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Spell Timing Clock

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Spell Timing

Whatever is the guiding religion of the spell caster or the witch, the practitioners typically stick to a definite period of time to cast the spell. With the earth rotating, the planetary positions and the location of the moon and the sun that significantly influence the turnout of the events keep oscillating. It is, therefore, essential to identify the exact location of these influential factors before conducting magical rituals. However, some advocates of spell casting believe these rituals will create the desired impact irrespective of the time of performance. This belief is more popular amongst the modern witches who utilize the power of the Internet to widen their area of operation.

Many supporters of ancient witchcraft thoroughly analyze the astronomical position of the stars and the planets to verify the right time for the ritual.

Moon Phases

The moon’s energy is considered the most forceful of all the celestial elements. Witches believe in the fact that the energy that radiates during the time of the waxing of the moon increases, which goes down as it wanes. It is the reason why spells to lure a person or thing towards you are cast during the three days after the new moon. Love spells are generally cast during a full moon when the energy is at its peak. It is the time for growth and prosperity.

Similarly, the rituals conducted to drive away the negative energy from you are performed any time between three days after the full moon to the new moon. The waning moon phase is also the time to discover the hidden secrets related to people and events. In conclusion, the moon phases are essential to consider when casting spells.

Let’s look at the phases of the moon. You have the New Moon, the Waxing Moon, the Full Moon, and the Waning Moon. Each phase encompasses seven days in which certain spells are better able to be successful. Our Guide to Moon Phases explains which spells work best during a particular moon phase. But be aware that this could be somewhat individual, and you might find out for yourself whether a specific spell works well or not so well on an unexpected phase of the moon. The new moon, for example, is an excellent day to banish something from you or send something away. While this is true for most cases of witchcraft, it might not be particularly good for you, and it’s something you’ll need to find out on your own. Find a Universal Lunar Calendar, which can tell you what the moon is doing on any particular day.


The Full Moons – Esbats

According to neo-pagan tradition, each full moon has a unique name in each calendar month. These Esbats are celebrated in honor of the Goddess. In Wicca, it means that the High Priestess unites with the Goddess, thereby filling the High Priestess with her spirit. This gives the priestess a strengthening power, allowing her to guide other witches better. Already in ancient witchcraft, the moon was pulled down to strengthen the powers of witches.

The full moon’s energy through – drawing down the moon – is used and practiced in many witchcraft traditions. There are a variety of ritual variants. Usually, you start with a cleansing (spiritual and physical) to be able to call the moon goddess, then you draw down the moon, meditate, go outside, and then end the ceremony with a meal.

Traditional solar calendars are 12,000 years old, while there are records of lunar calendars that are over 40,000 years old. Moon worship is one of the oldest ritual festivities known to us.

The 13 Moons Esbat Names2022 DatesLunar Energy
JanuaryWolf Moon (Wiccan)
Cold Moon
Snow Moon
Quiet Moon
January 17, 2022New beginnings
Love and Romance
FebruaryStorm Moon (Wiccan)
Ice Moon
Hunger Moon
Wild Moon
February 16, 2022Growth and Fertility
MarchHare Moon (Wiccan)
Wind Moon
Chaste Moon
Seed Moon
March 18, 2022Balance
Imagination and Creativity
AprilSeed Moon (Wiccan)
Pink Moon
Egg Moon
Awakening Moon
April 16, 2022Love
MayHare Moon (Wiccan)
Drayad Moon
Flower Moon
Milk Moon
May 16, 2022Love and Romance
Psychic and Spirit Work
Joy and Pleasure
JuneMead Moon (Wiccan)
Strawberry Moon
Lovers Moon
Rose Moon
Jun 14, 2022Protection
Love and Relationships
JulyHay Moon (Wiccan)
Herb Moon
Buck Moon
Thunder Moon
July 13, 2022Dreamwork
Success and Goals

AugustBarley Moon (Wiccan)
Corn Moon
Wyrt Moon
Red Moon
August 11, 2022Friendships
SeptemberHarvest Moon (Wiccan)
Sining Moon
Sturgeon Moon
Wine Moon
September 10, 2022Cleansing
OctoberHunter's Moon (Wiccan)
Blood Moon
Travel Moon
Shedding Moon
October 9, 2022Renewal
Divination and Spirit Work
NovemberSnow Moon (Wiccan)
Beaver Moon
Dark Moon
Mourning Moon
November 8, 2022Guidance
DecemberOak Moon (Wiccan)
Cold Moon
Long Nights Moon
Wolf Moon
December 7, 2022Banishing
Death and Rebirth
VariableBlue MoonPotency
Fast Success
Difficult Problems
Extra Power


Solstices and Equinoxes

Spring Equinox

Spring cleaning, out with the old to make way for the new, new beginnings, fertility, love, family, and home.

Summer Solstice

Marriages, Contracts, Male Fertility & Energy

Autumnal Equinox

Ends, Harvest, Contracts

Winter Solstice

Kinship relationships, ancestors, new beginnings, home, and hearth


Days of the Week

Like these zodiac signs, the day of the week can influence the strength of the magic spells. Each day, from Sunday to Saturday, holds differing energy that works separately on the magical spells. So, it is inevitable to remain abreast of the powers held by the various days before deciding the day of casting spells to improve the success of the magic.

Days of the week are also important in terms of magical prowess for precisely the same reason as zodiac signs, as there are variations in celestial energies throughout weekly periods.



  • Planet: Moon
  • Color: White

Monday is, of course, associated with the moon (and with all lunar deities) and with the color white. It is a day for all magic that is more about the inside than the outside, for yourself, not others—your own feelings, thoughts, and forebodings. It is particularly suitable for magical work concerning dreams, intuition, and spiritual development.

Best time for feminine spells, such as women’s fertility, regulation of cycles, and love. It is also a day for divination, astral travel, and visions.



  • Planet: Mars
  • Color: Red

Tuesday is associated with the planet Mars and the color red. It is particularly suitable for all magical actions that revolve around competition or success, physical strength, potency, politics, and courage. Also, to increase self-confidence and promote willpower, drive, and charisma.

Suitable for developing courage and military-based magic. Traditionally it is also a day for dark magic and creating discord.



Wednesday is associated with Mercury and the color purple. It is particularly suitable for magical work concerning career, trade, profession, logic, and learning or studying. Also ideal for everything related to communication, such as applications, interviews, presentations, and negotiations. If you can select the time of an exam yourself, you should always schedule them on a Wednesday.

Good for creativity, writing, and communication. It also helps with spells for luck and to acquire knowledge about the future.



Thursday is associated with Jupiter and the color blue. It is particularly suitable for all magical work involving luck, profit, finances, contracts, and (court) negotiations. In addition to the external wealth and justice, the internal wealth on Thursday is also favored. And so, it makes sense to carry out rituals for finding meaning, inspiration, or development on this day.

Useful to increase wealth and spells to do with employment, healing, and prosperity.



  • Planet: Venus
  • Color: Green

Friday is associated with the planet Venus and the color green. It is particularly suitable for all magical work for love, fertility, sensuality, romance, and seduction. In this context, fertility should not only refer to the desire to have children: all things that are supposed to “bear fruit,” where growth and reproduction are sought, are also favored.

Best for spells concerning love, sex, happiness, and beauty.



Saturday is associated with Saturn and the color black. It is suitable for all magical work involving fundamental changes or overcoming bad habits. Spells for sending away or warding off negative energies, curses, or hexes are particularly successful on this day. It is the ideal day for magical self-defense or to part with destructive thoughts or feelings. For the sake of completeness, however, it should also be mentioned here that Saturday is also a good time for destructive spells in the form of damage spells, separation spells, or curses and hexes.

Best for psychic and spirit-based magic as well as prosperity and agricultural spells.



  • Planet: Sun
  • Color: Yellow

Sunday is associated with the sun and with the color yellow. As a traditionally non-working day, it is suitable for all magical activities relating to regeneration and the home. So Sunday is just as ideal for recovery and well-being magic as for family, home, and partnership rituals. Especially to strengthen, protect or (re-)establish harmony and cohesion.

Useful for employment-based spells and promoting and encouraging peace via prevention of war. Good to cast prosperity and friendship spells.


Sun Signs and Moon Signs

Depending on the traditions of the cult the witch follows, the sun signs and the moon signs may also play a role in performing rituals. The sun signs are the zodiac constellation at the individual’s birth. It can speak volumes of the person’s general characteristics that inevitably turn the energy in your favor. Moon signs, on the other hand, probe deeper into the inner feelings and emotions of the individual that change with the position and the movement of the earth. Depending on the location of the earth, the influence exerted by the Sun signs and the Moon signs can dictate the turn of the events. So, it is to be taken into account when casting the spell. Each sign, be it Sun or the Moon, can be Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the three fire signs; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the Earth signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs; and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs. Aries is the time to start new ventures. Taurus for self-improvement. Gemini for making wishes come true. Cancer for harmony. Leo to ignite sparks of passion. Virgo to cleanse the environment free from harmful elements. Libra for the spells related to love and marriage. Scorpio for adding protection. Sagittarius to reach the higher spirits. Capricorn for fertility spells. Aquarius for new friendship. And Pisces to enhance mental alertness.

The first time factor we will analyze is the signs of the zodiac. Mainly used for preparing horoscopes, these are also useful for magic as they reflect different celestial positions and, therefore, different energies.



  • March 21 – April 20
  • Magical work: Good for starting new projects and ventures and seeking self-improvement.
  • Properties: Energy, enthusiasm, fighting inertia, self-confidence.
  • Favored rituals on Aries days in the waxing moon phase: Strengthening of personality, leadership qualities, willpower, and one’s own energy, to tackle projects, to begin or to support new beginnings. Also, for studies, learning, exams, and more self-confidence.
  • Favored rituals on Aries days in the waning moon phase: Remove obstacles, assert one’s own will (against others), Break through blockages, fight lethargy, dissolving self-doubt.



  • April 21 – May 20
  • Magical work: Best for working with anything based around the arts and also for encouraging peace.
  • Properties: Enjoyment, sensuality, acquiring possessions, stability.
  • Favored rituals on Taurus days in the waxing moon: Prosperity, finances, love, joy, growth, stability, material affairs, real estate acquisition, rituals of thanksgiving, protection of achievements, and physical and mental strengthening. Basically a perfect time for all matters that require a solid, material foundation.
  • Favored rituals on Taurus days in the waning moon phase: Let go of exaggerated self-criticism, curb harmful workaholism, for real estate sales, and any rituals against unwanted weight or addictive behaviors.



  • May 21 – June 20
  • Magical work: Useful for spells based on luck and success. It is also a good time for divination and prophecies.
  • Properties: communication, the agility of mind, continuing education.
  • Favored rituals on Gemini days in the waxing moon phase: ​Wishes in the areas of communication, to attract attention, seek change, advertising, public relations, better self-portrayal, and self-confidence, to favor moves or travel, creativity, and artistic work.
  • Favored rituals on Gemini days in the waning moon phase: Facilitate discussions and reconciliations by dissolving communication blockages or reservations, Combat self-doubt, and curb volatility. The right time to start projects, which should be (successfully) completed as quickly as possible.



  • June 21 – July 20
  • Magical work: Great for increasing the potency of love and relationships and also for dealing with emotional turmoil.
  • Properties: fulfillment of wishes, family matters, desire for children, emotional world.
  • Favored rituals on Cancer days in the waxing moon phase: All rituals for positive work with one’s own feelings (intensify, awaken, encourage), for family matters, home protection, fertility, and childbirth are on Cancer moon days particularly powerful. To find a new love or to strengthen awakened feelings.
  • Favored Rituals on Cancer Days in the Waning Moon: To balance intense mood swings, to combat melancholy and doubts, and when feelings that someone else has for you need to be diminished or what you feel for someone who doesn’t reciprocate.



  • July 21 – August 20
  • Magical work: Used for spells related to sporting success and increasing sex and passion in your life.
  • Properties: Joy, zest for life, courage, strength, appearance, charisma, and sexuality.
  • Favored rituals on Leo days in the waxing moon phase: All rituals that deal with social status, self-confidence, or more courage, arouse enthusiasm, gain influence, or which are intended to bring about positive self-expression are particularly powerful on Leo moon days.
  • Favored rituals on Leo days in the waning moon phase: To reduce self-esteem problems, combat doubts about decisions, and rituals against low motivation, melancholy, lethargy, or dependency. To break unrealistic expectations of yourself.



  • August 21 – September 20
  • Magical work: Best sign for cleaning the home and also organizing yourself and your domestic situation.
  • Properties: Reason, calculation, weaning, renunciation, purification.
  • Favored rituals on Virgo days in the waxing moon phase: Professional, career, decision-making, for all intellectual abilities, to improve health. If you want to advance professional and personal development and you have to follow a plan. Basically favorable for all matters that require careful analysis, planning, and execution.
  • Favored rituals on Virgo days in the waning moon: Against illness, for weaning, renunciation, purification. This moon position is favorable if you need to “put things back in order,” strive for more regulated paths, or want to leave something behind that has brought unrest or chaos into your life. But you can also do the opposite and reduce excessive meticulousness or restrictive perfectionism and self-sacrifice.



  • September 21 – October 20
  • Magical work: Good for resolving legal matters and seeking commitment in relationships.
  • Properties: Balance, recovery, regeneration, connectedness.
  • Favored rituals on Libra days in the waxing moon phase: Promote justice, bring things into balance (also inner balance), get justice, facilitate contracting, assist court processes, attract love and marriage, fertility, improve cooperation, win (back) respect, bring truth to light.
  • Favored rituals on Libra days in the waning moon phase: resolve disputes, defense against injustice, end libel, reduce your own prejudices, compensate for strong mood swings, lose weight, and reduce negative influences of others.



  • October 21 – November 20
  • Magical work: Useful for spells related to death and self-defense.
  • Properties: Confrontation with one’s own weaknesses, contact with the hidden, exploring one’s own past and future, damaging spells.
  • Favored rituals on Scorpio days in the waxing moon phase: Increase protection against magical attacks, increase potency, increase sexuality, uncover secrets, make contact with the other world, honor the deceased, utter curses, magical self-defense through resistance, talismans for power, potency or charisma.
  • Favored rituals on Scorpio days in the waning moon phase: Letting go of past love affairs, lifting curses, resolving sexual problems, Banish Obsessions, Reduce Jealousy, Seal Secrets, Manage Grief, and black magic works to bring about loss or separation.



  • November 21 – December 20
  • Magical work: Good for spells to do with education or religion.
  • Properties: Confidence, reorientation, making decisions, setting the course, long-term planning, commitment, vision.
  • Favored rituals on Sagittarius days in the waxing moon phase: ​Work on big life goals, bring truth to light, success in sports activities or encourage competitions, strengthen willpower, make decisions, increase self-discipline, facilitate travel or relocations to other cities.
  • Favored rituals on Sagittarius days in the waning moon phase: banish distractions, recognize (and let go) false friends, reduce self-importance, reduce physical impairments, fight the fear of failure, end aimlessness, and reduce the consequences of a wrong decision.



  • December 21 – January 20
  • Magical work: Used for spells regarding male fertility and business ventures.
  • Properties: Taking stock, questioning concepts and values, letting go.
  • Favored rituals on Capricorn days in the waxing moon phase: Promotion of ambition, aspiration, and concentration, for political activities and election campaigns. To gain strength and build or increase protection.
  • Favored rituals on Capricorn days in the waning moon phase:  Banish evil spells, dissolve old behavior patterns or fears, self-abolition, separation rituals, exorcisms, and breaking blockages or curses.



  • January 21 – February 20
  • Magical work: Good for doing magic to help others. Not useful for self-benefiting spells.
  • Properties: Dissolve outdated ways of thinking or behaving, and develop further.
  • Favored rituals on Aquarius days in the waxing moon phase: All rituals related to creativity or art, underline one’s own expressiveness, Strengthen friendships, and increase intuition and spiritual development. Meditations and visualizations are particularly easy on Aquarius days.
  • Favored rituals on Aquarius days in the waning moon phase: let go of problems, resolve disputes, dissolve creativity blocks, unravel deadlocked plans or strategies, and dissolve relationships.



  • February 21 – March 20
  • Magical work: Best time for doing spells to do with dreams and psychic ability.
  • Properties: Complexity, profundity, and intuition are strengthened and relieved, such as empathy and contact with the spirit world or angelic beings.
  • Favored rituals on Pisces days in the waxing moon phase: Deepen relationships, awaken romantic feelings, explore your own depths, Promote (prophetic) dreams, improve clairvoyance, and expand consciousness.
  • Favored rituals on Pisces days in the waning moon phase: Rituals to obfuscate or confuse others to “make things fizzle out” and banish recurring dreams. Exaggerated willingness to help or the harmful tendency to be taken advantage of by others is fought in the waning Pisces Moon.

In conclusion

As you can see here, there are many benefits to synchronizing your magic with the time that you perform the spell, as certain days and months are more potent for certain spells. For example, a love spell will be especially powerful and effective on a Friday in late June or early July.

Scheduling gives you a huge chance to get the most from your spells, and, without doing this, you are failing to unlock the full potential of your magical abilities. With the aid of a perfect schedule, you can become a very powerful practitioner of magic.

In short, one can say that the spell casters give undue importance to the time of the spell cast.

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