Love Spell to Force Someone to Love You

A Black Magic Spell that forces someone to love you

This black magic love spell will seduce, enchant and help you capture the one you want in a web of desire. They will not be able to sleep and will toss and turn at night thinking of you until they hold you in their arms. This black spell will break your loved ones will and make them yours no matter what.

This spell can be used to reunite you with your loved one, make someone fall deeply in love with you or fix all you relationship or marriage problems. Please use this spell responsibly. If you are in need of a professional spell caster to force someone to love you, please click here for our recommendation.

Items You will need to Cast the Spell to Force Someone to Love You

  • 13 small black candles
  • Matches
  • Pencil
  • Something personal from the person you want to cast the love spell upon (a lock of hair, a picture, a piece of clothing, their name written on a piece) The item must be preferably small.
  • 1 chicken heart
  • Needle or Knife
  • Sheet of Parchment Paper
  • Twine

 How to Cast the Black Magic Love Spell

  • Put the sheet of parchment paper on a flat surface (such as a table) in front of you.
  • Write the following in the center of the parchment paper using the pencil:

Greatest God of the Rivers, the Sky, the Soil and the Air. I summon your energies to break “lovers name” will and make him/her love me for eternity no matter what

  • Surround the Parchment Paper with the 13 candles
  • Light the candles using matches
  • Stand over the parchment paper/candles and place the personal item from the person you want to cast the spell upon on top of the words you have previously written on it.
  • Using each of the 13 candles drop 13 drops of wax on the item saying the following when you pick up each candle:

Purica Belundo

  • While you are dropping the wax focus intensely on the love spells and feelings you want the person to feel, the thoughts you want them to think and the actions you want them to take.
  • Cut yourself with the knife or needle. You will need 3 drops of your own blood (from your hand) and drop it on top of the wax.
  • Add the chicken heart
  • Wrap the parchment paper and make a package containing all the items. Use the twine to hold the package together.
  • Blow out each candle saying:

Purica Belundo Pec

  • Bury the package under a tree
  • On the night of the following full moon light the 13 candles and let them burn out.

Is this Black Magic Spell dangerous?

Black magic is often used to harm people, but it can be used in positive ways as well. Please know that this spell may interfere with free will, but it will not cause harm to you nor the person you love. Also, this black magic spell to force someone to love you only works with good intentions in mind. Therefore, the more evil your intentions are the less likely that it would work. Love spells are pure and innocent. They try to bring people together for love or separate them amicably.

Common Misconception Between Practitioners

Sometimes, there are practitioners or scholars that do not share the same philosophy, ideology, or techniques of black magic love spells as others. This means that one spell caster may accuse another of practicing black magic when it is really just a matter of differing practices. There are so many different forms of magical practice that not all styles will get along together. When one says black magic love spells, they may believe that the manner in which someone performed the spell was incorrect but it does not necessarily mean that the spell came from black magic per se.

We consider this to be a black magic spell, because it forces someone to love you and disregards the free will.


51 thoughts on “Love Spell to Force Someone to Love You

  1. Mike says:

    Can i cut the picture down a little its a 4×6? What if an animal finds my package? Do i leave the candles in the same circle or do i put them away until the next full moon? Do you know when the next full moon will be?

    • Wishbonix says:

      Yes, you can cut the picture down, this is no problem at all. Once you have buried the package the energies will manifest, regardless what happens to the package. The next full moon is on January 31st. It’s a Super Blue Blood Moon, spells will be especially powerful during that time.

  2. Emma says:

    I have cast this and now awaiting on the full moon so I can complete the ritual. Will it start to work when the ritual is complete?

      • Emma says:

        Thank you for your quick response. To make it clear do I follow the final step on the full moon or the night after? As I realise that the strength also comes from the moon it’s cast?

      • Mark says:

        Thanks for the response. I have another question though, do i need to cast a magic circle for this? On the same day, can i do the spell in the morning and burn the candle at night.

    • Wishbonix says:

      Yes, you should always cast a magic circle, it’s always recommended to keep negative energy out. Regarding the candles, you will need to cast the spell (the time does not matter), and then in the night of the next full moon you will need to light the 13 candles again and let them burn out completely. If you cast the spell force someone to love you on the day of the full moon, then yes, you can cast the spell in the morning and light the candle again at night to let them burn out completely. If the next full moon is still days/weeks away, then you will need to wait until then.

      • Mark says:

        Thanks a lot for your response. I really love this website 🙂 so far, i have tried several spells on this website and i was able to see the results in 1 week or two 🙂 may you continue posting other spells to help people like us 🙂 more power to you 🙂

  3. Bloodied heart says:

    Does it really matter on the colour of the candles? I can only ever get light colours in my region, mostly white. Is it the energy that the 13 creates that’s more important?

  4. Emma says:

    I understand you need patience for a spell to work how long is a time frame for this? Will it hurt my loved ones?

    • Wishbonix says:

      No, of course not! Nobody will get hurt. It can work within a few days, but in complicated and complex cases it may take weeks, even months to receive full results.

  5. Maria Shamis says:

    Please can you advice a good date for me of the full moon to do the spell? Will this spell work if the person is living in another country, but we had met two months ago, and the last time was a week ago.
    Thank you so much.

    • Wishbonix says:

      Unfortunately magic works different for different people. Most often there are improvements within a few days, but others may have to wait weeks, even months to see results, especially if their situations are complicated or complex.

    • Wishbonix says:

      It does not have be fresh, it can be frozen. Most chickens in the US are sold with the giblets in a plastic bag, it also includes the heart. It is always best to buy an organic chicken (and eat it, or to cook it and feed it to your family or loved ones. Please do not let it go to waste.)

  6. Mandip says:

    Hi there, I just want to be sure, do I let the candles burn out on the day of casting the spell or on the full moon night?

    • Wishbonix says:

      On the day of the spell casting you will blow out each candle and say “Purica Belundo Pec”. Then you will light all the candles again on the following full moon and let them burn out completely. I hope this answers your question on how the Spell to Force Someone to Love You is cast correctly.

      • Mike says:

        Thanks but i doubt it will work and i dont know that i want it to work anymore, i just found out she has a new boyfriend and he lives with her now that tore me up and hurt me but thanks for your reply.

  7. Emma says:

    Hi, as on completing the spell on the full moon, my partner came back before I blew out the candles as they wouldn’t intentionally burn out themselves, the question I have for you is, although I didn’t allow them to burn out on their own and he came back before I blew them out, is this magic or fate?

    • Bella says:

      It’s the magic, looks like only minor obstacles had to be removed in your case. That’s all that was needed. Happy for you that your partner came back so quickly.

      • Emma says:

        The reason I asked if it was magic or fate is because he shows no interest in me at all, although he came back and we are together, he hasn’t bothered with me. I have to make all the effort and I thought in this particular spell they make effort too so are you still 1000% sure it’s magic? I know it’s powerful and dependable but it’s quite opposite of what it states on the spell in my situation and it isn’t getting any better.

  8. Ryan says:

    I’ve read somewhere that in every candle spell you must dress or annoint the candle before casting a spell, do I need to anoint the candle for this as well? If yes, what oil shall I use?

  9. Denis says:

    My candles are not the same and some are dark gray on the inside, does it matter?
    I cut them in half because of the limited number, did I do something wrong?

  10. Ryan says:

    Guys. How do you pronounce the word “purica belendu”? Im afraid that I might mispronounce it which may cause the spell to go wrong

  11. JIM says:

    i did perform the spell last night . I will now have to wait 3 weeks to burn the candles as full moon is on March 31. Can I again perform the ritual in the morning of full moon as it seems to be a long wait.

      • Joanne Michaelle says:

        hello jim. I am planning to do the spell on march 31st too as it is full moon here in manila. feel free to contact me so that we can share experiences and thoughts and maybe make this spell work stronger.

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