Knot Spell for Success, Luck and Fortune

Spell for Success, Luck and Fortune

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Using something from the body is a potent ritual tool in any kind of magic. In this case, you are using a strand of your hair that is then tied into several knots to perform the success spell. The item is then cast to the wind so fate can take care of it.

If you have short or no hair, try substituting green thread or yarn for this spell. A gold ribbon would also work well; gold and yellow are excellent colors that bring success, prosperity, and good fortune.

What you will need for the Success Spell

  • Nine long strands of hair from your hairbrush


How to Perform the Spell for Success, Luck, and Fortune

Take nine long strands of hair on your hairbrush. Rub the strands of hair between your palms to form a cord. Tie nine knots in this cord of hair in the following order.

The numbers represent where the knots should be tied:


Tie the first knot at the furthest left side of the hair cord, the second knot at the most distant right side of the hair cord, the third knot in the middle, and so on.

As you tie the knots, visualize your financial needs being met. When you are done, throw the hair cord to the wind, and thank the spirits for all the blessings you will receive in the future.


How a Success Spell can Benefit You

You might have trouble defining what success means to you. Since you can have success in anything in your life, it can be hard to have a clear and concise meaning for what success is and how you can recognize it. With a success spell, you can boost your chances of luck, fortune, finding, and getting all the things you want from your life; however, you might define these successes. If you want to get a new job, for example, you might use this spell to ensure your interview goes well or that you find the job perfectly suited to you.

Once you’re at that job for a while, success spells can help you get promotions and promising projects. You can continue to use the spell to help you see results from your efforts while continuing to change what your current success needs might be. Success generally isn’t something you find and then enjoy. You need to work hard to get what you want and realize that you want more. Highly versatile and effective, this success spell will allow you to define your life by what you can achieve, even if you have a long list of things to do.

7 thoughts on “Knot Spell for Success, Luck and Fortune

  1. Sheryl says:

    For this luck and success spell to work you need to stay positive. I’ve learned this the hard way. The positive energies from this spell are contagious and will enter your spiritual path to create amazing results.

    The spell can’t work if you are negative, you will block the good luck from entering your life. These spells also provide you the positive affirmations you need, and help the ones who are truly in need.

    Once you learn to have faith in spells the negative is transformed into the positive. The universe will finally return all the luck you deserve.

  2. nelly says:

    I terribly need a job and need good things to come my way I have tried prayers but am still stuck. If a spell can open my blessings and luck, I want it.

  3. Liton kumar das says:

    I am 49 years old male, since February 17 I am jobless. It’s become very troubling for my family life. Can you let me know which ritul will be good for me to Get a job.

    I am really in trouble, thanks!

  4. Demola says:

    Hi, I am glad I found this site. This is my 15th year of struggle to. I started my life on a great note until a sudden twist! I am 51. single and father of three. I lost my job, lose my wife and struggling to feed my kids. I am like a loser, among friends. Most jobs/business I do hardly do well; things are not coming through as desired. Can spell help me become fortunate and get my life back? I need help.

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