Black Magic Myths and Misconceptions

Black Magic Myths and Misconceptions

Black magic is synonymous with powerful spells, incantations, magic wands, and cauldrons. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about this type of magic. Because of these misconceptions, many genuine practitioners and spell casters are victims of discrimination, violence, and religious bigotry. The ancient propaganda about black magic still does its rounds, often associated with demons, Satanism, and evil deeds. In fact, real magic will not include any demonic activities to cast powerful spells.

To begin with, magic has no color. People who have used magic for evil intentions have been responsible for associating it with the color black. On the other hand, magic used for good purposes and intentions is associated with the color white. Magic, for the most part, is a neutral force. Through black magic, people still think that it is possible to turn into frogs and rustle up the forceful winds at a snap of the fingers. While magic does exist, these things cannot be achieved. It is only advanced spiritual awareness that can work miracles. Authentic black magic is about doing things in a positive manner with no harmful and evil intentions. Wiccans believe in the threefold law which is that harm can come back to you three times over, if you happen to use magic to harm someone else. Wiccans do not believe in black magic, which is also a misconception.

Many believe that black magic has only to do with satan. However, real practitioners of this type of magic do not acknowledge satan and are therefore not devil worshippers. The only thing is to steer clear from those who use black magic for evil deeds and are actually Satanists. The biggest confusion is that many Satanists call themselves witches and are wrongly associated with witchcraft. These are people with a great degree of materialism and with huge egos.

Many myths and misconceptions about black magic are based on fear and ignorance. Seeing witches suck out life is only something seen on TV. There are no such things as good and bad witches either. Good witches are said to practice white magic while bad witches practice black magic. Once again, there is no comparison since real witchcraft does not involve any type of harmful activities in the process of casting powerful spells.

Another myth is that witches are powerful people as compared to normal human beings. While they may be able to cast powerful spells, they definitely do not inherit any supernatural powers with no special affinity to attract money or become a successful gambler. While black magic is wrongfully associated with darkness and death, real black magic is a positive and enchanting process. It is not a ticket to riches and glory. Besides, not everyone can be successful at this type of magic. It is exactly what each person can make it to be.

The bottom line is that black magic is used for beneficial reasons by real practitioners who cast powerful spells to create a positive energy. There are some on the other hand who misuse it with malicious intent. However, everyone must be aware of the consequences.


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