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Many new comers to astrology believe that the only importance is their Sun Sign which is only partly true. You cannot know your entire astrological horoscope without knowing both the Sun sign and the Moon sign, indicating exactly where all of the celestial bodies were positioned at the time of your birth. It is said that the Moon sign is what describes the persons most inner qualities, from your emotions to your fears and vulnerabilities as well as all traits and qualities that would be determined through your Moon sign. Even if you are not completely aware of your deepest, strongest feelings and emotions, your moon sign will give insight into all of these. Both your Sun and your Moon sign will help the astrologer get the best possible insight into your horoscope which will help you get to know your true personal self.

Aries Moon Sign

They will go after what it is they want with the upmost energy and passion but beware they are quick tempered and they will become bored and lose interest quite quickly. This is especially true if the person does not demonstrate the same passion as they do.

Cancer Moon Sign

Though they are very creative and artistic due to their influence from others, it is hard for them to call opinions their own. They are dedicated to doing their own “thing” by accomplishing their own personal goals. They are maternal, sensitive, and reflective yet they are quite vulnerable especially emotionally.

Taurus Moon Sign

They are like the majority of all Taurus they are in the pursuit for pleasure with strong physical appetites and desires. They do not want to be rushed or feel obligated into personal relationships. They may forgive but never forget and can remember an insult for a long time, even years. They are very realistic, stable and materialistic even though they are very uncompromising in their ways and others.

Leo Moon Sign

They are like all Fire signs born in the moon and have a very strong desire to turn their feelings and emotions into the physical. They are very stubborn even though they are quite idealistic and are capable of heavy personal sacrifice. They are creative, confident and fun loving but they are also quite materialistic, and love self indulgent and are known as being a braggart.

Gemini Moon Sign

They are very quick and versatile though they act in ways that they think others want them to. Though they are intelligent they can be prone to over analyzing and rationalization things. They know how to please others by what they do and say but have a difficult time pleasing them selves.

Virgo Moon Sign

Like other earth signs they are dedicated to pleasure and the pursuit of desires. They are known to make many friends thanks to their sympathetic nature and adaptability. However they are also known to be exploited because of this.

Libra Moon Sign

In relationships they require that their partner be equals not only physically but also intellectually or else they lose compatibility quickly. They are expert strategists and problem solvers however they can be over indulgers as well as being inconsistent with personal situations and conflicts.

Scorpio Moon Sign

Though they are often known to lead and be followed by their emotions, they are highly motivated, loyal and creative. They also have unbelievable will power and will push themselves to surpass any adversary. They work extremely hard to control others emotions and actions that they never master their own.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Like many fire signs born in the moon they are very romantic and idealistic while they desire to turn all of their feelings into the physical. They are very outspoken and cheerful though they are very concerned with making an impression on others even if it means acting and not being themselves.

Capricorn Moon Sign

They are extremely occupied and dedicated to getting what they want and their own way, accomplishing personal goals above all. They crave the spotlight and attention. They have a problem when it comes to dealing with anger and negative feelings as they tend to harbor this negativity which can lead to depression.

Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius are known to be sympathetic even though they are not very sentimental with paying attention to others and their feelings, giving the impression that they do not care and are apathetic to others emotions.

Pisces Moon Sign

They are very spiritual and artistic though they can be quite susceptible to others needs and wants. They have excessive emotions which tend to get them into trouble along with their needs for extreme overindulgence.


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