Believing in Magic and Witchcraft

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As mentioned in one of our previous articles, belief in what you are doing is certainly one of the more important aspects of magic. Basically put, if you don’t believe in what you are doing, there is absolutely no chance of it turning out in the way that the information you read said that it should.

People who don’t really believe in magic and witchcraft will often give one spell a go and then complain when it goes wrong; using that as further “proof” in their eyes that magic is simply a figment of some people’s imagination. These people are simply not doing it right and don’t understand that you need to believe in the spell for it to actually have any effect.

Getting Rid of Skepticism

They seem to think that, despite their skepticism, all they need to do is light some candles and say a few funny words and that makes them somehow magical. Belief is a huge part of the way in which magic works. If you go into a spell with doubts as to whether anything is going to happen, then nothing will happen, regardless of how well the spell had initially been set up.

A lot of people, who remain fairly skeptical in terms of magic, decide to have a go at one spell just to decide once and for all whether they believe in it or not. This will not work! Regardless of whether or not you are open to the concept of the magic working, if there is any part of you that doesn’t think it is going to happen, then the odds are that it won’t happen as your belief isn’t strong enough to channel the energies of the universe into the spell that you are making an attempt to cast.

The Importance of Confidence and Belief

This is also the reason why it is imperative that you do not lose confidence when waiting for a spell to work. As we mentioned in another of our articles, spells can often take a long time to begin to work and it is important that you don’t dismiss them as rubbish if they don’t happen immediately as dismissing them like this means that you are losing belief in them and this means they won’t work anyway.

If you did that with every spell you cast, then you wouldn’t get very far in magic in general as nothing you did would ever work. You need to give magic time to happen! As long as you maintain a healthy belief in your magic, then there is no chance of it ceasing to work and it will be effective, so long as you carried it out in the correct way.

Don’t Underestimate Your Belief

Many dismiss belief as an excuse for practitioners when their spells go wrong, but it is a very real phenomenon and it is indeed important for spells to work. It is most certainly not an excuse and training yourself to believe fully is a hurdle that many people new to practicing magic and witchcraft struggle to get over as they cannot force themselves to have full confidence in what they are casting.

To conclude, magic, witchcraft, the occult, and energy work is a heavily belief-based concept that quite simply will not work at all if you don’t have confidence in what is happening and belief that it is actually going to work. Those who do not believe in witchcraft and the occult shouldn’t bother going near it and it isn’t something that you should just try once for a laugh. Magic is a way of life and you should commit to it, believing strongly that it is true and worthwhile. Only then will you succeed.


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