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We’ve all had those days when it’s seemed like everything that could go wrong was going wrong.  Work’s been a nightmare, your home life might be messy, and you can’t find your left sock.  And while you know that things will get better, when someone is really irritating you, you might begin to wonder if there’s something more you can do to help the situation.  With black magic control spells, you might be able to take matters into your own hands.  But you will want to make sure this is truly what you want to do before you start saying one word of those spells.

What are Control Spells?

Many people have heard about control spells, but you might not have wanted to try these out.  Whenever someone hears about them, they can be wary of what that might mean.  But what you might want to know about control spells is that these rituals are simply designed to control the situation at hand.  This does not necessarily mean that you are controlling another person or that you are trying to cause harm to someone else.  These rituals can help you make a person who is trying to cheat on your partner go away.  Or these spells can help you to push a nosy family member out of your life.  The ways in which control spells can be used are endless.

The Concern with Black Magic Control Spells

If you think about it, control spells are no different than any other spells.  While other spells may not try to change a situation which is taking place, these spells are going to try to change energy by controlling it for a singular purpose.  When you do decide to use them, you will want to do a bit more thinking than you might with a ‘white’ spell.  You need to think about what you want and think it through for a few days.  These are not spells you should do in the heat of anger, nor are they spells which are going to work when you aren’t clear about the situation that’s taking place.  For a few days, think about what you might do and then think about how this will affect those people who you are considering as the targets.

Using Control Spells Wisely

When you use a control spell, it should only be in situations when you truly do not have any other options.  Try communication, try legal actions, and if everything else does not work, then these spells can help you to change the way your life is progressing.  You will also want to only use a control spell in the rarest of situations.  What happens when you put that sort of energy into the world is that you put yourself at risk for getting that energy in return.  So, while the purpose might be genuine and the reasoning might be sound, if you do hurt someone else and you know you are doing it, you might see something come back to you too.

With black magic control spells, you can change your life and the people within your life. These are powerful spells that should only be used in the rarest of occasions – but they get results when they are used.  Find a control spell today to have it ready for when you really need more than just a good talk to make things better in your life.

Free Control Spell

Items you will need to cast the free Control Spell

  • 13 small black candles
  • Matches
  • Pencil
  • Something personal from the person you want to cast the spell upon (a lock of hair, a picture, a piece of clothing, their name written on a piece) The item must be preferably small.
  • 1 chicken heart
  • Needle or Knife
  • Sheet of Parchment Paper
  • Twine

 How to Cast the Spell

Put the sheet of parchment paper on a flat surface (such as a table) in front of you.

Write the following in the center of the parchment paper using the pencil:

You do as I tell you, You think what I command, You feel what I want you to feel

Surround the Parchment Paper with the 13 candles

Light the candles using matches

Stand over the parchment paper/candles and place the personal item from the person you want to cast the control spell upon on top of the words you have previously written on it.

Using each of the 13 candles drop 13 drops of wax on the item saying the following when you pick up each candle:

Sabete Latepo

While you are dropping the wax focus intensely on your wish and the person you are casting the control spell upon.

Cut yourself with the knife or needle. You will need 3 drops of your own blood (from your hand) and drop it on top of the wax.

Add the chicken heart

Wrap the parchment paper and make a package containing all the items. Use the twine to hold the package together.

Blow off each candle saying:

Sabetto Lepati

Bury the package under a tree

On the night of the following full moon light the 13 candles and let them burn out.


6 thoughts on “Control Spells

  1. Mesh 💖 says:

    Hello Wishbonix, I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for this article, it’s nice. I don’t want a get karma but can I use this to stop my boyfriend drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes? No matter how I begged him to stop, that’s always cause of our fighting. Can I use this control spell, will it make him listen to me? Thanks darling, God bless 😍

  2. Emma says:

    With this spell which im casting tomorrow will i have to wait until May for the day after the full moon?

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