Charging a Talisman

Charging a Talisman

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A talisman is usually defined as an item of jewelry or a trinket that has magical properties of some kind. They are usually worn around the neck and are very similar to an amulet and almost the entire process for charging or consecrating a talisman is exactly the same as that for charging an amulet. However, they are slightly different in that an amulet is charged when a Waning Moon is in the sky whereas talismans are charged when the Waxing Moon is present in the sky.

When to Use a Talisman

Talismans are useful as they can be used to protect the wearer from evil spirits and general bad luck and negative energy and they can also attract what the wearer desires, such as money, good luck and perhaps a loving relationship. The possible benefits of a talisman are very wide ranging.

Charging and Consecrating a Talisman

We will now outline a simple process for how to charge/consecrate (pick one of these two words and stick to it throughout the ritual) a talisman in order to prepare it for work.

  1. First, we need to consecrate the talisman with the four main Elements. The ritual begins with the talisman sat on an altar Pentacle. So, to begin, sprinkle a small quantity of sand onto the talisman and state that you charge/consecrate the talisman with the Element of Earth.
  2. Then bring the talisman through some lit incense and state that you charge/consecrate the talisman with the Element of Air.
  3. After that, light a candle flame and pass the talisman through the burning flame, stating at the same time that you charge/consecrate the talisman with the Element of Fire.
  4. The next step is to splash a small amount of water onto the talisman and utter out loud that you charge/consecrate the talisman with the Element of Water.
  5. This ends the processes relating to elements. Next, you must raise the talisman high in the air to allow God to see it and bless it, stating that it is now charged/consecrated in the eyes of God.
  6. Place the talisman back on the altar Pentacle where it was originally and place your hands over it in a ceremonial fashion.
  7. You should then close your eyes and visualize in your head that there is a bright light coming from the heavens down into the talisman, symbolizing God’s blessing and power being sent into the talisman.
  8. Finally, utter an incantation of your choice declaring that the talisman is now prepared for its particular use in the eyes of God and the heavens.

Once this fairly simple ritual has been completed, the talisman is now completely ready for whatever purpose you prepared it for. You can now go out and feel confident that your talisman will be perfectly capable of whatever magical ideal you wanted it to work for.

It is at its most powerful just after it has been charged/consecrated and so the sooner after this ritual that you use the talisman, the stronger the results. If you are using it as ongoing protection, then it is best to replenish its powers by repeating this ritual regularly in order ro ensure that your talisman is always at the height of its power.

So, in summary, the ritual for charging a talisman for its magical purpose is fairly simple but also very powerful and a talisman’s power can be a very helpful aid to a fruitful and happy life as it can cause many good things to gravitate to you. It is also useful for keeping unwanted energies away and so talismans are a useful tool for any magical practitioner.


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