How to Invoke a Spirit

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When you mention the word “spirit” to someone, they will immediately connect it with the kind of evil spirits that inhabit every horror movie.

In fact, however it is not nearly as inherent to black magic as you might expect and spirits can actually be used to add power to a rite or ritual. An example of this is that you can call on the spirits of nature to help with nature-based spells.

The Six Steps of How to Invoke a Spirit

  1. Determine the kind of ritual.
  2. Decide which spirit best fits the ritual.
  3. Plan what you want from the spirit and what time you want to do the invocation.
  4. Cleanse yourself.
  5. Plan what to say to invoke the spirit.
  6. State the incantation.

Determine the Kind of Ritual or Magic Spell

Before you can even think about invoking the spirit you want, you must be able to classify the spell you are doing. Are you doing a love spell, or is it a spell based around monetary gain or success? At this point, it is also useful to make a list of the items and tools you will need in order to perform your ritual.

Decide which Spirit Best Fits the Ritual

Use the internet and Wiccan literature in order to find out which of the many spirits is the best to fit the job you want them to do. The most common spirits represent the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These four are the ones that you are most likely to need. Again though, the only way you can work out the spirit correctly is by researching.

Plan What You Want and Plan the Timing

Write down exactly what you plan to ask the spirit for once it has been invoked. Also, decide based on your magical knowledge which date and time of day will be the most powerful for your specific spirit. Events and times of particular cosmic power are certainly worth planning around as they can add extra power to your spell casting.

Cleanse yourself

This is important as bathing allows you to remove all of the dirt from your body and also wash away all of the negative energies that could cloud your spell casting. Then you must dress in the correct way for a ritual, using plain clothes or even being naked to symbolise purity.

Plan Incantation

Decide which words you will use for the actual invocation. These words must not only apply to the particular ritual but must also have personal significance in order to work. Without a particularly strong personal incantation, there is very little chance that the spell will actually work in the way that you expected.

State the Spirit Incantation

Say the pre-arranged words slowly and with perfect clarity, also focusing your energy on drawing out the required power from your body. If necessary, repeat the words and visualise the outcome of your ritual in your head. After doing this, it is good to do some meditation and thank the spirit world for the work they have done.

To conclude, if you are able to carry out all of the stages of the process I outlined above, then there is no reason that your spirit invocation will not work perfectly. Of course, as with many magical processes, forward planning is very necessary and is almost essential in order to ensure that the whole ritual happens as smoothly as it possibly can.

Spirit invocation is yet another important and useful magical skill that it is good to possess. So, remember this process and add it to your magical arsenal. You’ll be summoning up the perfect spirits in no time at all!


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