The Importance of Spell Secrecy in Magic

Spell Secrecy - Importance of keeping spells secret

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Think about the last big idea you had in your life and how you shared it with someone who immediately made you feel bad about it. They criticize it, find mistakes in your plan, and cause you to doubt everything you worked hard to do. How did that make you feel? It probably caused you to question yourself and your big idea. And you may have stopped going forward with your excitement before you even began. But what if you had kept silent? Would you have felt the same way? Magic is the same way.


Why Things are Secret

In the past, spells were kept quiet because those who practiced magic could be killed if they were uncovered. People needed to be private and discreet to be safe. No one ever talked about who the practitioners were and who cast spells. Later, magic was kept secret for privacy and as a part of some spiritual traditions. Some information was meant only to be known by certain people in a group of practitioners. And it would only be from years of study and challenges that the information would be revealed.

Today, it’s clear that spells, practitioners, and witches are more public than before, but silence is still revered and practiced. When you are silent, you keep the spell sacred. When you maintain silence, you show that you trust the spell to work without needing to be shared with the world.


The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence in Magic

A tenet in some practices of witchcraft is ‘To Keep Silent.’ This is held as a core practice because it allows spell work to maintain its power. When you are silent, you do not allow other voices to enter into the conversation, voices that could be problematic and dismissive. You also enable the spell to work on its own, without any additional input from yourself. You allow the magic to be the thing that carries your intention to its end result. You can simply let go and let things happen as they do. The magic of the universe sees further than humans can, and it knows how many steps are needed to create desired outcomes. It requires time, space, and trust to move ahead with the things asked of it.

Silence allows magic to grow more potent. When only you and the spell caster know about the spell, the power is contained and able to grow deeper. When you share a spell with others, it becomes a part of more people’s experiences.


How to Remain Quiet

If you’re ready to remain silent about your next magical work, you need to keep the spell to yourself. It is ideal that you not share it with anyone, not even that you’re doing magic. Just allow the magic to work on its own, and don’t bring anything up in conversation. On your own, you might write down what is happening and what you have noticed about your life since the spell started. But you don’t want to share that information with anyone else. You might also want to avoid talking about anything to do with the spell until it’s completed. Once it is completed, you might want to talk about the spell, but some don’t. Some will keep it secret for a year and a day – or forever.

No matter what you choose, it can help you remain silent for some time. Let the magic be powerful and without input from anyone. Let it be the spell that can manifest all that you want.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spell Secrecy

The possible dangers behind losing a spell’s secrecy are loss of effectiveness, counterspells, a spell’s destruction and whiplash effect, harm in any description to self or others, theft, abuse, and much more. The importance of a spell’s secrecy cannot be stressed enough. The desire for results should be enough reason to withhold information regarding the use or creation of a spell unless there is an admittance of a superior priest or priestess that is a guiding hand in creating a spell.
It would be best if you stopped talking about it immediately. Do not engage in any further discussion about the spell work. If someone asks you about the spell, simply answer that you do not wish to talk about it.
In that case, just keep quiet and do not talk about it. Be more careful next time and focus more on secrecy and concealing the work.

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