The Threefold-Law

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Basically, many types of magic are based off of the threefold law.  This law states that the power that is used through one’s internal power and energy, will be resent to them three times as strong as it was originally sent out.  This could make certain people and spells extremely powerful as the power is tripled when it is returned.  Magic works in cycles which is always increased by three.  When spell casters and witches cast spells, they must be extremely careful not to miscast a spell as the results could be extremely detrimental due to the threefold law in which all magic is based.

Cause and Effect of Spells

The type of magic that is used is crucial when thinking about the threefold law.  All magic that is cast should be positive magic and negative magic should be avoided at all costs.  This is due to how powerful the energy that comes back to the spell caster can be.  When you cast a successful love spell for example, not only will the couple feel good because they found each other, but the one who cast the spell will feel good that he or she was able to help this couple with his or her spells.  This type of feeling can alter your consciousness.

Once you begin to think more positively bout your magic, you will notice that emotionally you feel stronger and more stable.  These emotions in turn, create a physical response that alters how you feel physically.  In total, spiritually, emotionally and physically the spell caster becomes a completely new person as their power is increased by this three fold law.  Many spell casters try to look at this law in reverse to stay far away from negative magic since as good as this three fold rule works with positive magic it can create a tragic three fold response for someone who casts negative magic.

The Principles of the Threefold Law

Whatever power or energy one uses and puts forth, whether it is negative or positive, will eventually be returned to the caster three times. It is based on a cause and effect principle such as if you were to help out someone in need, you would be rewarded in mind, body and spirit. Upon helping someone you would get the grand feeling of helping out your brother or sister which would of course bring on strong positive emotion in your mind. This would then bring forth a positive feeling amongst your body thus combining positive feelings of mind and body that would then create an uplifting energy to your spirit. From this act, one would receive back positive energy hence the threefold law. It matters not what we do is for good or for bad for it will come back on us three times. Instead of the above act of positive energy, you could replace it with an act of negative energy or an act of harming another which would eventually come back on you threefold such as bringing negative energy to your mind, body and spirit.

The Threefold Law in Wicca

All of those who call themselves Wiccans live by the laws of never, under any circumstances cause harm to anyone or anything as we are all children of the Goddess and Gods. One must take extra precaution of not only their actions but of what they say and what they think as more often than not, negative thoughts bring harmful energy. You cannot call yourself Wicca and deliberately bring harm to others which why the Law of Three is always there to remind you. It is an essential thread of the universe of which life was made. Followers of Wicca who truly want to bring peace and love to the world can implement this principle to all aspects of life out side of magic as it is a great law to live by. It will constantly remind you that there are consequences for your actions whether they are good actions or are harmful. One needs to carefully consider all of the possible outcomes of their actions before they act or say.

Wicca seeks to help all forms of life and heal those that need it. We know that whatever good we do will be done unto us. We heal one who is extremely sick because one day when we are laying there in desperate need of help, the outcome will be positive. And if someone causes harm to you, then you must let it pass without implementing the same negativity as both of you pray to the God and Goddess for justice. Wiccans follow and believe in the exercise of all justice over revenge. It is the natural law of the universe of cause and effect; it is the promises of the Ancient Ones. You put all of your faith into the God and Goddess so why would you not entrust upon them to bring justice to those who cause harm to their children?  It is as basic as mathematical two negatives do not make a positive, meaning revenge or causing harm to another will only bring more pain and suffering. When faced with issues it is how we deal with them that says what type of person we truly are, it shows how we grow as a person, as a Wiccan.

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