The Importance of Spell Secrecy in Magic

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Most witches perform their rituals in secrecy as the element of secrecy is very crucial to the success of the magical work. There are many reasons why spell casters and witches perform their work hidden. Some may be personal, while others are related to their beliefs, with both impairing their skill to cast the spell in its absence. Irrespective of the type of witchcraft performed by the sorcerer, confidentiality of the act performed by them and their identity are necessary for the successful implementation of their act.

Secrecy as a Matter of Tradition

Some stick to secrecy because they believe that is what their tradition demands them of. For example, the Obeah spells consist of rituals performed with the inclusion of secret ingredients that are inevitable to take the Obeah man to the realm of his power. The elements are cloaked in secrecy for the ensuring effectiveness of the spells cast by them. The ingredients used by these Obeah men may take the form of herbs, roots, bones and even secretions from the animals that are to be included in the performance of the rituals conducted by them in casting spells. The Obeah men are prevented from mentioning or writing about the steps taken by them and their constituents as their power and success is highly intertwined with secrecy.

Secrecy to avoid Persecution

Others stick to guarding the secrecy of their actions and their identity to avoid persecution. The society, still, at large, considers the Witches as outcasts. There have been many instances wherein the identification of the Witches have resulted in them losing jobs, friends and custody of their children on account of their religious beliefs and practices. This can have a great impact on the professional as well as personal life, taking him to the end of his career.

Similarly, for an ordinary man, the acts and words employed by the Witches will fail to make any sense. The job of trying to explain the underlying meaning of these rituals and word is tough, and may make it sound absurd. It requires a deeper understanding of the process and thorough belief in it to make it succeed. Trying to offer scientific explanation to the rituals will be next to impossible, making it sound illogical to the listener’s ears. This is another factor why the witches give great importance to secrecy.

Many of the mysteries surrounding the spell cast have to be experienced to understand its depth. Witchcraft is lot more than offering ways to satisfy a normal man’s curiosity.

Spell Secrecy to ensure Success of the Spell Work

Above all, the various types of witchcrafts have their own reason to stick to secrecy while casting the spell. Neither the spell caster nor the person for whom the spell is cast is to reveal any information related to the ritual. The various spiritual paths believe that the mysteries surround the various actions of human beings that need to be respected and honored with great reverence to make it successful. They relate thoughts and words as wings, which tend to fly beyond the reach of the spell caster’s power if it is left unguarded. They are bound by their religious customs to stick to the magic of secrecy.

They believe that the strength of the spell is dependent on the element of surprise. These spells demand secrecy that should not be discussed with anyone if it is to work faster. They may not hold any rational thinking, but it is this mysterious energy that removes the negativity surrounding you and paves way for the positive air.

Every witchcraft ritual makes use of abundant knowledge that has traveled through years holding a wider meaning now. This knowledge is power, which they believe should not be shared unless it is to teach one to perform the rituals. These guarded secrets once shared are believed to be lost forever. So, the veil of secrecy is inevitable for casting spells.

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