Circle Casting – How to Cast a Circle in Witchcraft and Magic

Casting a Sacred Circle

One of the most recognizable aspects of magical practices, such as Witchcraft, is the circle. In ritual magic, the circle is also known as a ritual circle, magic circle, or sacred circle. It’s important to know the meaning of a magic circle, how to cast one, and how to close one.

The Purpose of Magic Circles

Magic circles are used in many areas of witchcraft and serve as a barrier of energy, created by your will and intent. As you will learn in this article, the magic circles can be actual circles, or they can be spheres. They contain the presence of all the energy in a sacred space until you are ready to release them towards your goal.

It basically allows you to seal yourself off when doing the spell, ensuring that all of your energy is focused on the spell and that the rest of the distracting energies from the outside are kept out.

There are a variety of other reasons why a practitioner of magic may want to cast a circle. One of the reasons is to keep out negative energy and to protect the practitioner from harm during the casting of a spell or performing a ritual. It can be marked visually by visualizing the dimensions of the magic circle or physically, by drawing a chalk line marking the circle or pouring salt in the area that defines the space.  Even a cord can be used to define the borders of the magic circle.

Others use it as a way to bring in all of the energies that they need for their spellcasting and use it as a way to keep out the kinds of energies that are unwanted and could be harmful to the spell. Often, spell casters see a sacred circle as a way to get into the correct frame of mind for doing their magic, and it helps them focus on their goal.

In addition, there are also practitioners that do not use circles at all; they see it as unnecessary in order to focus their magical energies.

Even tough circles aren’t used by everyone, they are definitely useful. Particularly for those new to magic who may find it difficult to keep their energy concentrated entirely on the spell, they are trying to cast.


How A Circle is Cast

How to Cast a Circle

Casting a circle is a fairly simple process, but it requires a high level of focus and concentration in order to work properly. There are a large number of variations on the method for creating a circle, but it is generally accepted that you should trace a circle around the area you will be working in, usually in a clockwise (deosil) direction. This is due to the fact that deosil is considered by many to be a direction of increase, suggesting a level of power. Once this is done, recite an incantation of your choice and walk deosil around the circle three times, confirming that the circle is set up.

It is not completely necessary for the circle to be palpable and visible; however, many practitioners would suggest that having a visual aid to work from is useful. Either the circle can be drawn on the ground using blessed chalk, salt, or alternatively an array of candles can be positioned in order to indicate the boundaries of the circle. These have the added bonus of drawing in magical energy with their colors and scents.


Casting a Circle by Imagining a Physical Outline

To cast a circle, follow these steps:

You start the circle by locating the four directions: East, South, West, and North.

Imagine a physical outline/circle surrounding you.

Call in the for directions by saying:

I cast this magical space to create, may it protect me from unwanted energies and draw to me and to me only energy that works with light and love.

All other energy begone.

Once you have completed the last step, visualize a white light surrounding you and be aware that you can call upon this light whenever you feel the need to have protection.

Circle Casting Materials

Casting a Circle by Using Sea Salt

You can also make a circle by using sea salt.

Draw a circle with the sea salt and say:

I cast this circle to protect me from all positive or negative energies or forces which may have come to do me harm.

Now you will have to draw a second circle, about a foot out from the first circle and say:

I draw into this circle only those energies and forces that are right for me and correct for my work. I create sacred space and ask that everything that is done with in this circle be proper and for the good of all.

So mote it be.

You may also substitute the sea salt with the followings:


Circle out of Stones

When doing healing spells, create the circle out of white stones or pebbles. For extra potency, you may also paint the stones in light blue and place a crystal within the circle.


Circle out of Flowers

Flowers are highly beneficial when doing love spells or rituals to draw love to yourself.

  • Loving yourself: Use red rose petals
  • Remove negativity from a previous relationship: Use white rose petals
  • Calming and relaxing: Use chamomile flowers
  • Energy and strength: Use dandelions


Circle out of Shells

When doing a fertility spell or a pregnancy spell, cast your circle out of seashells as they symbolize fertility and creation.


Circle out of Nuts and Seeds

For new beginnings or starting something new cast your circle out of nuts or seeds.


Using other Materials

  • Mental and Psychic abilities: Almonds
  • Healing and Cleansings: Lemon Seeds
  • Protection: Juniper Berries
  • Love: Apple seeds


Closing the Sacred Circle

Once you have completed your ritual or spell work, thank the Goddess and God (or other deities) for their help, kindness, and support. You may use your athame or dagger. Hold it in your hands, point it outwards, and visualize the light surrounding you being absorbed by the blade while you make a 360-degree turn.


I release the circle

And leave the area.

Another Way of Closing the Circle

Once you have completed the spell, walk around the circle three times in a counterclockwise fashion, and declare via incantation that the circle is now released. Say out loud that the ritual is now completed and that you release the circle while drawing the energy back in, away from the circle. Send the excess energy back into the ground and end the closing of the circle by clapping your hands and stamping with your feet on the ground.

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