Charging a Talisman, an Amulet or Lucky Charm

Charging a Talisman

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Guide to Talismans, Amulets, and Lucky Charms

Talismans and amulets have always had a place in spirituality. There is hardly a religion or belief that can do without certain symbols, (precious) stones, shapes, or characters. The cross of the Christians, the runes of the Vikings, and the figures of the Aztecs all these things were used as talismans or amulets.

Before you understand what a charged item can do energetically, it is important to know the difference between a talisman and an amulet. A talisman is usually defined as an item with some magical properties. They are either worn around the neck, hidden in a secret place, or prominently displayed.

A talisman is worn to attract luck, to give power to the wearer, or to strengthen and improve the innate abilities of the wearer. On the other hand, an amulet is used to protect the wearer. In this sense, they are the opposite in terms of effect, even if they look similar on the outside.

For example, an aventurine bracelet that is designed to boost the wearer’s confidence is a talisman. A crystal bracelet to protect the wearer is, therefore, an amulet.

Different Forms of Magical Objects

Magical Objects InfographicA talisman is said to bring good luck to its wearer, while an amulet is supposed to avert harm. Let’s look at the differences more precisely. What is the difference between a Talisman and an Amulet?


A talisman attracts—usually luck. Generally speaking: favorable, positive vibrations and very specifically, of course, what it was “programmed” for. They are designed to give specific power, energy, protection, or encouragement to those who wear or own them.


Unlike talismans, amulets are designed for more general purposes and fend off negative, harmful energies. You can charge it to a “magic protective shield” – because that’s exactly how it should work. It protects from danger but can also ward off illness and ill fortune.

Both items can be worn directly on the body to be effective or charged as location-based lucky charms.

Lucky Charm

This expression is often used when both types are meant. Lucky charms combine the qualities of both talismans and amulets. For example, a guardian angel should protect against adverse events but attract positive things like a magnet. Four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, rabbit paws, lucky pigs, and lucky pennies are classic symbols of luck.

Choosing an Item

Choosing an Item to Use as Talisman or Amulet
There are several ways to choose an item for a talisman, amulet, or lucky charm. Remember that you can use any item, such as jewelry, a stone, a piece of metal, natural items, a piece made of a material that has magical powers, religious symbols, a medal, pendant, or inscribed parchment paper.

  • Often, different things are brought together in a small bag (mojo), a special container, such as a witch bottle, or something similar. This combination of different magical objects is used for the corresponding purpose – as a talisman or amulet.
  • For many magical purposes, natural items such as bones, gemstones, shells, or wood are used to make small figures and symbols of power. They can be carved figures, pendants, and similar lucky charms, and they are available in all cultures.
  • Certain materials have magical properties, so you could choose an item that corresponds with the effect you want to attract or fend off.
  • Items that carry personal meaning. An item with a personal meaning or that you feel attracted to can be turned into a potent talisman or amulet. Don’t underestimate your own powers.
  • Color magic relies on the colors of things to develop its effect. For example, you could choose a Ruby bracelet to attract passion.
  • Certain gemstones have specific properties, so it is also possible to choose a piece of jewelry based on the stones’ properties. Quartz crystal is a powerful healing, energy-enhancing, colorless stone that can be used for practically any spiritual purpose.
  • Gods, saints, and other religious personalities often have their own assignment of specific stones that are sacred to them. So wearing jewelry that contains these stones is one way to call them for help.


Charging and Consecrating a Talisman

Cleansing and Consecrating

I will now outline a simple process to charge and consecrate (pick one of these two words and stick to it throughout the ritual) a talisman to prepare it for work. The entire process of charging or consecrating a talisman is the same as charging an amulet. However, they are slightly different because an amulet is charged during the waning moon phase, whereas talismans are charged during the waxing moon phase.

  1. First, you need to consecrate the talisman with the four main elements. The ritual begins with the talisman put on an Altar Pentacle. If you do not have an Altar Pentacle, you can draw a pentacle on a piece of paper and set the items to be consecrated on top of it. Sprinkle a small quantity of sand onto the talisman and state that you charge/consecrate the talisman with the Element of Earth.
  2. Then pass the talisman through the smoke of some burning incense and state that you charge/consecrate the talisman with the Element of Air. You can use Sage or Francinsence Incense, or you may want to select the incense with the corresponding properties you want to charge your talisman with.
  3. After that, light a candle and pass the talisman through the burning flame, stating simultaneously that you charge/consecrate the talisman with the Element of Fire. The same applies to the candle color. Please select the corresponding candle color from our candle color guide for extra potency.
  4. The next step is to sprinkle a small amount of water onto the talisman and utter out loud that you charge/consecrate the talisman with the Element of Water. This ends the process relating to the elements.

Charging your Talisman or Amulet

For extra potency, you can charge your talisman, amulet, or lucky charm with this easy ritual.

Express your wish briefly and precisely – Then determine whether you desire to attract something such as growth, love, money, attraction, or desire to banish something, such as protection, separation, defense, etc.

  • Attraction – During the waxing moon, carve your wish from the wick to the base of a white candle and let it burn down completely while the talisman is in its light.
  • Banishing – Proceed similarly with a banishing desire, just write from the base of the candle towards the wick of a black candle and perform the ritual during the waning moon.

Alternative Charging Technique

If you do not want to use a candle, you may use the following technique without ingredients.

Raise the talisman high in the air and bless it, stating that it is now charged/consecrated with the powers of nature and the desired purpose.

Place the talisman back on the altar Pentacle and place your hands over it in a ceremonial fashion.

You should then close your eyes and visualize a bright light entering talisman, symbolizing nature’s blessing and power being sent into the talisman. Focus intensely on the purposes you want the talisman to work for.

Finally, you can optionally say an incantation of your choice, declaring that the talisman is now prepared for its particular use.


How to Use the Talisman or Amulet

Once this relatively simple ritual has been completed, the talisman or amulet is now ready for use. You can now go out and feel confident that your talisman or amulet will work for the desired purpose you prepared it for. Your charged item can be worn or hidden in a private location, depending on your preference.

A talisman and amulet are most powerful just after it has been charged/consecrated, and the sooner after this ritual you use it, the stronger the results. Remember that a talisman or an amulet can absorb many negative energies, similar to crystals or other magical items, after some time. Hence, cleaning it from time to time and recharging it with new energies is advisable. Repeat this ritual regularly to ensure that your magical item is always at the height of its power.

So, in summary, the ritual for charging a talisman for its magical purpose is relatively simple but also very powerful. The possible benefits of talismans, amulets, and lucky charms are extensive. A talisman’s power can be beneficial in attracting positive things into your life. And amulets can be effectively used to protect the wearer from evil spirits, general bad luck, and negative energy.

Whatever your desires and purposes are, rest assured that potent energies are now working for you.

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