Using the Pentagram and the Pentacle in Magic and Witchcraft

Pentagram and Pentacle

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The pentagram and pentacle are probably the two most well-known symbols of witchcraft. But what is the difference between a pentagram and a pentacle? Well, the pentagram has a five-pointed star. The pentacle also sets a circle around this star. It represents the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, and the fifth element of spirit. Some witches change the last element, but this often uses the spirit element.

The circle around the symbol has multiple meanings. It can symbolize the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, but it can also be a connection between all elements and all living beings. The pentagram is meant to remind us to see the world as a whole. Like the magic circle, it is said to protect us from negative energies, evil spirits, and demons; the pentagram is also a protective symbol. Wearing the pentagram is meant to remind us of our spiritual path. We are connected to the entire web of life. In some faiths, the symbol represents the triple goddesses and the aspects of life and death.

Satanist’s Version of the Pentagram

Pentagram SatanistDue to its use by Satanists (although they use an adapted version with a goat’s head and the five-pointed star turned upside down), it has accrued a horrendous reputation as a symbol for black magic and evil. This is grossly misattributed as the pentagram is not intrinsically linked to the darker kind of magic. It is a powerful structure for those who practice magic in general, regardless of whether they use black magic or white magic.


The Meaning of the Pentagram

As you can see, the pentagram signifies power as opposed to signifying evil. In the usual position that it is used (one point upwards), it is a symbol that was already used to protect homes from evil in ancient times. The four points not facing upwards represent the four major elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, and the upwards point represents the spirit.

Each of the elements signifies a different property

  • Earth (Right Top Point) is symbolic of stability and physical endurance. Its color is green.
  • Air (Right Bottom Point) relates to intelligence, divination, imagination, and art. Its color is yellow.
  • Water (Left Top Point) symbolizes emotion, purification, peace, love, and psychic awareness. Its color is blue.
  • Fire (Left Bottom Point) relates to courage, energy, force, rebirth, passion, and daring. Its color is red.
  • Spirit (Top Point) – Refers to deities, the divine, and the source of power. Its color is purple.


Using the Pentagram in Spells

Due to the amount of power the points of the pentagram symbolize, it is present in many magical rituals. It can accompany the magic circles that were mentioned in a previous article and can also stand alone. Often, it is connected to coven magic, with the witches taking their place at each point of the pentagram. A pentacle is usually placed on the altar to symbolize the element of earth. Witches place their sacred items upon it when cleansing, consecrating, purifying, or charging them.


The Purpose of the Pentagram

The reason for using a pentagram is to unite all of the elements together to provide enough energy to produce the spell and also to ward off any negative energies and evil spirits that could be problematic for your magic.

A pentagram is drawn with five flowing strokes of your magical implement. This technique shows how intrinsically linked the elements within the pentagram are. When finished with the pentagram, it is good to complete a meditation exercise as this means that when you next take out your pentacle, you may find that the energies within it have become more concentrated on what you are trying to do and focused on your magic. This gradual honing of your pentacle is incredibly beneficial to your magic.

So the pentagram is clearly not an evil symbol and is, in fact, a wonderful symbol that can be a great way to beef up the power of your magic and make your spells more potent. The more you use it, the more powerful your spells can become over time, which means that eventually, you will become a very powerful sorcerer.

Although, as with many magic-based ideas, the use of pentagrams also relates to personal preference for the most part, and no one can necessarily tell you the best way to use one.


The Banishing Pentagram

Pentagram Banishing

The banishing pentagram serves as protection against negativity and to ward off unwanted forces. It is also used for sealing.
Stand facing east. Draw a banishing pentagram in the air with your hand. To do this, start at the tip on the bottom left and make the first move up to the tip, imagining the symbol glowing bluish or white. Complete the individual moves of the symbol in one move.


The Invoking Pentagram

Pentagram Invoking

The invoking pentagram is used for charging and for unsealing. It looks attractive. With the invoking pentagram, you start drawing the pentagram from the middle top left. If possible, with the left hand.


Making Your Own Pentagrams

Many practitioners of magic and witchcraft choose to craft their own pentacles and customize them with various carvings and decorative features. This is entirely up to personal preference, and it doesn’t matter what someone else does to their pentagram, as yours should be whatever you feel comfortable with. As with so many aspects of magic, only you can decide the best thing for you.


Wearing the Pentagram

Often, people wear pentagrams around their necks as a symbol of protection; however, this practice has been somewhat sullied by the idea of mainstream youth wearing them as they believe it makes them seem cool to be in touch with what they see as the occult.

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