Curses – Choosing the Right Curse for your Situation

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Curses seem to be the ones which get the most attention when someone is talking about darker magic. A curse plays out in books and in movies as a way in which the bad characters influence the good ones to do as they wish.  But somehow, the good characters always seem to find a way to stop the black magic curse from hurting them.  In real life, curses do exist and they can cause troubles for those who perform them as well as for those who are the result of them. To truly understand curses and whether they are right for you, here’s what you need to know.

Calling for Dark Reinforcements

It seems there are always times when someone needs to be taught a lesson.  Whether they have hurt us or they seem to be bent on hurting us, these forces are going to create havoc for us if they are not handled.

Sometimes we just talk to the other person, but in other cases where we might be afraid for our physical safety, we try to simply ignore the person, hoping things will go away.  In the cases where you may not be able to do anything to stop a person from causing harm, you may want to call in evil energy to help you.  These can immediately and effectively stop negative things and behaviors from happening.  In these darker times, darker magic may be necessary.

When Curses Heal

But not all curses are meant to hurt other people.  One might be able to use a curse in order to banish a disease or trouble from the life of someone.  By cursing this issue, instead of a person, the issue will be pushed out of the life of a person and the black magic spells will have done a healing action.  Sometimes too, a person may have been cursed by someone else, and this can only be broken when the black magic is counteracted with another curse.  While this is a rare event, that black magic is used to heal a person who is under another harmful spell, releasing them to have their life back again.

Choosing the right Curse for the Situation

When you are upset with a situation, it is a good idea to let the situation settle for a bit before you take any action. Though it might be tempting to use harmful spells right away when you are angry, these spells typically end up with too much anger energy and the remaining energy is directed back at you. Take some time to think about what is upsetting you about the situation. If it is a person, then this should be the focus of the harmful spell. If the anger is directed at a situation, then direct the curse in that direction.

By realizing exactly what the target will be, then the spell can be most effective.  Breathe in and out, picturing how you would right the situation and then you can begin to decide whether the curse is the best way to approach the problem or if something else might work too.

With curses, you can make sure you are changing your life for the better.  Though these rituals may not always solve everything in your life, they can certainly help you to target your energy in the direction of change.  However, just as with any magic, you should use them sparingly.  Save them for times when you have no other alternatives from which to choose.

Spell to Curse Someone

If you are still willing to take the risks that go along with working with curses, then you can use these free black magic rituals. Use them when someone has intentionally harmed you, or your loved ones, and you feel that such a harmful spell is what they truly deserve. Only take such measures if you have thoroughly explored the possibilities and are certain that this is the only way to solve your problem.

What you will need

  • Myrrh Incense
  • Sea Salt
  • Olive oil
  • 5 black candles
  • 6 teaspoons of dried Aloe
  • 3 teaspoons of Anise Seeds
  • 6 teaspoons of Poppy Seeds
  • 3 teaspoons of red pepper
  • Pen
  • A heart of a chicken (available in your local supermarket or butcher shop)
  • Thread or Twine
  • Sheet of Paper
  • Shovel

How to Curse Someone

You must perform this spell during either the dark moon or the full moon.

Start the Ritual by sprinkling the sea salt in the shape of a pentagram. The pentagram needs to be large enough so that you can stand inside of it and perform the ritual. Be generous with the salt.

Anoint the 5 candles with the olive oil and place them at each of the points of the pentagram.

Curse Pentagram

Light the myrrh incense and then light all of the candles.

Place the box in the center of the pentagram and put the piece of paper in front of it. Write the name of the person that you want to curse on it in capital letters. Hold your hands above the piece of paper and enter a meditative state, visualizing the target of the spell. Feel all of the hate you have towards this person and build up energy to make them feel all the negativity that you currently feel.

Visualization and Energy build up is very important. You will need to feel very negative emotions and visualize the person’s face in order to be successful with this curse.

Now place the chicken heart on top of the person’s name and cover it with the Aloe, Anise Seeds, poppy seeds, and red pepper.

Take the candle from the top point of the pentagram and drip enough wax onto the mixture until it is almost covered. While doing so enter the meditative state again and build up negative emotions and energy and visualize the person’s face. Intensely think of all the bad things you want to happen to your enemy. Take your time until you feel satisfied.

Last Steps

Fold the Paper several times and secure the package with the thread or twine. You’ll need to create a secure little package that holds all its contents.

Let the package sit inside the pentagram until all the candles have burned out.

Once all of the flames are extinguished go outside and bury the package under a large tree. Once you leave the area don’t turn back and never return.

Ritual to Curse an Enemy

Despite the incredible torture that this spell brings on its victims, it will bring no harm to you or your loved ones. It will not affect your Karma in any way. In fact, it is the dark and negative Karma of the victim that allows this Curse to work. This spell will not work against a good person. It summons a powerful and dark Demon, who has been granted permission by Deity to come to the Earth Realm to punish. Once summoned, the Demon attaches itself to the soul of the victim. Once fully bound to the victim, the Demon begins to torture the victim, both body and mind. Each day of the victim’s life will become worse than the day before. Again, I only ask that you choose this Curse for those who are truly evil, and who deserve such a harsh punishment.

Items you will need

  • 13 small black candles
  • Matches
  • Pencil
  • Something personal from the person you want to curse (a lock of hair, a picture, a piece of clothing, their name written on a piece) The item must be preferably small.
  • 1 chicken heart
  • Needle or Knife
  • A sheet of Parchment Paper
  • Twine

How to Curse an Enemy

Put the sheet of parchment paper on a flat surface (such as a table) in front of you.

Write the following in the center of the parchment paper using the pencil:

I summon you, negative energies of all kind to curse you for eternity

Surround the Parchment Paper with the 13 candles

Light the candles using matches

Stand over the parchment paper/candles and place the personal item from the person you want to curse on top of the words you have previously written on it.

Using each of the 13 candles drip 13 drops of wax on the item saying the following when you pick up each candle:

Bestali Mlicio

While you are dripping the wax focus intensely on the spell and the person you are cursing and all the bad things you want to happen to them.

Cut yourself with the knife or needle. You will need 3 drops of your own blood (from your hand) and drip it on top of the wax.

Add the chicken heart

Wrap the parchment paper and make a package containing all the items. Use the twine to hold the package together.

Blow out each candle saying:

Relato Bestali Pec

Bury the package under a tree

On the night of the following full moonlight the 13 candles and let them burn out.

Curse Removal

Many visitors later regretted cursing someone. Should this apply to you, then the following ritual will help. At any rate, the ritual will also effectively remove a curse that has been placed on you. If you find yourself feeling sick, either physically or emotionally, and don’t know why it is possible that someone has cursed you. Curses surround you with negative energy and can drain you mentally by causing depression. They can also harm you physically by causing headaches or upset stomachs that do not go away. If you are feeling poorly and can find no physical reason for the symptoms then try this spell to remove any curse that may be surrounding you. This spell is best done on a Tuesday or Saturday during the dark or waning moon.

Ingredients for the Curse Removal

  • 1 black candle
  • A sharp cutting knife
  • A piece of cord with the ends tied together
  • Dragon’s blood incense

How to perform the Curse Removal Ritual

Cast your circle and invite the quarters to join and bless you. Breathe deeply and be sure you are centered. Meditate on the situation or feelings that are causing you distress.

Light the candle and the incense.

Pick up the cord and while passing it through the smoke from the incense repeat the chant three times:

Break all the evil energy

Don’t put anyone in jeopardy

Remove and banish all that’s bad

Don’t let the universe go mad

Remove all the evil done on me (or done by me)

So mote it Be

Repeat with the candle passing the cord through the flame and repeating the chant.

Take the knife and cut the cord in three places. With each cut chant:

By the power of the sword,

I (or the name of the person) gain(s) freedom with cut cord.

Set the cord in front of the candle. Lift your arms out to your sides and shout three times:

I am so happy now that I am (you are) free.

Release the quarters and close the circle.

Bury the cord, candle wax, and ash from the incense. The curse has now been broken and removed.

The Dangers associated with Cursing Someone

Curse magic is a very dangerous sort of magic. As with all black magic, spells and invocations allow you to tap into the dark, negative powers of the universe to achieve your desires. Some dark magic spells can cause unintended harm, even if your intentions are good, but when you curse someone you are deliberately attempting to inflict harm on that person.

You cannot even pretend to yourself that your intentions are good when you curse someone, so use extreme caution if you intend to use this black magic spell. This ritual allows you to control events by causing harm to a person or situation, but the effects of any black magic spells are unpredictable, and the consequences that you may be forced to suffer as a result of your dark magical activities are unforeseeable.  For all you know, the curse could boomerang.  Make sure you follow-up with an immediate spiritual cleansing ritual after you have cast this spell to minimize the risks and dangers. This is an important precaution not only beginners of magic should take.

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