The Importance of Positive Thinking in Magic and Believing in the Spell Work

Positive Thinking and Belief in Magic

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The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

This driving factor ensures success in everything, including casting spells. The underlying idea behind spell casting is to remove the presence of negative energy surrounding you and replace it with the positive energy that can clear the path to your destination.


Defining the Success of what you can Achieve

Life is never a bed of roses. However, what you make out of it and your outlook on it defines the degree of success you can achieve in your life. When things reveal a tendency to deviate from the path you wish to proceed, many seek the powers of magic and witchcraft. But it s not as easy as it sounds. You could hire the most powerful spell caster or cast the most potent spell; if the main ingredient is missing, you will not be successful.

Some people believe it is sufficient to go through the steps of a spell, say the correct words, and simply wait for the results to occur. Unfortunately, this is not how it works, and that’s why many spells don’t work. Spells need the force of intention—the desire to have the spell take place—and, most importantly, positive thinking and the belief to work. Positive thinking taps into the energies of the Universe to influence the direction of the spell and ultimately produce a positive outcome.


Infusing your Spells with Positive Energy

Positive thinking is something you’ll already want to have while preparing for the spell. Lovingly and carefully collect all the materials you’ll need and be picky about the quality of the ingredients. Imagine the spell’s success as you prepare all the items, lay out the materials, anoint the candles, and put all the parts of the spell together.

Communication is an integral part of any spell. Therefore, chants, visualization, affirmations, and meditation performed in an environment that exudes positive energy created by ingredients like candles, oils, incense, and herbs are a good starting point. They are an excellent way to infuse your magical work with positive energy.

During the entire spell-casting process, always keep your thoughts on the positive side, and there won’t be any negative energy to negate the effect of a spell. Negativity can render any spell ineffective.

If you are a very negative and pessimistic person, to begin with, it is recommended to start with a spell that drives away negativity and attracts positive energy into your life before casting other spells. These spell casting techniques have existed for centuries and can be found in many different magical traditions, such as Voodoo, Egyptian Magic, Santeria, Obeah, and, most importantly, Wicca.

One such ritual can be found here, and it is recommended for anyone that tends to think negatively.


Channeling Positive Energy

Channeling Positive Energy

But, as mentioned above, you still need to maintain a positive attitude toward the spell’s outcome and believe it will work. Channeling positive energy to help you achieve your goals through magic is inevitable. Spells perform more than just filing a petition to the universe and spirits above; you are seeking the help of divine forces to aid you. These forces alone cannot ensure the success of spell casting; a great emphasis is kept on your mental images and your intent on why you want to achieve the result. When you have given up hope, you cannot attract positive results. Remember, positive thoughts attract positive things, and negative thoughts attract negative things.


Your mental Condition and Right State of Mind

It is of utmost importance that your state of mind during spell casting is synchronized with the kind of spell you are trying to do. If your state of mind does not match up with the spell, you cannot expect it to work particularly well or even at all in most cases.

For example, if you wish to cast a spell to make someone fall in love, your mind must be full of exactly the kind of love you wish the subject of the spell to feel, with no other thoughts dwelling in your mind. You will be projecting these emotions into the universe to make your spell work. That’s why it is essential that your feelings are strong and focused entirely on what you want to achieve by performing the love spell and who you are performing it on.

Also, if you attempt to perform a black magic curse on someone, your mind must be full of hatred and malice towards the particular person; otherwise, the curse will not work with the potency you will be looking for. It is impossible to channel the power of black magic if you are thinking about fluffy teddy bears and sheep frolicking in fields. Your mind must match exactly the state you are trying to convey through the spell. Black magic particularly requires a certain state of mind and way of thinking before it can work correctly.


Getting Rid of Skepticism

People who don’t really believe in magic and witchcraft will often give one spell a go and then complain when it goes wrong, using that as further “proof” in their eyes that magic is simply a figment of some people’s imagination. These people are simply not doing it right and don’t understand that you need to believe in the spell to actually have any effect.

They seem to think that, despite their skepticism, all they need to do is light some candles and say a few words, making them somehow magical. Belief is a huge part of how magic works. If you go into a spell with doubts as to whether anything is going to happen, then nothing will happen, regardless of how well the spell had initially been set up.

A lot of people, who remain fairly skeptical in terms of magic, decide to try one spell just to decide once and for all whether they believe in it or not. This will not work! Regardless of whether or not you are open to the concept of magic. If any part of you doesn’t think it is going to happen, then the odds are that it won’t happen. This is because your belief isn’t strong enough to channel the energies of the universe into the spell you are attempting to cast.


Your Belief while waiting for Results

Belief in the Spell Work

This is also the reason why it is imperative that you do not lose confidence while waiting for a spell to work. As I mentioned in another article, spells can often take a long time to begin to work, and it is important that you don’t dismiss them if results don’t happen immediately. Dismissing them like this means you are losing belief in them, which means they cannot work anyway.

If you did that with every spell you cast, you wouldn’t get very far in magic, and spells would never work for you. You need to give magic time to happen! As long as you maintain a positive outlook and healthy belief in your magic, the spell will continue to work until it produces a positive outcome.

Many dismiss belief as an excuse for practitioners when their spells don’t work, but it is a very important aspect, and it is indeed important for spells to work. It is certainly not an excuse, and training yourself to believe fully is a hurdle many people new to practicing magic and witchcraft struggle to achieve. They just cannot force themselves to have complete confidence in what they are doing. This is also the reason why some people are ultimately better off hiring spell casters than casting spells on their own.


The Main Reasons why Spells Fail

Not fully believing in what they are doing is one of the most dominant factors in why less experienced practitioners of magic complain of spells not working. They think that simply uttering the incantation and preparing the materials is enough to make the forces of the universe do their bidding. This is very misguided, indeed. The forces of magic will only work if you honestly believe what you are doing will work and when you are thinking positively about what you are doing and what you want to achieve.

To summarize, it is essential that before you even begin to cast a spell, you ensure that your state of mind matches the mood of what you are trying to achieve. Also, you have to believe with all of your heart that what you are about to do will end up being successful and not focus on things unrelated to the spell in progress.

If your mind does not comply with either of these conditions, then it is very likely that your spell will end up not working. Your mind is your most important tool, and you must use it correctly to fully harness its powers for magic.

Magic, witchcraft, the occult, and energy work are heavily belief-based concepts that quite simply will not work if you don’t have confidence in what is happening and believe that it will actually work. Those who do not believe in witchcraft and the occult shouldn’t bother going near it, and it isn’t something that you should just try once for a laugh. Magic is a way of life, and you should commit to it, believing strongly that it is true and worthwhile. Only then will you succeed.

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