Black Magic Love Spells

Black Magic Love Spells

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There are several spells that make up black magic and they involve various rituals. The most common black magic spells are hexes, jinxes or curses which are designed to cause harm, misfortune, and destruction. Black magic love spells, on the other hand, give a sense of power to the person using them. And people often use this power by bending someone’s free will. For example, using manipulating love spells to make a person fall in love with you. Once you are in full control of his or her faculties and will, the targeted person may not. Such spells more often than not, cause the person at the receiving end physical or non -physical harm, which could be intentional like in most cases, or unintentional. That’s why I felt the importance of writing this article. It’s important for you to understand what black magic loves spells are and how they are used.

The Selfishness of Black Magic

Black magic has long been believed to help the practitioner to interact with and to control spirits for evil and selfish gains. This dark art is often considered to be highly dangerous, which even most spell casters and witches prefer to stay away from.

Not all believe in black magic, but then, there are people who don’t believe in magic at all. But, whether you believe in it or not, dark magic is most often unethical and immoral; and if you are new to magic it is better to be kept in the dark for as long as possible.

How Black Magic Love Spells Work

If you ever hear about any black magic love spells that really produced true, honest love, they were probably white magic spells cast in the “black magic entourage”. It is simply because it tries to defy the laws of nature and magic. By definition, black magic should be aimed at harming people, increasing chaos, inciting disasters and cursing people and items to bring bad luck. You can’t do that by using black love magic, as the path to enlightenment and love always leads towards the light. The closer you get there, the less you want to do wrong. The more you want to do wrong, the less you can use black love magic. The only black magic love spells that work are those that will break the will and give the spell seeker complete power and control over him or her. If you are looking for that kind of relationship then you will find help in the dark arts. If you are looking for a loving relationship with true and honest feelings, then you should stay within the “white realm”.

When to use a Black Magic Love Spell

Even though many people believe that black magic love spells are always bad and should never be practiced, this couldn’t be further from the truth – in some situations the only thing that will help you to realize your dream is a black magic spell. These spells aren’t a form of pure evil or tied to the devil, but are spells that, properly cast, do much to improve your love life by influencing others.

Black magic love spells are used to change the situation and energy around a particular person or persons. They are often used when other forms of white magic have failed, such as more general spells such as spells to make a person irresistible or to strengthen a relationship. Sometimes another person stands in the way of your happiness – someone who stands between you and your beloved. This could be a new girlfriend or boyfriend, a family member who disapproves of you or any number of people. The problem remains the same – your love is being compromised because someone is trying to destroy it.

Remove Obstacles from the Path of Love

Black magic love spells focus on breaking up these relationships that hamper your chance to find happiness. There are spells for break-ups, sending lovers away and ending behaviors that threaten your relationship. Because these black magic love spells concentrate on influencing the behaviors and actions of others, they work best when done by caring spell casters or psychics who are experienced with casting them correctly. Done properly, the universal influence of these powerful spells can remove the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that have been put in the path of your romantic happiness.

There is nothing in black magic to be afraid of, as it is a part of the natural world’s cycle of influence just like white magic. Black magic love spells, however, are extremely potent and difficult to reverse, so be sure the path is right for you before having a spell cast. Black magic love spells are incredibly powerful because they draw on the power of the moon.

If you have tried white magic spells to enhance your love life, get the attention of another or simply make your relationship more powerful through increased attraction without the results you were hoping for without the results you crave, black magic love spells can be the answer. They are more focused and manipulate the powers of the universe to exert a powerful influence on others.

Black Magic Spell to Return a Lost Lover

This is a black magic controlling spell to return a lost lover. The seashell in the spell acts as a psychic telephone. You are contacting your loved one in an astral way through the movement of the water.  Water, in magic, symbolizes psychic contact and connections between people. The seashell that you use should be shaped like a clam as you are going to close it shut.

If your lover has left you and all of your attempts at reconciliation have failed, then you can use this black magic spell to win your lover back.  Black magic allows you to bend another person’s will to your own and to override their desires with your own desires.

If you are in need of a professional spell caster to return a lost lover to you, please click here for our recommendation.

Ingredients for the Returning a Lost Lover Spell

  • A lock of your hair
  • A paper with both your names written on it
  • A sprig of rosemary
  • A seashell
  • Red ribbon

How to Cast the Return a Lost Lover Spell

Do this spell on the night of a new moon.

Go to the seashore or the nearest large body of water and meditate on the message you would like to send to your lost lover.  Find the perfect seashell on the shore. Place a lock of your hair, the sprig of rosemary and a piece of paper upon which is written both of your names between two halves of a seashell.

Tie the seashell shut with a red ribbon and let the waves take your astral message to your lover.

What to Consider before Casting this Spell

Black magic can enable you to get what you want, but there are many dangers involved when you work with dark powers that you can never fully control or understand.  The consequences of black magic can be far-reaching and terrible, as this form of magic can be used to deliberately harm others, but even in cases where you do not intend to cause harm, you may still do so inadvertently.

Before casting black magic love spells, you must first ask yourself if you are willing to risk any unintended consequences that may result from the spell to return a lost lover.  If you must use black magic, please do so only as a last resort.  If you have explored all other solutions to your problem and you continue to believe that black magic is the best way to make your lover return to you, then use this spell.

Make sure to follow up with a spiritual cleansing after the completion of the ritual.

As always when using black magic, please be aware that although you might get what you want it might not come to you in the way that you expected.  Once you have unleashed the power of black magic on the world, there is no way to take it back, so always use extreme caution when working with spells like this one.

Spell to End Adultery

If you suspect adultery it is time to break up the couple. This is a form of black magic as it is considered to be a controlling spell.  You use certain food and ingredients to drive away the third party that is ruining your marriage or relationship.  Lemon is used to make the relationship go sour.

As you use this spell, ask the higher powers to guide you to these resources and to aid you as you use the tools that they have provided to allow you and your partner to experience a deep and meaningful commitment that is free from the threat of infidelity.

For the End Adultery Spell You will need:

  • A lemon
  • Dirt
  • Vinegar
  • Chili pepper
  • Mustard
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Pins

How to Cast the Black Magic Spell to End Adultery

Write the names of the two people you want to be separated on two pieces of paper.

Slice the lemon in half. Pin the two names inside the lemon.

Add dirt, cigarette ashes, vinegar, chili pepper and mustard to the inside of the lemon.  Smush the lemon halves together and pin them.

Take the lemon far away from your home and dispose of it where it is sure to rot in the sun.

It helps to take it to a place that has a bit of a stench to cause immediate mistrust in the relationship or affair.

When to Use this Black Magic Spell to End Adultery

The End Adultery Spell works by banishing the negative energies that sometimes invade our lives and our relationships and replacing these with positive earth energies.  You can use this spell to keep your lover completely faithful to you. Whether you are simply guarding against future temptations or feeling the threat of a more immediate temptation, this spell will prevent your lover from straying.  Even if your partner has already proven unfaithful, this spell will break-up the affair and help to restore balance, harmony, and fidelity to your most important relationship.

This black magic spell does not work through manipulation or coercion, and neither you nor your partner will suffer any harm or ill effects as a result of this break-up spell, so you need not fear such things.  Instead, it works to bring to light a person’s true feelings and motivations, thereby allowing them to realize what it is that they truly want in a given situation.  If you want your partner to be truly faithful to you, then this End Adultery Spell will lead him or her to a realization of this fact and will remove any interfering third parties from your lives.

Jealousy Spell

Creating jealousy is black magic. Still, others say that there can be no sexual attraction in a relationship if there is not some small element of jealousy there.

This is a special spell that involves the use of lipstick. Choose the lushest, reddest sexiest lipstick you will find to help give the spirits the message that you want things riled up.

A picture is pasted to a mirror with its back to you so that the person suspects that something “is going on behind his back.”

For the Jealousy Spell, You will need

  • Red lipstick
  • A pocket mirror
  • A Picture of him or her
  • Tape

How to Cast the Jealousy Spell

Tape the picture of the one to be made jealous to the back of the mirror.  Apply the lipstick as thickly as you can.  Look at yourself and start kissing the mirror.

While you are doing this believe that you are kissing someone else besides your lover.

Psychically transmit the message that you might be with someone else.

The subject of the spell will begin to think that there is something going on behind his back and contact you to make sure that you are still his.

Is a Black Magic Love Spell right for you?

Black magic love spells can be very powerful, but keep in mind that they may not always work the way you want them to work. At any rate, this is true of black magic love spells and white magic love spells. If you can successfully bring a lover back to you or generate unconditional love, you will have performed a truly powerful spell that can last throughout the ages. There are black magic love spells useful in many different problems associated with love.

You can find your true love, your soulmate, or you can bring back lost love and make sure your lover is always faithful to you. If you are confident in your magical abilities you can cast these spells listed above all by yourself. Or, you can hire a black magic spellcaster to cast the spell for you. Spells have the ability to determine whether or not a relationship will succeed.

In one spell, you can give a second chance to a lover who has left you (or you have left them). If you have broken up with someone you want to have back in your life, you can choose a Return Lost Lover Spell. This is a spell that will draw a former lover back into your sphere of love.

Ask yourself the following questions when considering black magic love spells:

  • Do you find yourself thinking only about the good times you shared with a former lover?
  • Do you feel sad because you are no longer in the presence of your former lover?
  • Are you having the feeling that you shouldn’t have ended your relationship?
  • Do you feel like this person is your one and true soulmate?
  • When this black magic spell is performed, your former lover will find it difficult to be away from you, will call you back and will fall back in love with you. The rest is up to you.

Is Black Magic always evil?

Although black magic has been portrayed as an evil act in movies and television, this is not the case. You can cast black magic love spells, and just about for anything that involves your personal development. Every ritual is different and it would be prudent to use the services of an experienced practitioner to cast powerful spells. The effectiveness and success of a spell depend a lot on the skills of the spell caster. Often, multiple techniques are used to ensure the success of a black magic spell.

There are laws that you need to abide by when you cast black magic spells. Experienced and principled spellcasters have a great degree of knowledge and ensure that every area is covered before they cast such spells. This is because black magic is powerful and very often cannot be reversed. No true spell caster will entertain anyone that desires to cast a spell with malicious intentions. Therefore, it is essential to understand the implications before you go ahead with casting a spell.

15 thoughts on “Black Magic Love Spells

  1. Wizard Odin says:

    The mention of black magic love spells itself stirs a certain amount of awe and fear in our hearts. But there are some desperate hearts, who can think of anything to bring some luck to barren love lives.

    These love-forlorn hearts are too desperate to get their share of love from your beloved partners that they do not think of the negative side effects that black magic love spell can have on their loved ones and also on themselves. The customs under black magic are much more intense and have to be observed under strict vigilance to attain any form of results.

    I recommend to stick to white magic. In the long term you are better off!

  2. thelma says:

    My Ex is with someone else because I put space between us. He called me and told me he had a new girlfriend and he is bringing her to church, and now she has joined my church and I am so hurt by this. I want him back from her, what do I do? Is there a spell for that?

  3. Mama Laura says:

    I’ve always wondered, do black magic love spells heal in the long run? People are also of the view that black magic love spells are more powerful than the white magic ones.

    That is the reason why some practitioners resort to naming white magic as black magic. However beginners should take extreme care not to meddle with these practices in their abridged form.

    A wrong is seldom corrected while the success rate of white magic spells in such work is better guaranteed.

  4. Harriett says:

    how long does it take for the End Adultry Spell to work? Also when I disposed of the lemon, I threw and and it came apart, do I need to redo this spell?

  5. AzRaElle says:

    I have performed this spell for 2 different women at once about 20 days ago (2 different lemons, one for each, one a confirmed adultery partner, the other a friend who is causing trouble in my relationship for a while now) I also added pictures of my partner and said women. The spell is already working on the confirmed cheating partner, it started going sour about 7 days after I cast the spell and this weekend, if they havent broken it off already…it is imminent (I’ll spare the details) as for the « friend » Im not sure how it stands as of now, but they havent been in contact much since I cast so, I imagine it will take effect when they do… it works… and it seems to be working quickly… much faster than I anticipated.

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