing so, focus intensely on your wishes. Fill the milk in your cauldron or fire-proof pot and add ginger. Add the cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla. Bring everything to a boil. Continue to focus on your wishes. Let it boil for 3 minutes, then put everything through a strainer. Next, melt the chocolate into the milk. If you want it to be a love potion, you can sweeten it with a bit of sugar (sugar belongs to the love planet Venus, the element of water, and has strong love energy).


Potion for Anxiety and Sleeping Potion

  • One tsp dried valerian root
  • One tsp turmeric
  • One tsp lemon balm leaves
  • Two tsp lavender flowers
  • Zest from one orange
  • 1.5 cups of milk
  • 1 oz dark chocolate

In your cauldron, cook everything except the chocolate for 13 minutes. Pour the ingredients through a strainer, then melt the chocolate into the herb milk. Enjoy while still warm and go to bed 30 minutes after drinking it.


Love Attraction Potion

This love attraction potion is sacred to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Rose, Vanilla, Violet, and Daisy belong to the water element and the planet Venus. Together they act as an aphrodisiac that increases attraction, love, and lust. The scallop shell works well to increase the beauty and pull someone to you. The Goose feathers belong to the earth element and promote love, marriage, fidelity, and happiness. By calling Aphrodite’s sacred powers, you can attract a new or lost love, increase passion, and enhance beauty. This potion is worn. For extra potency, fill it in a small bottle and charge it for three nights under the waxing moonlight.

  • 2 cups of virgin olive oil
  • One tsp rose oil
  • One dried daisy
  • One tsp vanilla oil
  • One tsp violet oil
  • A tiny piece of a goose feather
  • One crushed scallop shell


Luck Potion

This potion is worn and used in luck spells, money spells, and bad luck removal spells.

This luck attraction potion works by removing obstacles from your luck path and attracting good luck into your life. Basil, poppy, cinnamon, and nutmeg belong to the fire element, which has intense attraction energy. In combination with the other ingredients, the luck potion attracts luck, money, prosperity, and wealth. You can wear it, but you can also include it in spells when that extra portion of luck is needed.

  • One cup of almond oil
  • Two tbs basil oil
  • Seven poppy seeds
  • One tbs cinnamon oil
  • One tbs nutmeg
  • One chestnut
  • One olive pit
  • Three hairs from a cat


Love Potion

This potion is worn to attract a new or existing lover to you. It is especially suited in spells to make someone fall in love; in return lost lover spells, and lust spells. But you can also use it in love spells to increase love.

After you have followed the instructions above, strain the liquid and fill it into a jar or bottle.

  • One cup of virgin olive oil
  • Rose petals from one rose
  • Petals from one carnation
  • One teaspoon rosemary
  • One teaspoon lovage root (crushed)
  • One strawberry leaf
  • Six drops of rose oil
  • Six drops of orange oil
  • Six drops of amber oil
  • Six drops of vanilla oil


Money Potion

You should drink the money potion to release the strong magical energies within you so that they can attract money and prosperity into your life. You must integrate your own energy and visualize, meditate and build up intense energy during the brewing process. The ingredients are specially selected so the money potion can quickly achieve its full effect. Prepare this magic potion on the full moon or during the waxing phase of the moon.

After you have followed the instructions above, strain the liquid and drink four tbs of the liquid for the next six days.

You can also use the potion in your money spells to increase their potency.

  • 1.5 cups of spring water
  • One ts sea salt
  • One tbs maple oil (or syrup)
  • Four drops of sweet orange oil
  • Four cinnamon sticks
  • One whole nutmeg
  • Four tbs chamomile flowers
  • Four tbs lemon balm


Passion Potion

The Passion Potion is either drunk to release the Passion or worn on the skin. It can also be successfully used as a bath additive. The ingredients are selected to increase lust, passion, and attraction between two people. Apply it in new or existing relationships.

You can also use the potion in your lust or love spells to increase their effectiveness.


  • One cup of spring water
  • Seven tbs of rose water
  • Four cinnamon sticks
  • One ts of cardamon powder
  • One ts of ginger powder
  • Four vanilla beans
  • Four mustard seeds
  • Four strings of saffron


Protection Potion

This potion is worn on the skin or used in protection spells when protection is the top priority. The ingredients have been chosen so that the brew offers complete physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual protection. If you want to protect yourself or others, it should be worn on the skin. If you wish to protect objects, you should spray them with the protection potion.


  • Two cups of safflower oil
  • Three pieces of aloe
  • Three garlic cloves
  • One ts of vervain buds
  • One ts of thyme
  • Three ts sea salt
  • Three ts myrrh resin
  • One ts olive oil
  • One chicken feather (optional)

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