Tips on Joining a Coven

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After searching for many days and weeks, after many nights of reading and chatting with numerous people all over the world, you finally found what you were searching for, a coven that is absolutely perfect for you in every way. The members are amazingly friendly and just plain awesome, the coven itself is exactly what you are interested in and the location is convenient. The best part about it is they asked you to join! Well no matter how “perfect” and awesome the coven seems to be, there are a few things that you need to consider. The following will you discover some things about a coven that you did not know and will help you find the coven that is truly perfect for you.

What to Consider before Joining a Coven

One of the main things that you need to consider is will this coven truly help me grow spiritually and as a human being? Some covens are not looking for members who can bring something beneficial or unique to the coven but are simply looking for more followers. Perhaps the High priestess does not care for, nor do they set a course for their members to grow spiritually but are more interested in increasing the numbers of their members. Make sure the coven that you join will fulfill your needs as well as provide benefits to you. Know where you want to be after a couple of years of joining. Know what goals you want to meet; do you want to be a stronger, wiser, kinder person or just someone who joined for casual Wicca fun on the weekends?

The Rules of the Coven

What are the rules of this coven? Can you follow all of these rules and obey any tradition that is placed in your trust? A lot of Wicca traditions are rather secretive being initiatory as well as being bonded by oaths. This means that everything you do, discuss and learn while you are with the coven is not to be discussed with the “outside” world”. No, you cannot tell your husband or your wife, you can’t tell your best friends or your children because it is oath bound and the Coven takes this very seriously as should you. The majority of covens also make sure and tell you to keep every members identity confidential as well, the only ones who knows who are members are members. If you have a “big mouth” and cannot keep a secret, joining a Coven that requires you to keep secrets is probably not a good idea.

Do you have enough Time for the Coven?

Some simple questions to answer are will you be able to dedicate the time required by that coven? Each coven is different with some having numerous meetings, rituals and readings every week while others are only on the weekends. Will you be able to get along with all of their members, a simple question but still a very detrimental one? As a new member (a newbie) you will be entering a dynamically structured coven. If there is a person or persons who you just can’t get along with then you should ask yourself if it is worth staying as it could cause some serious problems in the future.

There are many questions you need to ask yourself from what happens if you decide to leave all the way to how your spouse will feel about your decision. All of these questions need to be answered if you are truly to find a coven that will not only benefit you and help you grow but will be a coven that you actually enjoy and are proud to be a part of.

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