The History of Black Magic

Darker times have always seemed to create darker energies.  The History of Black Magic shows when people aren’t happy with their lives, they can become angry and they can become vengeful.  While this does not always happen, it is easy to see why some people would turn to darker magic in darker times.  Throughout the History of Black Magic people wanted a way out of their current religions or their lives, and so they looked to create dark magic in order to alleviate their feelings and to make their lives better.  But the truth of dark magic is that it’s not always as evil or as clear cut as it seems.

The Argument about Black Magic

The first thing you need to know about black magic is that it’s not always as dark as it appears.  In many cases, a spell which is used to change the outcome of a situation is not one that is fueled by rage or anger.  The spell may have very good intentions behind it, which help to create a positive outcome, even if the person is trying to alter the way another behaves.  As you can see, the idea of good and bad magic is not as simple as it can seem.  There are others who do not like the idea of called ‘bad’ magic ‘black’ magic as that seems to connect people of color to the idea of evil.  It might be better to call black magic simply magic whose purpose might be to harm others or to change a situation for the benefit of the spell caster.

Black Magic History

When times were harder, people were more seduced by the idea of a magic that could hurt those who hurt them.  It makes sense.  One of human nature’s basic reactions to pain is to hurt someone else.  In the times when people were impoverished and when they were desperate, they turned to those who would use evil energy to help the person find peace or at least revenge in their life. The History of Black magic shows that Over time, the use of dark magic became abhorred in society, seen as the work of the devil.  But not all people used dark magic to hurt others.  Some simply used it to change something that was dark in their lives.

Today’s Black Magic

In today’s world, magic still seems to have connotations of evil for those who might be Christian.  The idea that someone can change their own life is hard to believe when a faith is founded on the idea that one god is in control of the universe.  But if this deity creates the energy of the world, then it makes sense that people would be able to use their faith in this energy to change their lives (even if they don’t call it a spell).  Black magic today has some evil undertones, to be sure.  Satanism, blood magic, and certain curses and hexes are meant to hurt people.  These harming spells are definitely not of the ‘good’ spell sense and those who practice this sort of magic can find themselves receiving the same sort of horrors in return.

However, black magic, which used to change something for the better can be positive for those who understand how magic works.  When you can create an intention that is positive and you can understand that harming others is a bad idea, you will find that you can use some black magic spells quite effectively.  This not only applies to the History of Black Magic, but also today: As with any spell, your intention is that makes it effective or ineffective, harmful or not harmful.  By carefully thinking about what you want from the spell, you can make the best decision for yourself.


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